42 Genius Things For Your Home That'll Save You At Least $100

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You have to spend money to make money. The last time you heard that phrase, it probably had something to do with business — but I'm here to show you how it's used in a much more surprising context: shopping. In fact, if there's anything I've mastered since I started writing about online retail, it's locating those illusive products that actually save you a bunch of money in the long-run.

So how, exactly, can a single purchase boost your bank account by $100 or more?

Sometimes, it's a brilliantly designed item that aims to prevent a massive (and pricey) disaster, like clogged pipes or rust damage. Other times, it's a seemingly insignificant thing that saves you a few dollars a day, and before you know it, it's paid for itself a hundred times over. Then you've got DIY solutions that limit your spending at salons and Starbucks, and finally, there are those highly-rated finds that are at least $100 cheaper than the name brand — but they get the job done just as well.

Whether you're looking for items that are preventative, practical, or extremely well-priced, you'll find them all here. These 43 products from Amazon are designed to save you at least $100, either over time or at the very second you virtually check out.

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