42 Genius Things For Your Home That'll Save You At Least $100


You have to spend money to make money. The last time you heard that phrase, it probably had something to do with business — but I'm here to show you how it's used in a much more surprising context: shopping. In fact, if there's anything I've mastered since I started writing about online retail, it's locating those illusive products that actually save you a bunch of money in the long-run.

So how, exactly, can a single purchase boost your bank account by $100 or more?

Sometimes, it's a brilliantly designed item that aims to prevent a massive (and pricey) disaster, like clogged pipes or rust damage. Other times, it's a seemingly insignificant thing that saves you a few dollars a day, and before you know it, it's paid for itself a hundred times over. Then you've got DIY solutions that limit your spending at salons and Starbucks, and finally, there are those highly-rated finds that are at least $100 cheaper than the name brand — but they get the job done just as well.

Whether you're looking for items that are preventative, practical, or extremely well-priced, you'll find them all here. These 43 products from Amazon are designed to save you at least $100, either over time or at the very second you virtually check out.

1. These Tiny Spatulas That Get Every Last Drop Of Makeup (Or Food)

Ever wonder how many extra days you could squeeze out of your expensive foundation if you could just reach the bottom of that bottle? Find out with the Spatty. This pack of two comes with one small spatula and another slightly larger one, both with flexible silicone heads and extra long handles to reach into lotions, shampoo bottles, makeup containers, and even condiments.

2. These Brush Heads That Turn Your Drill Into A Scrubber

These drill brush attachments are largely regarded as a huge time- and effort-saver, but thanks to the 20 versatile options, they'll also save you tons of money. Attach one to your favorite cordless drill, and you can effortlessly scrub away rust stains on concrete, residue on appliances, mildew on grout, and grease on grill grates. Buyers say it gets them "sparkling like brand new" — and it's way more cost-efficient than replacing it all.

3. A 2-In-1 Drain Stopper That Protects Your Pipes

In the past, people had to choose between a drain stopper and a hair-catcher. Now, thanks to the Umbra, you get both. With a simple press of the central button, this must-have bathroom accessory transforms from one to the other. While allowing the water to flow through, it has an easy-to-clean grid to catch hair, which protects you against pricey plumber visits.

4. Everything You Need For A Gel Manicure At Home

At my local salon, a gel manicure costs somewhere around $40 — and for that same price, you can do hundreds of your own without leaving your house. This full set from Beetles comes with everything you need, including a UV/LED lamp, a base coat, a top coat, various tools, cuticle oil, and six trendy colors — including sparkly gold.

5. These Rechargeable Batteries You Can Use Over & Over

Most modern-day devices are rechargeable, but television remotes, video game controllers, toys, and certain beauty gadgets haven't all caught up. For those items, these Energizer rechargeable batteries save you money and hassle. Each set comes with a wall charger that works on both AA and AAA, plus four AA NiMH rechargeable batteries. It even shuts off automatically when they reach full capacity.

6. Some Reusable Paper Towels That Are Strong Enough For The Wash

If your household is anything like my household, you throw away tons of money on paper towels. Luckily, these ones are changing the way we clean up messes. Enviro Safe Home rolls are comprised of 40 bamboo-fabric sheets, which are absorbent and strong, but also biodegradable and machine-washable up to 85 times each.

7. These Brilliant Markers To Fix Furniture & Floor Scuffs

The NADAMOO touch-up kit comes with eight markers, eight wax sticks, and one sharpener. The wax fills in divots while the markers cover up discolorations, so your floors, furniture, stairs, and wooden items look brand-new again. Best of all, with a large color selection that ranges from white to mahogany, you can match virtually any finish.

8. A $6 Comb That Trims Bangs & Split Ends

Because it distributes strands between the teeth of the comb while it cuts (like a hair stylist would), this $6 tool "makes quick work of haircut touch ups" and is "great for split ends," according to reviewers. It has three sections: A traditional comb for separating and detangling, a light blade for thin hair, and a heavy blade for thicker hair.

9. This "Magical Cream" That Gets Rid Of Car Scratches

"I can't believe this miracle," one reviewer wrote, while another asked, "What sorcery is this?!" In fact, most of the 3,500 reviewers say similar things about Carfidant scratch and swirl remover. It gets rid of minor scratches and restores shine with its premium-grade formula and included buffer pad, so rather than dropping thousands at a body shop, this could very well "save [your] car."

