42 Bizarre Products People Are Buying On Amazon That Are Actually Genius

People sometimes buy some weird things when they’re shopping. But while they can be super bizarre, many of the products that people get on Amazon are actually pretty brilliant — all you have to do is look past an item's oddity and focus on how beneficial it can be.

Scrolling through the Amazon Hot Picks or Movers & Shakers pages can be so much fun. They're constantly being updated, with some pretty peculiar and unusual products being added every day. With that being said, it’s sometimes hard to look past the novelty of an item and actually imagine buying yourself something that seems a bit out there. But several of these items are actually very practical, and sometimes even multi-functional. I, for one, have bought things just because of how unique or strange they looked in the past, later to find just how useful they really were.

The next time you spot something weird on Amazon, don’t just take a peek and then click away. Instead, actually read the product description — you might be surprised how handy that item could be in everyday life. From an alarm clock that tracks your sleep patterns to underwear that keeps you smelling extra fresh, you'll fall in love with so many of these odd yet genius items.

by Taylor Fuller

1. Make Espresso Wherever You May Go

MiniPresso GR Espresso Maker, $45, Amazon

If you’re a big coffee addict and you’ll only drink the best, this MiniPresso machine, which is hand-operated and super compact, can brew up a quality cup of coffee in minutes, wherever you may be.


2. Smell Great All Day With A Natural Deodorant

Primal Pit Paste Natural Deodorant, $11, Amazon

If you're looking for a natural deodorant that also neutralizes odor, try this lavender paste. It's all-natural, aluminum-free, and chemical-free product and was featured on Shark Tank? It’s made with organic shea butter, coconut oil, arrowroot powder, and more.


3. Stop Hair Loss With A Gentle Shampoo

Pura'Dor Anti-Hair Loss Shampoo, $30, Amazon

This shampoo is an effective solution for those losing hair due to breaking strands. Using a proprietary herbal blend which includes ingredients like biotin, argan oil, and pumpkin seed, this will heal your hair from the scalp and the roots, making it thicker and less prone to shedding and breakage.


4. Exfoliate Away Dead Skin With A Salt Scrub

Buena Skin Himalayan Salt Body Scrub, $13, Amazon

A deep exfoliator is important to add to your routine if you have super dry skin. Himalayan Sea salt is a very effective ingredient when it comes to sloughing away dead skin. The scrub is packed with other all-natural ingredients too like sweet almond oil, lychee fruit oil, and vitamin E. Together the ingredients buff skin and leave it feeling soft and smooth.


5. Brighten And Moisturize Skin With Snail Mucus

MIZON Black Snail All In One Cream, $11, Amazon

Korean Beauty products are usually loaded with unique ingredients. This brightening and moisturizing cream is infused with black snail mucus filtrate as well as 27 black plant extracts. The cream can help even out tone, tighten pores, and improve the overall health of skin.


6. The 2-In-1 Hair And Body Wash That Will Wake You Up

Jack Black Turbo Wash Energizing Cleanser for Hair & Body, $23, Amazon

Need a boost? This energizing two-in-one hair and body wash promises to help awake you up and clear your nasal passages. It's formulated with rosemary and eucalyptus to reduce bacteria on the skin's surface and juniper berry which can help detox the body and assist in post-workout recovery.


7. Get Comfy In Bed

Silky Soft 100% Bamboo Cotton Sheet Set, $70, Amazon

If you want to make your bedroom way more luxurious, this chic sheet set is definitely one big way to do it. Hey, you’re an adult — it’s time to invest in high-quality linens!


8. Try On-The-Go Acupuncture

Aculief Wearable Acupressure, $20, Amazon

Stop throwing back the pain pills and try a holistic approach to pain management with wearable acupressure. The Aculief provides pressure to the LI4 acupressure point which helps relieve headaches and tension as well as increase blood flow in the body. It’s a natural way to reduce stress and live healthier.


9. Let Your Cat Scratch In Style

SUCK UK Cat Playhouse Series, $27, Amazon

If your cat likes to scratch everything in sight, this is the perfect item for you. Your cat will love using this “turntable” scratch pad — and your couch will finally stop getting clawed up every day.


