68 Bizarre Products On Amazon That Have A Surprisingly Loyal Cult-Following

Earning the title of "bizarre" can be a very good thing — especially if you're a product looking to stand out in a sea of products. All of the bizarre products on Amazon that have a surprisingly loyal cult following and made this list share a few things in common, starting with this one: they're not what you would call the norm. They're unconventional. And they break the rules just enough to make customers extremely curious — and then grateful they made the purchase.

But being bizarre can only get you so far. These products are genius weird things trending on Amazon, but above all else, they are effective. They do exactly what they claim and just so happen to go above and beyond the call of duty with a few additional design features that make them wonderfully wacky, as well.

Anyone can sell you an umbrella. But an umbrella designed so that it's inverted and never succumbs to a strong wind — that's special. Air fresheners are a dime a dozen, but the cult-favorite toilet spray on this list that neutralizes odors before they materialize is a true keeper. And the same goes for surprising skin care products like a coffee bean eye cream and a skin solution that prevents ingrown hairs or cool kitchen products like a roll-up dish drying rack that fits over your sink to save space.

Check out this list of bizarre, genius, must-have products that are going to make your life even better.


This Challenging Party Game That Puts Your Visual Skills To The Test

This super fun party game provides five different game possibilities for players ages 7 and up — all of which challenge your visual-perception skills and focus. Players have to act fast to spot the differences between cards and communicate them before challengers beat them to it.


These Moisture-Wicking Toe Socks That Keep You Comfy While Running

The design on these no-show toe socks may seem a little odd if you're not used to wearing socks that provide a space for each toe, but the comfort you'll experience while wearing them — especially during a run — will make you a believer. These lightweight socks are designed from a moisture-wicking blend of polyester, nylon, and lycra and have a cooling mesh top.


The Convenient Pen That Polishes Jewelry In A Flash

Safe on both real and faux diamonds (as well as other gemstones), this jewelry-cleaning pen features thin bristles that get in between and around crevices to give jewelry a fuss-free polish that makes your fave jewels sparkle once again.


An Odor-Killing Toilet Spray Made With Safe Natural Oils

One or two spritzes of this natural toilet spray before you do your business will neutralize any and all unpleasant odors. The chemical-free spray is made with a blend of lemon, bergamot, and lemongrass essential oils and is safe for all toilets.


A Nourishing Skin Serum Made With Snail Mucus Extract

You may have heard of the benefits of snail mucus in skin care — this serum is tangible proof, according to more than 1,200 reviewers. The nourishing ampoule contains 80 percent snail extract, as well as peptides and vitamins, all of which help repair dry, damaged skin and brighten your complexion.


This RFID-Blocking Case That Keeps Credit Cards Safe From Thieves

This is no ordinary wallet — it's a credit card protector designed with RFID-blocking tech that keeps identity thieves from stealing your private information. The case can carry up to nine cards and comes in nine colors.


The Skin Solution That Prevents Razor Bumps & Ingrown Hairs

If shaving almost always means dealing with irritating next-day razor burn and ingrown hairs, prevent these skin conditions from happening in the first place by applying this hair removal skin solution to your legs, bikini line, and underarms on a daily basis. More than 2,000 reviewers agree that this solution stops ingrown hairs dead in their tracks and makes skin look and feel smoother and clearer.


This Trio Of Color-Correcting Concealers For Every Skin Concern

This trio of color-correcting concealers includes orange and yellow formulas that neutralize dark circles and other spots and a green concealer to even out redness in your complexion. Not only is this set affordable and great value, but the formulas are described as long lasting with amazing, blend-able coverage, according to more than 1,600 reviewers.


A Smooth Massage Roller Stick That Takes The Ache Out Of Fatigued Muscles

Pull this massage roller stick out at the gym or at home and use it anywhere you're experiencing muscle aches and pains. The smooth stick provides moderate penetration, making it a great choice for anyone who is new to working out and massage. It measures 18 inches from end to end and comes in blue, pink, green, or red.


