42 Genius Products On Amazon That Are Straight-Up Different


Do you find yourself a little bored with the routine lately? Sometimes, it can feel like you're doing the same thing, day in and day, out: go to work, go home, sleep, dream, repeat. And if you're looking for ways to spice things up, you've probably considered a few things: new haircut, new job, new boyfriend, new apartment. Well, instead of making some really drastic changes in your life — why not try some bizarre products on Amazon that are pretty different from anything you've seen before? I mean, who can say no to a hot pot trivet shaped like an adorably terrifying grizzly bear? And it's a smaller commitment than signing a new lease.

So whether you're in the market for something fresh and new, try out a caffeine-infused roller stick that helps get rid of the appearance of puffy eyes. Or an ingenious pancake pan that's outfitted with six different smiley-face molds built into it. Basically, it's almost impossible to go wrong with one of the hundreds of five-star products on Amazon that thousands of reviewers love -— so what are you waiting for? There's a derma roller kit inside and I can hear it calling your name.

These are the products on Amazon that are straight-up different.


The Lightbulb That Doubles As A USB Charger

Compatible with all USB 3.0 devices (including the iPhone 4 and newer), the NYCE Power lightbulb charger combo installs directly underneath any incandescent or LED lightbulb and has a built-in port where you can charge your USB devices. This lightbulb charger is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use — and the extra bonus of not having to unplug your devices just to free up a charging outlet is incredibly convenient.


A Handy Gadget That Keeps Your Beverages At The Optimal Temperature

Whether you're drinking cold soda or a hot cup of coffee, the V-joy desktop smart cup will help keep your cold beverages chilled and your warm beverages heated. Made from durable aluminum alloy that won't corrode over time, this convenient device can chill your beverages in only 30 minutes, and the entire unit is small enough that it can easily reside on your desktop without taking up too much space.


The Facial Scrub Stick That Minimizes The Appearance Of Pores

If you're trying to get rid of blackheads and minimize the appearance of your pores, try using the TONYMOLY tako stick. This facial scrub stick is made from a blend of marine plant extract, black mud, and natural bamboo charcoal so that it gently extracts impurities and toxins from your pores while simultaneously exfoliating away any dead skin. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it "smells great too!"


An Antibacterial Drying Mat That Drains Itself

Made from durable silicone that's naturally resistant to mold, mildew, and bacteria, the Talented Kitchen drying mat sets itself apart from the competition by featuring a sloped drainer board that returns any excess water right back into the sink. The non-skid surface of this mat ensures that it stays in place even if it gets bumped, and because it's also flexible — it's exceptionally easy to store (even in cramped kitchens!)


The Motion Sensor Light That Illuminates Your Bedside And Cabinets

Sure — it's advertised as being for underneath your bed, but just think of how chic your kitchen would look if you used the Vansky bed light to illuminate the areas underneath your cabinets. The built-in motion sensor ensures you won't have to flick this light on and off when you enter the room, and there's also a shut-off timer that you can set so that it'll turn off automatically (which saves you money on utilities) when you're not around — plus, it's even dimmable.


A Spoon Designed To Make Scraping Pots And Pans Easy

With a flat squeegee tip and flexible sides that can conform to the curvature of your pots and pans, the Dreamfarm sit-up scraping spoon makes it easy to get all the burnt bits and crumbs out of your cookware. Unlike other large cooking spoons, this one has a deep scooping head with markings that allow you to measure out teaspoons and tablespoons — plus the nylon design is BPA-free and durable.


The Magnetic Work Light That Rotates For The Perfect Angle

Not only does it have a super-bright LED bulb that has a lifetime of up to 10,000 hours, but the POWERFIREFLY work light is outfitted with a magnetic base that can be attached to practically any metal surface — making it essential for DIY projects around the house. You can also rotate the head and adjust the beam of light depending on your needs — and because it runs on three AA batteries, you'll never have to worry about recharging it.


A Tool That Protects You From Any Dropped Eyeshadow Powder

Trying to wipe away excess eye shadow when it's fallen onto your cheeks can be the most frustrating part of makeup application — but these brilliant shadow shields eradicate that problem. Each order comes with 30 shields that protect you from accidental raccoon eyes, streaks, and smudges. Plus, they're made from high-quality non-woven cloth that's antibacterial and soft AF.