10. Keep Your Fingernails Strong With A Keratin Protein Formula

Nailtiques Formula 2 Nail Protein, $14, Amazon

Your nails need protein just like the rest of your body, and this hyper-nourishing treatment will give them the boost they need. The specialized formula uses hydrolyzed keratin, protein, gelatin, and calcium to bond damaged nail layers together while preventing future splitting or peeling. The treatment, which is meant to be used on a regular basis, develops strong, chip-resistant nails over time.


11. Defy Foot Odor With Deodorizing Balls For Your Shoes

Sof Sole Sneaker Balls Deodorizers, $5-50, Amazon

The idea of these miniature ball-shaped deodorizers is that they can fit in tiny, hard-to-reach places such as the front of your shoes or a small pocket in your gym bag. The odor-blasting balls can be activated with an easy twist, opening the side vents and releasing a natural, fresh-smelling aroma. The convenient deodorizers fit in any shoe — from kid to adult sizes — and last up to six months after being opened.


12. Easily Steam Food With The Help Of A Pig

Marna Pink Piggy Steamer, $12, Amazon

For a cute cooking method that keeps you healthy, all you have to do is place this microwave-safe silicone piggy on top of the ingredients in a pot to steam food.


13. Keep Drinks Safe From Spills

IPHOX Creative Diamond Mug Cover, $11 (6 Pack), Amazon

This one-size-fits-all multi-functional silicone drink cover seals tight onto mugs and cups. It creates an airtight and leak-proof seal making your drinks safe from spills. The cover also keeps hot drinks warmer for longer. Plus, picnickers will appreciate that you can enjoy a drink outside without worrying about any bugs flying into your cup.


14. Decorate Instagram-worthy Dessert

Write On! Decorating Tool, $17, Amazon

Save money and create Instagram-worthy desserts with your very own cake-decorating tool. You can decorate and personalize sweets for special occasions without making a mess with a pastry bag or spending money for a professional to do it. Simply fill the silicone and plastic pencil with frosting and push down on the eraser for it to come out. When you’re finished, you can put it in the dishwasher for an easy clean.


15. Keep Your Phone Clean With A Sanitizer That Also Charges

Phonesoap 2.0 UV Sanitizer And Phone Charger, $71, Amazon

Ever think about how dirty your phone must be? Well, if you do — also remind yourself how often you put it on your face. This phone sanitizer was featured and Shark Tank and works with UV light to banish 99.99% of bacteria from your phone. And it charges it, too!


16. Give Yourself Healthier-Looking Skin With An All-Natural Facial Sponge

MY Konjac Sponge All Natural French Red Clay Facial Sponge, $10, Amazon

Konjac sponges are incredibly popular. And for good reason, too. They're made from the roots of konjac plants, which are native to eastern Asia and filled with vitamins and minerals. They’re also hypoallergenic, so they are great for sensitive skin. This one is made with red clay, which is packed with minerals, leaving you with softer and more hydrated skin.


17. Upgrade Your Hair And Downsize Your Brush Collection

Click n Curl Blowout Brush Set with Detachable Barrels, $40, Amazon

Instead of buying (and then storing) a ton of different-sized brushes, get this set that comes with detachable barrels. These ceramic coated brush heads heat and cool quickly, allowing you to dry and style your hair at the same time, essentially cutting the time it takes you to get ready in half.


18. Get Salon-Smooth Feet At Home

Baby Foot Lavender Foot Peel, $15, Amazon

Get pedicure-soft feet without the price tag with this easy, at-home foot peel. Don’t bend down to slough off dead skin, just slip on these essence-filled booties and let the chemical exfoliants get to work for one hour. Then, over the next week, watch your feet shed all those callouses and dead skin.


19. Scrub Your Teeth With A Tree

Purity Brush Miswak Toothbrush, $11, Amazon

Instead of using traditional whitening agents to get a brighter smile, now all you have to do is scrub your teeth with a twig. The bark whitens teeth and freshens breath, and it doesn’t need a drop of water to work.


20. Make The Perfect Poached Egg In Minutes

Joseph Joseph M-Cuisine Microwave Egg Poacher, $10, Amazon

I love Eggs Benedict, but poaching eggs can seem hard to do at home. But now, brunch lovers won’t have any issue poaching eggs at home because with this tool they can easily do it in the microwave. It’s also super easy to clean, so the whole process is a breeze.