An Amazing Stain Remover So Potent It Can Get Rid Of Oil And Grease

If reviews are to be believed (and with so many glowing ones for this product, they are) this secret spot remover treatment can effectively get rid of the toughest stains — the ones that make you cry and prematurely throw out your blouse because you know nothing will work. Reviewers share tales about how this secret formula has eliminated oil, grease, ink, and even blood stains from clothing and carpet.


These Durable Straw Brush Cleaners That Get All The Gunk Out

The increasing popularity of reusable straws is a great thing for the planet, but it does tack on one extra responsibility — because the insides of straws aren't going to clean themselves. Luckily, this set of six straw cleaning brushes comes with durable nylon bristle brushes in all sizes to tackle any and all gunk stuck inside of straws.


A 16-Color Night Light For Your Toilet That Makes Midnight Bathroom Trips Safe

This toilet night light is simple to install and features motion sensor technology that makes it light up when you're close enough to need a soft guiding light. It offers 16 LED color lights and you can program it to produce a solid color or a fun rotation of shades.


The Coffee Bean Eye Cream That De-Puffs Eyes & Brightens Skin

The caffeine found in this cult-favorite coffee eye cream instantly gets to work de-puffing tired eyes and brightening dark circles. The vegan formula is made with three types of caffeine, vitamins C, and hydrating rosehip oil.


These Eco-Friendly Wool Dryer Balls That Banish Lint From Clothes

Replace your dryer sheets with these eco-friendly, long-lasting, money-saving wool dryer balls and you'll be doing your part to help the planet without compromising when it comes to your clothing. The wool balls reduce wrinkles, lint, and even dry-time, and can be used for up to one year before needing to be replaced.


This Caffeine-Free Dandelion Beverage That Can Kick Your Coffee Habit

Tea is dandy, but this Dandy Blend of dandelion and herbs is the delightful hot or cold beverage you probably haven't tried yet. This caffeine-free blend is vegan and as smooth and full-bodied as a cup of coffee — but instead of making you jumpy, it can help fight inflammation and wean you off of your coffee habit.


A Pore-Minimizing Toner That Freshens Up Your Complexion Any Time Of Day

This Korean beauty toner can be used as a cleanser, makeup remover, or after-cleaner toner to balance pH levels, deep clean pores, and add hydration back to skin. Its ingredients include invigorating peppermint extract, which makes it the perfect potion to pull out whenever your skin needs a quick freshening up that leaves it glowing.


The Headache Hat That Provides Cooling Relief For Migraines and Sinus Pain

If you're searching for a pill-free solution to migraines, headaches, and sinus pains, try this headache hat, which provides compression and cooling relief. The flexible head wrap is comfortable to wear and comes in two sizes: regular and extra large.


These Precise Razors For Facial Hair And Eyebrow Grooming

If you choose to remove hair or peach fuzz from your face, you're going to want to choose a gentle razor like this one, which has a stainless steel safety cover. Reviewers who use these for dermaplaning say they effectively remove hair and dead skin cells, creating a smoother canvas for makeup. You can also use this razor to groom beneath and between your brows.


A Fast-Working Drain Clogger That Won't Damage Pipes

Clear out clogged drains and rid pipes of dirt, food particles, and grease with this drain clog remover, which is non-corrosive and won't damage pipes. The formula is also biodegradable and comes in helpful measured chambers so that there's no guesswork involved in how much you should use.


This Hair-Strengthening Biotin Supplement Infused With Coconut Oil

There are a lot of biotin supplements on the market — but this one is also infused with organic virgin coconut oil, which means you get the benefits of both for stronger, healthier-looking hair, skin, and nails. Many reviewers credit the vegetarian supplements with less hair shedding and more visible hair growth. Of course, as with all supplements, you should consult your doctor to find out biotin is right for you.


An All-Purpose Magic Eraser Sponge For Dirt And Stains

Tough stains will disappear thanks to this magical eraser sponge, which can be activated with just a few drops of water. It literally erases scruff marks, grease, and soap scum without a single chemical. The 20-pack of sponges is a great value and each is made with extra-thick melamine foam that lasts a long time.