10. A Handheld Espresso Machine You Can Use Anywhere

"I used to buy Starbucks every morning," one reviewer wrote, but now, they "rely on this small thing" to make bold, frothy espresso anywhere. Without the need for electricity or batteries, this handheld gadget satisfies your coffee cravings using only boiled water and Nespresso pods (or loose grounds). Thanks to the portability, it's also great for campers, hikers, travelers, and commuters.

11. These Energy-Saving LED Smart Bulbs

Thanks to the LED technology, these hub-free smart bulbs use 60% less energy than ordinary bulbs — but they save power in other ways, too. Set automatic schedules to cut down on usage, or turn them off from your phone once you've already left the house. With 16 million different shades to choose from and Alexa or Google Home voice control, they're an easy way to lower your electricity bill while boosting your home's aesthetic.

12. This Welding Pen That Fixes Tech, Furniture, & More

This easy-to-use handheld pen melts and releases a substance called Bondic, which (when fully cured) is waterproof, durable, and non-toxic. As a result, it can fix broken toys, holes in pipes, rips in upholstery, cracked glasses, and fraying technology. Simply apply it, shape it, and cure it with the attached UV light.

13. This Affordable 7-In-1 Air Fryer Oven That Does It All

There are three ways this mini oven from Dash saves you money: For one, it encourages easy, convenient home cooking, so you can save on takeout. For another, it includes seven brilliant cooking modes in one (including air frying, warming, and rotisserie), so you can save on other appliances. Finally, it's significantly less expensive than other similar units — even though it has a near-perfect rating.

14. An Enzyme Spray That Tackles Stains & Odors On A Deep Level

When faced with bodily fluids (especially those that pets use to mark their territory), you might think your only option is the trash can. Think again. This spray from TriNova uses natural but powerful enzymes to break down stains and odors on a molecular level, so you can save your rugs, furniture, and linens. "As a last resort, we were going to replace our carpets," one buyer wrote, "but this product saved us so much money!"

15. This Water Filter That Attaches To Your Faucet

Made with premium stainless steel that's designed to prevent leaking and cracking, this water filter from JONY J easily installs onto most standard faucets. It then uses UF-filtration technology to reduce chlorine, rust, sand, bacteria, and unwanted tastes in your water. That way, you can rinse your produce without harmful chemicals, protect your hands from cracking, and — the real money saver — drink straight from the tap instead of buying expensive bottled water.

16. These Ethylene-Regulating Bags To Preserve Produce

How much money do you think you waste on spoiled produce? Researches estimate that American households throw out 150,000 tons of food each day, but luckily, these GreenBags are designed to decrease that number. They're made with a special, natural mineral that removes ethylene gas, so your fruits and veggies stay fresh much longer.

17. This Adhesive Stopper That Keeps Warmth (Or Cold) In

"Actually saw a difference with my utility bill," one reviewer wrote. The Suptikes draft stopper attaches to any door using a convenient adhesive; it then prevents your heat or air-conditioned air from leaking out, so you can save energy and money. (Buyers also say it helps to insulate sound and keep out determined cats.)

18. This Gadget That Keeps Fresh Herbs Alive For Weeks

"In love with this product! I recommend it to anyone who is [tired] of wasting money on spoiled herbs," one reviewer wrote. The NOVART premium herb keeper uses a glass chamber and a water reservoir to preserve cilantro, rosemary, dill, chives, parsley, and even asparagus and celery — for weeks. That way, you can stop buying a whole bunch and using only three stalks before it rots.

19. These Adorable Cable Protectors That Prevent Fraying

Even expensive charging cables tend to fray where the plug meets the cord, but these adorable accessories can help. They come in various sets of six different animals (from hippo to hedgehog), and they're made from a soft PVC material that reinforces most chargers at their weakest point.

20. These Pumice Sticks That Remove Rust & Mineral Build-Up

Their long handles make them ideal for removing decade-old rings inside the toilet bowl, but according to reviewers, these sticks also work wonders on calcium-covered pool tiles, water marks on tubs and shower doors, rust on grills, and even tea-stained mugs. The secret is the eco-friendly pumice, which removes build-up without scratching porcelain or metal.