The Device That Powers Through Tough, Stubborn Calluses

Made with high-quality ABS plastic, the UTILYZE electronic foot file easily files down any tough calluses that you just can't seem to get rid of — with none of the effort of pumice stones. This foot file spins enough to get rid of all the dead skin, come with a few different heads, and a brush to get everything clean after use. It's even waterproof.


An Arch Support Strap That Relieves Pain From Plantar Fasciitis

Made from medical-grade silicone, the OrthoDoc arch support brace helps relieve pain from ailments like plantar fasciitis by helping to improve the blood circulation around your feet — which can reduce muscle pains and spasms. These straps are also reusable and washable, and they have gel pads that can fit inside sneakers, sandals, or can even be worn when you're barefoot. The Velcro strap allows you to customize how much compression you prefer.


The Anti-Fungal Serum That Also Hydrates Your Cuticles

Fortified with sea buckthorn oil and loaded with omega 3, 6, 7, and 9, the Gold Mountain Beauty fungal nail eliminator helps protect your fingers and toes from any fungal infections — and helps soothe existing ones. It's vegan and cruelty-free, and the built-in applicator brush makes it easy to control how much of the serum you apply to your skin. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "in the first few days I started seeing changes, and by the time the first week passed I'd seen a noticeable difference!"


A Pack Of Mints That Are Loaded With Energy-Boosting Caffeine

Something about having an energy drink in the afternoon just feels weird — and if you're not in the mood for a coffee, try these Rally Energy caffeine mints instead. Each one of these sugar-free mints is loaded with the same amount of caffeine as a shot of espresso or a cup of coffee, but instead of jitters, you get a burst of energy without the crash.


The Food Storage Containers That Are Collapsible

Bulky, jumbled containers quickly makes a mess of any cabinet, so why not use the Vremi food storage containers and save yourself the stress? These BPA-free containers are collapsible, so they'll save you space while they're in storage, and the lids are airtight — so you won't have to worry about any accidental spills. Plus, there's even a vent so you can heat them in the microwave.


A Pair Of Scrubbing Gloves Made From Antibacterial Silicone

These silicone scrubbing gloves are incredibly useful: they protect your hands and they work as a scrubber for your pots, pans, and dishes. The silicone material prevents mold, mildew, and bacteria from growing, and they're heat-resistant up to 320 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Fun Serving Dish Made Specially For Eggs

Looking for a fun, new way to present soft- and hard-boiled eggs? The OTOTO Miss Nessie egg cup is not only 100 percent food-safe and BPA-free — but you can also use it to cook your eggs in addition to serving them. Just place an egg in the base, then place Miss Nessie into your pot of water: The feet will keep it in place while the egg cooks.


A Derma Roller Kit That Helps You Exfoliate Away Dead Skin

Great for professionals and at-home novices alike, the Love and Pebble derma roller kit comes with everything you need to exfoliate away dead skin cells — including four titanium replacement roller heads, a storage case, and an instructional e-book to get you started. The needles on the roller head are designed to be non-invasive, yet penetrate enough to help your favorite skincare products absorb deep into your complexion. Since they're made from stainless steel, they're also resistant to rust.


The Sponge Holder Shaped Like An Adorable Bed

Do damp, mildew-y sponges keep you up at night? Then try using the OTOTO sponge holder. This holder is designed to fit any standard-sized sponge, and the base is ventilated so your sponge dries quickly — which helps to prevent any mold or bacteria from growing. Each holder also comes with two miniature pillows just for fun, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that this holder "prevents that dreaded 'dirty sponge' smell."


A Device That Makes Crushing And Slicing Garlic Easy

Not everybody enjoys the smell of fresh garlic on their hands, so why not keep them clean with the Tollcuudda garlic presser and slicer? Made from solid aluminum alloy that won't rust, this presser keeps your hands clean from odorous garlic juices as you prepare your meals — plus, you can also use it to crush peanuts and mince other herbs like ginger.