The Extendable Magnetic Pick-Up Tool For Screws, Pins, And More

This telescoping magnetic pick-up tool extend to 30 inches long and is capable of picking up 15 pounds of metal tools like nuts and bolts. This strong, durable tool has a stainless steel body and collapses to 7 inches, making it a cinch to store.


These Ice Cube Trays That Make Way Bigger Cubes And Spheres

No need to use five ice cubes to cool down that drink. This set of two silicone ice cube trays gives you the option of preparing six jumbo-size square cubes or six large spheres, all of which are far larger than your average cube. The reusable trays are dishwasher safe and can also be used to freeze other liquids and baby food.


A Fast Microwave Popcorn Popper That Pops Every Single Kernel

You won't find an un-popped kernel in the bunch when you use this microwave popcorn popper to pop any type of kernel: white, yellow, or hybrid. In less than three minutes, this popper pops up to 3 quarts of popcorn and can be cleaned in your dishwasher.


An Inverted Umbrella That Won't Topple Over In The Wind

As anyone who has ever had their umbrella fall apart at the hint of wind knows well: all umbrellas are not created equal. This uniquely durable inverted umbrella is double layered to guarantee you are guarded from nature's less lovely elements and it provides UPF 50+ sun protection. The inverted design keeps it from turning inside out during a storm and it comes in three colors and prints.


These Heat-Resistant Gloves For Cooking That Protect Your Hands & Wrists

Use these protective cooking gloves by the stove, oven, or BBQ and feel complete peace of mind because, unlike many others, these guard your hands and wrists from burns. These silicone gloves are water and steam-proof, come in two sizes and five colors, and feature all-over grips to keep utensils and bowls from slipping.


This Time-Saving Salad Shooter That Slices And Shreds Ingredients

Make healthy salads and have time to spare by simply inserting ingredients like veggies and cheese into this electric slicer/shredder and watching as it shoots out perfect bite-size portions into your bowl. The device comes with interchangeable slicer and shredder attachments and relieves you of food prep duties.


A Wearable Heating Pad That Fits Around Your Shoulders

Drape this heating pad across your shoulders for fast relief from muscle aches and pains along your upper back, shoulders, and neck. The wearable pad has a magnetic neck closure to keep it in place, four heat settings, and a 2-hour auto shut-off (because there's no way you won't fall asleep at least once while wearing this cozy pad).


The Coziest Cable Knit Beanie With A Cut-Out For Your Ponytail

This isn't just a warm and snug cable knit beanie that will keep you toasty in the winter — it's a hat that doesn't force you to compromise when it comes to hairstyles. Pull your ponytail or bun through the genius cut-out on the back and you'll have a warm head and the hair you want. The beanie comes in a variety of colors like coral, camel, and multicolored.


An Argan Oil Shampoo That Hydrates Strands For Healthier Hair

If hydration is what your hair craves, this is the argan oil shampoo that's going to nourish it. This natural shampoo is free of sulfates (so go on and use it even if your hair is colored and processed) and it contains no fewer than six moisturizing oils, including argan, avocado, jojoba, camellia seed, and peach kernel.


This Strong Moldable Glue That Can Fix Anything

Use this moldable glue to fix pretty much anything that's broken and form a bond between materials like wood, glass, ceramic, metal, and plastic. The glue is made from waterproof silicone and can be used to hold up objects that weigh as much as 4.4 pounds. And it comes in different colors, like black, white, bright hues, and natural neutral tones.


These Colorful Silicone Popsicle Tubes For Mess-Free Desserts

These reusable silicone popsicle tubes are about to make your ice pop treats a million times easier to eat — and you won't need to root around to find popsicle sticks, either. The set of six colorful tubes come with lids and can fit about half a cup of an ice pop, Jello, ice-cream, and other desserts. They take up less room in your freezer and are dishwasher friendly.