21. The Best Way To Save On Books

If you're an avid reader, this one's for you. The new Kindle Paperwhite is waterproof, has a matte screen that prevents eye-strain, lasts for weeks on one charge, and comes with two times the storage, so it's already way more practical and affordable than traditional books. That said, this one also comes with three months of Kindle Unlimited, so you have access to millions of books for free.

22. These Reusable Bags Made From Silicone

For something you throw away after a single use, plastic bags aren't cheap. FecPecu gallon freezer bags, on the other hand, can be washed and reused indefinitely thanks to their extra-thick silicone construction. They're also BPA-free, have a leakproof closure, and are easy to hand-wash thanks to their non-stick surface.

23. A Sponge That's Resistant To Odors & Bacteria

Unlike traditional sponges (which rip, absorb odors, and cling onto food particles), these Peachy Clean sponges are designed for longevity. That's because they're made from peach-scented, non-scratch silicone, which resists the growth of bacteria and rinses clean of build-up and unwanted smells. Reviewers rave that they're saving water, time, effort, and the planet.

24. This $22 iPhone Case That's Entirely Waterproof

The iPhone 7 is by far the most popular phone across the globe, and the iPhone 8 isn't far behind — but they're not necessarily the most durable models. Luckily, this $21 case makes your phone waterproof, dirtproof, snowproof, and shockproof. You can fully submerge it for up to two hours while still using all of its functions, and the reviews section is filled with travelers and extreme athletes who swear by it.

25. A Solution That May Help You Skip The Dry Cleaner

Cashmere, silk, and countless other luxurious fabrics are often so delicate they require dry cleaning, but Eucalan's Delicate Wash may be able to help you skip the dry cleaner. This formula aims to clean your most delicate clothing items without causing wear and tear. It contains fiber restoring lanolin and moth deterring lavender oil, and you don't even need to rinse your clothes after washing them with this pick.

26. This 6-Piece Fitness Kit To Replace Your Gym Membership

This six-in-one set comes with an ab roller, jump rope, hand exerciser, two push-up bars, a knee pad, and a ball massager, all for $25 — and all surprisingly high-quality. "If you integrate all of these into a workout, it becomes a well-rounded program to build up muscles in the back, chest, arms, and core," one reviewer wrote. "I like the kit and the one-time price — no obligation to pay a high gym membership."

27. A Heated Throw Blanket With A Pocket For Your Feet

If you're the type of person who's cold no matter what the thermostat says, this heated throw from Degrees of Comfort could save you some serious money on your heating bill. Rather than jacking up the temperature, choose between three heat settings and cover yourself with luxurious, machine-washable fleece. It comes in seven different colors and even has a pocket for your feet.

28. These Motion-Activated Outdoor Lights That Use Solar Power

Brightening your outdoor space isn't cheap. Good thing Amazon has these lights from BAXIA TECHNOLOGY, which transform solar energy into bright, automatic illumination. They're motion-activated, so they only turn on when they sense movement, and they're durable enough to withstand rain, wind, and outdoor wear.

29. This Hypoallergenic Laundry Set That's Good For 1,000 Washes

This one's great for your bank account and your skin. The SMARTWASHBASICS set comes with two hypoallergenic wash balls that contain ceramic beads and minerals, which remove stains and odors for up to 1,000 washes. It also comes with four wool dryer balls to break up clothing in the machine, soften fabrics without unwanted chemicals, and shorten drying time to save energy.

30. The Roku Express So You Can Finally Cancel Cable

Plug it into virtually any television's HDMI port, and the Roku Express allows you to choose between literally thousands of streaming services, games, and even live TV apps. If you tend to use your Netflix, Hulu, Disney +, and Prime Video accounts more than your cable anyway, reviewers say it felt great to "call [their] cable company and tell them to cancel their over-priced package!"

31. This Filter That Lets You Use Loose Coffee Grounds With Your Keurig

If you have a Keurig (or similar single-brew coffee maker), you know that K-cups cost a fortune — and they're not great for the environment, either. With this DI ORO reusable filter, however, you can use your choice of cost-efficient coffee grounds with your machine. It's easy to wash, works in both Keurig 1.0 and 2.0 brewers, and has a cool gold mesh that filters out the smallest of particles.