21. These Odd Socks To Make Yoga Easier

Toesox, $16, Amazon

These weird-looking socks — made mostly from organic cotton — have a non-slip grip at the bottom to make activities like yoga, pilates, or barre class safer and simpler. They still let you move your toes, but they provide arch support as well as a barrier between you and the gym floor. And they're machine washable, too.


22. Revive Your Skin With A Week Of Sheet Masks

reSkin Solution Monday to Sunday One Week Treatment Sheet Mask, $22, Amazon

Whether your skin is freaking out from travel, weather changes, or stress, doing a few specialized treatments can spruce that complexion right up. Not only does this set address several different skin concerns, from dehydration to enlarged pores, but it also comes at a huge bargain when compared to a standard $8 singular mask that many beauty retailers offer. Treat your skin for a week with seven daily sheet masks — and take spooky selfies while you’re at it!


23. Prevent Tangled Tank Tops With A Unique Cami Hanger

Axis International Marketing Hanger Combo Pack, $13, Amazon

Be free of tangled cami straps and leggings that disappear into half-folded stacks of wadded clothes in your drawer forever. These weird but genius tank top hangers have little hooks on each side that keep tank tops neat and orderly while the leggings hangers can be draped in tidy rows. These awesome closet renovators are made of rust-resistant black steel and come in a handy combo pack.


24. Pretend You’re From The Future With An Eye Massage Mask

Breo iSee16 Cordless Eye Compress Mask, $80, Amazon

This futuristic-looking eye mask is actually a massager that heats up and vibrates, providing relief for tired, strained, or puffy eyes (it also reportedly helps soothe headaches). Choose between three massage modes — sleep, medium, and hard and use the mask for up to 90 minutes. It's USB-rechargeable, adjustable, can be brought anywhere, and has a built-in lithium battery.


25. Keep Your Kitchen Cleaner With A Charcoal-Infused Dish Towel

Nawrap Binchotan Dishcloth, $17, Amazon

Dishtowels can get incredibly dirty when you're constantly cleaning up messes or wiping your hands with them. This one is more hygienic because it is infused with charcoal. The charcoal also helps the dish release odor. Plus, the quick-drying towel will look chic hanging in your kitchen.


26. Create The Best Sleep Environment Imaginable

Quooz Rockano Ultrasonic Humidifier Oil Diffuser, $45, Amazon

Multifunctional items are the best things to get your hands on. This light is also an aromatherapy oil diffuser, an air purifier, and a humidifier.


27. Cut Prep And Clean-Up Time In Half

Gourmia Multipurpose Chopper & Dicer Set, $20, Amazon

I love to make salads, but I don’t love all the prep work that goes into it. Eliminate the time you spend chopping vegetables with a veggie chopper and dicer. This convenient set comes with several different slicers, allowing you to chop vegetables or fruit easily. And when you’re finished, there’s no annoying mess to clean up, since the pieces fall into a bowl as they’re chopped.


28. Never Get Hot Coffee On Your Shirt Again

Double Wall Vacuum Insulate Travel Mug, $19, Amazon

This brilliant coffee mug has a vacuum seal so that you’ll never spill your drink. Plus, its inside features an awesome stainless steel mesh screen so you can make loose leaf tea on the go.


29. Enjoy Different Reading Brightnesses With This Touch Sensor Lamp

AUKEY Touch Sensor Dimmable Table Lamp, $27, Amazon

This superbly convenient table lamp features slick touch-activated technology that allows you to read comfortably in bed and then simply reach over and give the base a tap when you’re ready for lights out. With three brightness levels of warm white light, as well as a versatile selection of vibrant colors, you can toggle through multiple options from the red-green-blue color spectrum or stop on your favorite for a while. It’s the perfect nightlight for grownups.


30. A Phone Stand That Helps You Keep Your Cords Tidy

MoKo Foldable Phone/Tablet Stand, $12, Amazon

With a 210-degree rotating swivel, this lightweight, ultra-compact phone/tablet stand keeps your cords from getting in the way. The versatility of the design allows you to use the stand in both portrait and landscape mode, and it has foldable panels that make it a breeze to store in your bag or luggage.