An Air Fryer For Healthier Foods That You Can Cook Without Oil

You don't have to give up your favorite fried foods on your quest to better health — cooking them without oil in this 8-in-1 air fryer automatically makes them healthier, while retaining their delicious taste. Use this device to fry, grill, bake, and roast foods — it even comes with accessories like a baking pan, pizza pan, and insert rack with skewers.


The Fog-Resistant Bathroom Mirror That Mounts To Your Shower Wall

Go on and take the steamiest shower you want — this bathroom mirror is totally resistant to fog and stays clean and clear, no matter how much time you spend singing under your rainfall shower head. The mirror stays up on your wall with suction cups and comes with a travel bag and squeegee.


An Exfoliating Konjac Facial Sponge For Clearer Skin

Sure, this Konjac facial sponge looks a little like a rock, but what it lacks in prettiness it more than makes up for in effectiveness. Designed with bamboo charcoal, the eco-friendly sponge digs deep into pores to exfoliate dead skin cells and remove makeup and dirt without drying out your skin. And it doesn't rely on a single chemical (and cleanser is optional) to get the job done.


A Tea Infuser That Lets You Brew A Cup With A Variety Of Tea Leaves

Whether you're a fan of super-fine tea leaves or larger whole-leaf teas, this tea infuser will turn any leaf into a perfectly brewed cup of tea. Just pour hot water into the infuser, which fits in most standard-size mugs, and flip open the lid to enjoy your hot beverage on the go.


This Powerful LED Lantern For Camping And Emergencies

This is the LED lantern you're going to want to have around in case of emergencies, or to take along with you on camping trips. It provides 18 bright lights and can be adjusted 360 degrees to suit all angles. The light has a hook on top for hanging and features a fan with two speed settings.


The Double-Sided Loofah And Back Scrubber For Hard-To-Reach Places

This extra-long loofah back scrubber features handles on both ends that allow you to keep a firm grip on it and better clean those areas of your back that are impossible to reach. The front side of the lengthy sponge is a loofah for cleansing and exfoliation and on the back you'll find a soft, plush cotton surface that polishes and dries your skin.


An Over-The-Sink Drying Mat That Saves Tons Of Counter Space

Why waste precious counter space on a thing like drying cookware and utensils when you can store them on this over-the-sink drying mat and leave yourself even more cooking prep space? This mat is made from food-safe silicone-coated steel and it fits over most conventional sinks. When you're finished using it, the mat rolls up for easy, breezy storage.


A Bonsai Starter Kit With Seeds To Grow Four Different Trees

Getting a Bonsai tree is kind of like adopting a new member of your family — these beautiful trees require patience and grooming skills. If you don't have a green thumb, don't sweat it: this Bonsai starter kit has you covered and includes everything you need (including organic seeds) to grow and care for four different types of Bonsai trees.


These Sharp Shredder Claws That Make Pulled Pork In Minutes

If you're still using a fork to shred meat, there's a much (much) better way: these oversize shredder claws have easy-to-grip handles and will tear apart pork, beef, and chicken with little effort. They come in six colors and are heat resistant up to 475 degrees — perfect for BBQ days.


An Electric Boot Dryer For Comfortable, Dry Shoes Every Day

Even if it's snowing, raining, or hailing outside, you're going to need a dry pair of boots to tackle the elements — and you won't always have hours to wait for shoes to dry. This unique electric boot dryer, which also works for sweaty gym sneakers and other shoes, dries and eliminates odors in just three to eight hours.


This Time-Saving Charger That Powers Up To 5 Devices Fast

Charge up to five devices at once with this time-saving charger, which features five ports that can be used with pretty much every phone, tablet, camera, and laptop in creation. The portable charger is energy efficient and perfect for travel.


These Supportive Cushioned Insoles That Relieve Foot Pain

Place these supportive orthotic inserts inside of your sneakers or shoes to help combat pains associated with plantar fasciitis, flat feet, or plain old foot fatigue. The non-slip cushioned insoles have high arch support and shock absorption, and will make runs, walks, hikes, or just standing on your feet all day a lot more comfortable.