32. This Eco-Friendly Alternative To Foil & Plastic Wrap

If you go through foil, plastic wrap, baggies, and disposable storage containers like nobody's business, this one's for you. Bee’s Wrap is eco- and wallet-friendly because it uses cotton, wax, and tree resin to create a plastic-free, reusable alternative. It keeps produce and bread fresher for longer, plus it's an easy way to transport your lunch to and from work.

33. And These Silicone Baking Mats To Replace Parchment Paper

Save money on parchment paper, spray, and aluminum foil while simultaneously protecting your pans. These baking mats are made from oven-safe, BPA-free silicone. As a result, they're extremely easy to clean and create a non-stick surface so cookies, macarons, and even meat slide right off — without the need for greasing. Get four mats in three sizes for just $14.

34. A Shower Adapter That Saves Your Hot Water

"What a great way to save money and water!" one reviewer raved. The Evolve Ladybug adapter won't interfere with your water pressure, but it will help you preserve all the hot water for when you need it. It easily attaches to your existing showerhead and notifies you when the water reaches 95 degrees. After that, you simply pull the tab, and the hot water will start flowing.

35. These Reusable, Sturdy Grocery Bags That Fold Flat

The structured sides prevent your groceries from spilling or getting crushed in the trunk, while the foldable design makes for effortless storage. Then there's the strong, durable fabric and roomy interior, which replace up to 18 plastic shopping bags with every trip. Throw in the convenient side handles and two color options, and it's no wonder Green BD’s reusable bags have a 4.8-star rating.

36. A Fitness Tracker For An Incredible Price

Here's a great example of quality and capability — without the name-brand price: LETSCOM fitness tracker is IP68-level water resistant, automatically syncs to your phone with Bluetooth, and has a seven-day battery life. It also tracks your distance, steps, calories, active minutes, heart rate, and sleep quality, all for $26. Get it in four different colors.

37. The "Greatest Invention Since Velcro"

"Lives up to all hype," one reviewer raved — they even said it's the "greatest invention since Velcro." Available in tons of colors, Sugru is a moldable putty that dries into a waterproof, insulating silicone rubber. As a result, it's an easy way to reinforce cables, patch up holes in shoes, make DIY hooks and handles, fix jewelry and watches, and add non-scratch padding to furniture.

38. An Awesome Slow Cooker With A Chalkboard Exterior

When I decided to start cooking (most) meals at home, I could not believe how fast I was able to start saving money. A slow cooker was my most-used tool in cultivating that habit, and this one from BLACK+DECKER has all the right features. It offers three easy settings, a built-in lid holder, a removable 4-quart stoneware crock, and — not necessary, but awesome — a chalkboard-friendly exterior for notes, decorations, or showcasing the meal of the day.

39. This Kit That Turns Your Phone Into A Near-Professional Camera

Pro photographers use equipment that'll run you hundreds of dollars — but this $25 kit from Godefa gets your smartphone pretty darn close to that level of quality. It comes with various interchangeable lenses that clip right over your phone's camera, not to mention an adjustable tripod and a Bluetooth shutter button so you can snap pictures from several feet away.

40. This Kit So You Can Brew Your Own Kombucha

The probiotic-rich carbonated tea is as popular as it's ever been — and therefore, it's as expensive as it's ever been, too. Rather than spending $5 per bottle, you can now make your own Kombucha at home with this kit. It comes with nearly everything you need to get started, including an organic tea blend, a living culture, and tester strips.

41. A TENS Pulse Massager With Over 10,000 Reviews

"Advil will make less money from me," one reviewer wrote, and thousands agree. This TENS unit uses eight electrotherapy pads to deliver stimulation and pain-relief to any area of the body. The attached remote has pre-set modes and easy-to-read buttons (like back, neck, elbow, and knee), and those with chronic pain say it's easily the "best purchase of [their] life."

42. This Genius Kit That Positions Bottles Upside-Down

Imagine how much product you could save if your lotion, shampoo, and ketchup bottles stood upside-down by themselves. Flip-it! comes with various-sized adapters and two BPA-free squeeze caps that do just that. This way, you can get every last drop and save yourself some serious money on toiletries and condiments. "Life-altering," one reviewer said. "I will never fight with a pump bottle again." Bustle may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Bustle's editorial and sales departments.