31. Add A Fog-Free Mirror To Your Shower

Fogless Shower Mirror With Shelf, $28, Amazon

Multi-functional items make sense because of their practicality. And this fog-free shower mirror not only gives you a better way to wash your face in the shower, but extra shelf space as well.


32. Get Some Fresh Air — In Your Home, That Is

Moso Natural Air Purifying Bag, $35, Amazon

Say goodbye to air fresheners that only mask odors and hello to this bag of charcoal that does so much more. It prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria while getting rid of odors, allergens, and pollutants. Plus, you can keep using it for up to two years. A money-saver that keeps your home fresh? Yes, please.


33. Protect Your Fingers When Cooking

NoCry Cut Resistant Gloves, $11, Amazon

Are you still grating cheese, slicing fruits, and doing other potentially digit-damaging activities without wearing gloves? There’s nothing wrong with being extra careful — and reviewers agree, saying, ”The first pair wore out and we bought another. It’s worth every penny!”


34. Give Yourself Fuller Eyelashes With Brush-On Falsies

Mia Adora 3D Fiber Lash Mascara, $20, Amazon

Applying false lashes can be frustrating, and finding a pair that fit on your eyes comfortably is a challenge. Swap out the glue for a brush-on, nontoxic option. The fiber lash mascara uses 3D fibers to give you the fullness of false lashes without the hassle.


35. Stay Clean And Dry With A Pocket Blanket

Montem Premium Pocket Blanket, $14, Amazon

This super tiny blanket unfolds to create enough space for one person to lay down or two to three people to sit next to each other. You’ll never have a wet butt in the park again.


36. Get Connected And Stay Connected

Nulaxy Wireless In-Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter Radio Adapter Car Kit, $18, Amazon

Not only does this handy little device allow you to turn your phone into your own personal radio station, but it's also a USB car charger, so you’ll never run out of battery, even on those long trips when you really need to stay connected.


37. Keep All Of Your Nighttime Necessities Nearby

Bunk Buddy Bedside Shelf, $28, Amazon

Never miss a notification again by keeping your phone close by while you sleep. This space-saving bedside shelf easily attaches to the frame without any tools. It gives you more room to keep all of your nighttime products and gadgets close by without needing an end table.


38. These Easy-To-Use Herb Scissors So You Never Have To Dice Herbs Again

Jenaluca Herb Scissors, $15, Amazon

Made with durable stainless steel, these handy herb scissors have five sharp blades on each side and a comfort-grip handle that allow you to chop herbs into tiny pieces with just a couple snips of the scissors. They also come with a cover comb attachment that makes for easy clean-up and storage.


39. Question Your Morality With This Raunchy Card Game

WTF Did You Say A Party Game Against All Dignity, $22, Amazon

If weird yet ridiculously fun party games are what you’re after, this one certainly fits the bill and then some. With a giant set of almost 600 cards, the raucous adult game tests your moral boundaries, promising that “you’ll feel horrible about yourself when you play.” One adoring fan on Amazon said: “Omg!! This was hilarious, everyone loved it! A lot of fun- I thought it was funnier than Cards Against Humanity. We all had a lot of laughs, definitely would recommend to liven a party.”


40. Stay Connected No Matter Where You Are

Solar Charger, $24, Amazon

Never be without power again. In a time when our phones are basically an extra limb, running out of power can be daunting. But with a solar power charger, you’ll be able to stay connected anywhere you go. It's made from eco-friendly silicone rubber, and it can even be used when it's raining out.


41. This Multi-Tool That Fits In Your Wallet

Explore Mate Survival Card Beer Opener, $9, Amazon

If you want to be able to pop a bottle open any time you want without having to tote a clunky bottle opener around, you’re going to love this weirdly innovative gadget. The unique multi-tool bottle opener lays completely flat in your wallet and is only the size of a credit card. On top of cracking beers for you, it works as a screwdriver, can opener, wrench, saw blade, and water compass.


42. Light Up The Room

Levoit Aria Natural Himalayan Crystal Sea Salt Lamp, $53, Amazon

How beautiful and calming is this sea salt lamp? Let it fill your living room with warm light.

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