A Magnetic Wristband That Collects And Stores Screws For Easier DIY Projects

Store screws, nails, and other small tools on this convenient magnetic wristband, which has a one-size-fits-all band and makes DIY projects a lot easier. The wristband comes in four colors.


The Famous Pink Drying Lotion That Heals Pimples Overnight

This cult classic drying lotion is praised by beauty lovers all over the world for its ability to dry out pimples and whiteheads overnight without turning your skin into the Sahara Desert. The famously pink spot treatment is made from a combo of zinc oxide, titanium oxide, sulfur, soothing calamine, and salicylic acid.


This Pain-Free Nose Hair Trimmer With An LED Light

If you choose to groom the little hairs in your nose, tweezing them out of existence is not the way to go. This battery-operated nose hair trimmer has a safe rotary blade that painlessly snips hair without nicking your skin. It even has an LED light to help you see each and every pesky hair.


A Compression Eye Mask For Sleep And Headache Relief

A more restful sleep and natural relief from headache, migraine, and sinus pain are yours when you relax with this compression mask, which blocks out all light and contains ergoBeads that gently massage the area. The mask can be stored in your fridge or freezer to provide a cooling sensation that eases pressure and pain in your head and around your eyes.


An Anti-Fungal Pen For Healthier Nails And Toe Nails

Kill nail fungus and strengthen and repair nails and toenails with this convenient, fast-working anti-fungal pen. The liquid treatment goes on without making a mess and is gentle, but powerful enough to treat fungus, discoloration, and brittle nails in just a few weeks.


The Strange, But Brilliant Squatty Potty That Everyone Raves About

This Squatty Potty may seem like a strange concept at first, but more than 8,500 reviewers have found that it really does help with healthier elimination and may just prove to be the new and improved way to use the toilet. The potty stool allows for a natural squat position when you're using the toilet. It fits around the front base of most toilets and comes in two heights: 7 inches and 9 inches (for more "advanced squatters").


This Shine-Enhancing Heated Straightening Brush For All Hair Types

With an adjustable heat temperature that ranges from 300 to 450 degrees, this heated straightener brush can create smoother, silkier hair no matter what your hair type. The brush heats up in one minute and boasts gentle anti-scald bristles, ionic technology, and an auto-off feature for safety.


A Fabric Shaver That Safely Removes Lint And Pilling From Clothes

Remove fuzz, threads, and pilling from clothing and blankets with this safe fabric shaver, which has a T-blade design and a metal guard that removes imperfections without damaging fabric. The portable, battery-operated shaver stores whatever it captures in a compartment that is then simple to empty and clean.


The Stress-Reducing Weighted Blanket That Will Put You To Sleep Faster

This highly-rated weighted blanket is one of the more affordable you'll find. It's filled with glass beads, made from breathable cotton, and adds weight without heat, helping to reduce anxiety and stress and lull you to sleep faster, according to reviewers. The blanket comes in five sizes and weights (up to 30 pounds) and seven neutral colors.


An All-Natural Teething Whitening Powder Made With Charcoal

Brighten your teeth naturally with this fluoride-free teeth-whitening powder, made with activated charcoal and bentonite clay and free of chemicals. Mix the powder with water to create a toothpaste alternative that reviewers say really, truly works as a brightener, but won't irritate sensitive gums.


This Simple-To-Store Quesadilla Maker For Fun Dinners

Whip up easy quesadillas without messing up a ton of pans with this countertop quesadilla maker, which heats up in five minutes and can cook up to six wedges at once. The gadget has a locking lid to keep yummy melted cheese from seeping out and it can be stored upright to save space.


A Painless Derma Roller For At-Home Microneedle Treatments

The teeny needles in this derma roller may look painful, but won't hurt a bit — and skincare enthusiasts say cosmetic needling (along with a quality serum) can increase collagen production, improve your skin's texture, and keep acne at bay. Remember to go easy with your derma roller — gently pressure is all that's needed to see results.