The Ice Molds That Help You Get The Most Out Of Your Cocktails

Traditional ice cubes quickly dilute your drinks as they melt —but the Zoku mixology ice molds come in three unconventional shapes that are large and slower to melt: a cube, a sphere, and a jack. Each mold is made from silicone, so it's exceptionally easy to pop the ice blocks out without any accidental breakage to the mold itself.


A Styling Tool That Leaves Your Hair Frizz-Free And Shiny

Safe for use on both wet and dry hair, the Conair hot air brush styler utilizes tourmaline ceramic technology to help straighten your hair while it simultaneously tames frizz and adds shine. There are two different air speeds to choose from so that you can use this tool on a variety of hair textures. There's even a cool setting to help you lock-in your chosen hairstyle. One reviewer writes: "It is unlike any styler out there. It is easy to create lift, straighten and style just by an easy turn of the wrist. It is easy to hold and use."


The Measuring Cups That Are Flexible For Mess-Free Pouring

Able to hold up to 4 cups of batter or other wet ingredients, the Norpro stir and pour measuring cups is entirely unique — it's flexible enough to offer a more precise pour that prevents accidental spills. It's also heat-resistant, and the outside is textured to ensure that it stays securely in your hand.


A Handy Accessory That Releases Steam From Your Pots And Pans

Instead of cooking your meals without a lid on your pots and pans (which can lead to splatter and mess), why not use the OTOTO flower power steam releaser? This handy cooking accessory sits on the edge of your pot or pan so that your lids are cracked open and allow steam to easily escape. Plus, the flower petals can also spin just for some added fun.


The Pan That Lets You Easily Make Smiley Pancakes

This smiley face pancake pan definitely makes your morning a lot more fun. It can make up to seven miniature pancakes at once, and the non-stick coating makes it easy to remove each pancake without any damage to the smiley face. There are seven different smiley faces featured in each pan, and the aluminum alloy design is exceptionally durable.


A Strap That Helps You Increase Your Flexibility

Great for increasing your mobility, the TheraBand stretch strap has pre-positioned loops that help you relieve pain from plantar fasciitis and muscle soreness — plus, you can even use it to stretch out your lower back. Unlike stretching by yourself, this allows you to perform dynamic stretches that would normally require a partner, and each section on the strap is numbered, so you can track how your flexibility is progressing.


The Sponge Harvested From The Gulf Of Mexico

Unlike traditional bath sponges, the Spa Destinations sea wool sponge is naturally resistant to bacteria — and it's also made from a renewable resource. These natural sponges generally last longer than their synthetic counterparts, and they're significantly softer to the touch: which makes them great for people with sensitive skin. One Amazon reviewer even noted that there's "a texture on the other side that feels scrubby and exfoliating but NOT rough!"


A Pillow Filled With Water To Help Cool You Down

Whether you're sweaty, sunburned, or have a temperature, the Tiangtech water pillow is right up your alley. You can rest directly on this pillow for a more direct cooling effect — or if that's a little too cool, you can also slip it into your pillowcase alongside your pillow for a less-intense feel. When you're done, simply put it back into the fridge so it's ready to use anytime.


The Beauty Stick That De-Puffs Any Bags Under Your Eyes

Getting a poor night of sleep can leave you with tired, puffy eyes — which is only part of what makes the Oars + Alps wake-up eye stick so great. Not only do the infused caffeine and menthol help de-puff any bags underneath your eyes, but it also works to get rid of dark circles so that you look like you slept for eight hours.


A Fun Trivet Made From High-Quality Silicone

Instead of layering a regular old towel underneath your hot pots and pans, shake up your routine with the OTOTO grizzly trivet. Made from 100 percent food-safe silicone, this trivet is so heat-resistant, it can be placed into boiling water without taking any damage. It's also really, really cute.


The Travel Pillow That Allows For More Air Circulation

It can be easy to get overheated when traveling, which is why the Ankaka travel pillow has a four-legged design that helps encourage air circulation while you sleep. It has a removable, hypoallergenic cover so that washing it is easy, and the memory foam filling is the ideal balance between supportive and soft — plus, it even comes with its own travel bag.


A Handy Accessory That Prevents Items From Falling Between The Seats In Your Car

Ever drop your phone, keys, or even wallet between the seats in your car? You'll never do it again with the Drop Stop car seat gap filler. This handy accessory fits around your seatbelt to prevent items from falling between your seat and the middle console in your car — and one size fits most vehicles.


