42 Bizarre Products People Are Buying On Amazon That Are Actually Genius

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People sometimes buy some weird things when they’re shopping. But while they can be super bizarre, many of the products that people get on Amazon are actually pretty brilliant — all you have to do is look past an item's oddity and focus on how beneficial it can be.

Scrolling through the Amazon Hot Picks or Movers & Shakers pages can be so much fun. They're constantly being updated, with some pretty peculiar and unusual products being added every day. With that being said, it’s sometimes hard to look past the novelty of an item and actually imagine buying yourself something that seems a bit out there. But several of these items are actually very practical, and sometimes even multi-functional. I, for one, have bought things just because of how unique or strange they looked in the past, later to find just how useful they really were.

The next time you spot something weird on Amazon, don’t just take a peek and then click away. Instead, actually read the product description — you might be surprised how handy that item could be in everyday life. From an alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns to underwear that keeps you smelling extra fresh, you'll fall in love with so many of these odd yet genius items.

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