42 Awesome Products On Amazon That Are About To Hit Cult-Favorite Status

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Sure, there are tons of things in life that can make you instantly happy — adorable puppies, free pizza, and sunny days being the obvious answers — but an underrated one? Finding the next big thing before your friends do. Maybe I'm just slightly petty, but the satisfaction you get from owning a cool product (mine was the Tubshroom) before you read about it everywhere? It feels fantastic. But how do you find the next big thing? Enter: products on Amazon that have a cult-following.

Not only does Amazon always ahead of the game when it comes to cool products, but when so many of their items have two-day Prime shipping, there's a good chance you'll be the first among your friends to be the proud owner of a handheld sewing machine.

So whether you're trying to beat your friends to the hottest item they've never heard of, or simply looking for an adjustable squatting toilet stool made from chic bamboo, look no further than the cult-favorite products on Amazon that actually live up to the hype we've gathered for you in this list.

Now, if you'll excuse me, there's a revitalizing cuticle oil in here that's pretty much begging to be added to my shopping cart — can you hear it? Because I think it's calling your name, too.

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