The Outlet Plate That Illuminates Your Path At Night

Instead of using up an outlet with a bulky night light, use the SnapPower guidelight outlet plate so that all of your outlets are available at all times. It's incredibly easy to install because there are no brackets, batteries, mounts, or wires involved — and the built-in light is also incredibly energy-efficient, since it costs you less than 10 cents per year in electricity.


A Beanie Hat Designed To Accommodate Your Ponytail

Normal beanie hats flatten out your ponytail, but the C.C ponytail beanie hat is designed with a hole in the top that allows you to wear a ponytail or messy bun while you keep your ears warm. This beanie hat is also incredibly soft and made from stretchable acrylic. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "it's so soft, great quality, and is very warm!"


The Odor Eliminator That Doubles As A Night light

Spraying aerosols around your home may be fun for a minute, but the Hamilton Beach plug-in odor eliminator helps save you time — just plug it in and go about your day. Each eliminator comes with its own green meadow scent cartridge to get you started, and it can even double as a night light to help light your way in the dark.


A Pack Of Produce Sheets That Keep Your Food Fresher For Longer

Just place The FRESHGLOW Co. food saver sheets in the same container as your produce, and the sheet will help extend the life of your fruits and vegetables by up to four times longer than if you hadn't used it. Each sheet is compact so it can easily fit into almost any container, basket, carton, refrigerator drawer, or produce bowl — plus, they help you save money on groceries over time.


The Digital Thermometer That Connects To Your Smartphone

Not only can it accurately read your temperature in eight seconds or less, but the Kinsa smart digital thermometer also uses your age, fever, and symptoms to try and figure out ways that you can feel better faster, when to take your meds, or even when to call the doctor. And while it is a smart thermometer, you don't have to use it in conjunction with the app in order to take temperatures.


A Collapsible Camping Lantern Powered By The Sun

What happens if your batteries run low while you're out in the wilderness? You use the Kizen solar powered camping lantern, of course! This lantern can be quick-charged via USB, or you can utilize the built-in solar panel on its top in order to charge it using the sun. There are three light modes to choose from (high, low, and SOS for emergencies), plus it collapses for easy storage.


The Tool That Combines Six Tools Into One

Sure it may look like a cute beechwood bird, but the Kikkerland bird multi-tool actually combines six tools into one: a Philips head screwdriver, two Allen keys, as well as three other bits built into the tail feathers.


A Plastic Bag Trash Bin That Fits Over Your Cabinet Doors

Perfect for compost, recyclables, or even just as a hidden trash can, the YouCopia plastic bag cabinet trash bin attaches to the top of any door and sits on the inside, making it a discrete solution to most garbage bins. The non-slip padding keeps your cabinet protected from any accidental damage, and the stainless steel design is resistant to rust as well as corrosion.


The Cooler Designed Specifically For Canned Beverages

Made with double-walled stainless steel with an additional copper layer that helps keep your beverages cool no matter what, the BruMate insulated pint glass cooler is incredibly easy to use, and even works with hot drinks as well. The lid is also shatter-resistant, which means you can keep it in your freezer without having to worry about it cracking, and the sweat-proof design keeps your hands dry from condensation.


A Pen That Lets You Decorate Baked Goods With Ease

Knives and spatulas won't let you get that perfect line-work on your cake, but the Kitchen Pacific cake decorating pen will. As easy to use as it is to write with a pen, just insert a bag full of frosting in the pen, then squeeze the handle to make precise decorations on your cookies, cakes, pastries, and more.


This Book Is Fun AF

If you're looking for a fun new way to relieve some boredom, look no further than Finish This Book. Readers try and solve the clues on each page in order to "finish" the remaining empty pages in the book, and Amazon reviewers swear this will hook you immediately.


A Set Of Adhesive Clips And Strips That Organize Your Spices

Rather than let your spice cabinet continue to be a disorganized mess, try using the Simple Houseware spice cabinet gripper clips to sort everything out neatly. Each order comes with six 3M adhesive strips along with five clips so that you can organize your spices right on the inside of your cabinet door, and they even include additional screws in case you'd like your clips to be extra-secure.

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