The Truly Portable Screen Cleaner That Doesn't Require Spray

Put those messy cleaning sprays away — this roller screen cleaner is the only tool you need to instantly remove dirt, fingerprints, and debris from phone and computer screens with just a quick wipe. Unlike other cleaners, this one is truly portable: throw it in your bag and pull it out whenever your device screens start to look cloudy.


An Affordable Lash Serum That Adds Length & Volume To Lashes

The proof of how well a lash serum works is in its reviews — and this K-beauty choice boasts tons of them (along with photographic proof) that rave about how well this formula strengthens and grows lashes. This product is a fraction of the price of other popular lash and brow serums and you can apply it at night and in the morning before mascara.


This Multipurpose Spin Scrubber That Blasts Away Grime

Scrubbing tile with a sponge — or worse, a toothbrush — is time-consuming and not all that effective. Replace your old cleaning methods with this electric spin scrubber, which comes with three brush head attachments to blast mold and grime from tiles, mirrors, floors, and more. The tool comes with an extension arm to reach and polish ceilings.


The Clip-On Strainer That Frees Up Cabinet Space

Owning one less large cooking tool means adding more space in your kitchen cabinet — this clip-on strainer is a fraction of the size of a regular colander and effortlessly attaches to most pans, bowls, and pots. Made from durable silicone and simple to clean, you won't lose another noodle or grain of rice while draining water from your pot.


These Natural Gummy Sleep Supplements With Melatonin

Not being able to sleep is incredibly frustrating, and once you do experience insomnia, getting your sleep clock back on track can be a chore. These tasty gummy sleep supplements provide a natural alternative with ingredients like melatonin, L-Theanine, and chamomile, all of which naturally encourage sleep without side effects. Of course, before adding a supplement to your diet, it's always a good idea to talk to your doctor to make sure it's right for you.


An Old-School Lunch Bag That Is Insulated And Keeps Food Warm For Hours

This adorable and eco-friendly old-school lunch bag has a few modern upgrades that make it a keeper: it's insulated and keeps food warm (or cool) for hours. The bag also features a magnetic closure and is made from strong synthetic paper that won't rip or tear.


This Natural Hair Growth Oil That Nourishes Your Scalp

The cocktail of natural hair strengthening ingredients used in this wildly popular hair oil include coconut, olive, jojoba, and pumpkin seed oil — and a slew of other botanicals and plant-based goodies. Reviewers say it takes a few months to notice results, but that they've experienced thicker, fuller, and stronger hair since using this conditioning oil.


A Heated Shiatsu Massager For Every Aching Part Of Your Body

Turn up the heat (or keep it off) on this Shiatsu massager and choose one of eight therapeutic massage nodes to knead away pain and discomfort from your back, abs, neck, legs — anywhere you need it. The corded massager has two adjustable speed options and an auto time-off function.


The Adorable Lime Saver That Preserves Your Fave Citrus Fruit

You don't have to use up an entire lime or throw half of it out — store leftover citrus or wedges in this BPA-free lime saver and it preserves fruit for days longer. There's even an adorable "saver" for lemons, peppers, and onions.


This Mess-Free Baggy Rack That Keeps Plastic Bags Upright

Use these baggy racks to clip onto plastic baggies, hold them upright, and pour ingredients into them without making a mess. They're also great for drying Ziplock bags, which saves waste, and each rack can be adjusted and expanded to fit the size of various baggies.


A Gentle Peel For Exfoliation And Smoother, Brighter Skin

Exfoliate your skin without causing irritation with this gentle green tea peel, which helps control excess sebum, remove dead skin cells, and encourage cell turnover for smoother, clearer skin. The two-sided gauze peel is simple to use: start with the mesh side to exfoliate skin and finish with the embossed side to boost its brightening powers.


An Electric Callus Remover With Crystal Exfoliators That Tends To Cracked Heels

Rubbing your dry, cracked feet against a pumice stone or foot file feels like work. This rechargeable electric callus remover does the job for you — just glide the 360-degree spinning roller along rough surfaces on your feet and toes and it gently removes calluses and dead skin using micro mineral crystals.

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