41 Reigning Best-Sellers On Amazon That Have Earned Their 5-Star Ratings

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I'm often perplexed as to why some things get so popular. (For instance, I don't understand the appeal of drinking scotch or listening to Nickelback. Then again, I don't claim to be a connoisseur of alcohol or Canadian rock bands.) I do, however, know a ton about the world of online shopping, and I can confidently say there are a handful of brilliant Amazon products that are worthy of their near-perfect ratings.

The reason I'm so intrigued by highly-rated products? Well, for one, it's my job to be. But truthfully, I absolutely love when a simple item is designed so well, it actually improves the lives of the people who buy it. According to the hundreds (and sometimes even thousands) of real people who have taken the time to rate and comment, these best-selling products actually made a difference. Their feet hurt less. Their teeth are whiter. Their water is colder, their phone is always charged, and their coffee just plain tastes better. Those are the kinds of products I love writing about.

So if you're looking for things that actually do what they say they're going to do, look no further than these smart and practical products that are worthy of their five-star reviews. You won't find any unrealistic infomercial claims here — just thousands of real buyers singing their praises.

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