42 Soothing AF Amazon Products That Are Game-Changers For Anyone With Anxiety

I'm a big believer in retail therapy as a means to ease myself whenever I'm stressed out. Yes, I know this isn't a long-term solution to dealing with stress, but spending an hour scrolling through products on Amazon really does get my mind off of whatever's keeping me up at night — even if it's just for 20 minutes at a time. But here's the thing: there's a way to do retail therapy that actually does help provide some lasting solutions — and that's by purchasing products that actually work to curb anxious thoughts. And that's what all these soothing AF Amazon products do.

Some of these products work to calm the mind (encouraging a good night's sleep, for example), while others work to calm the body (like soothing inflamed skin or reducing eye puffiness). There's an essential oil inhaler that instantly puts your mind at ease. There's a facial toner that helps soothe skin issues caused by emotional stress. There's a heating pad that's contoured to fit around your shoulders so you can relax muscles that have been holding tension all day.

So if you struggle with anxious feelings (if you are feeling symptoms of anxiety, however, please go to a physician first!) go ahead and indulge in some real retail therapy — the therapeutic benefits of these products will last long after you hit the "place order" button.

Editor's Note: While these products can go a long way in relieving the stress of everyday life, if you have persistent anxiety, experience panic attacks, or exhibit other signs of an anxiety disorder, you should reach out to a health care professional.

1. A Weighted Blanket That Makes You Feel More Secure While You Sleep

YnM Weighted Blanket, $70, Amazon

This weighted blanket will make it feel like you're being hugged as you drift off to dreamland. It's filled with seven layers of hypoallergenic glass beads which are sewn into individual compartments in order to prevent noise or shifting while you sleep. It comes in 13 different colors and a variety of weights — just check the chart in the product description to determine the optimal weight for you.


2. These Bath Salts That Relax The Body And The Mind

Vi-Tae Aromatherapy Bath Salts, $38, Amazon

Unwind after a stressful day with these aromatherapy bath salts. The all-natural formula is made with salts from the Dead Sea, which work to increase circulation while reducing muscle tension. The scent of lavender and chamomile induces feelings of calm, and sage oil restores moisture to the skin.


3. A Fidget Toy That Helps Decrease Stress Levels

Tom's Fidgets Flippy Chain Stress Reducer, $8, Amazon

Use this Flippy Chain stress reducer to distract yourself from anxiety-provoking situations. The rings and cylinders flip over and inside-out which can help increase focus while reducing feelings of stress. The chain is made from stainless steel and — unlike other fidget toys — is completely silent, so you can use it under the table during long work meetings.


4. A Meditative Coloring Book That's Made By An Artist And A Therapist

Color Me Calm Coloring Book, $9, Amazon

Coloring isn't just for kids — it can actually be a meditative exercise that brings you into the present moment through focused energy and tactile awareness. This adult coloring book was co-created by an artist and a therapist and features templates that are known to evoke feelings of relaxation and peace, like wooded scenes, water scenes, and geometric patterns. The creators even recommend using certain colors based on the goals you want to achieve: try warmer shades to increase energy, and cooler shades to unwind.


5. This Nightlight That Projects Stars Onto Your Ceiling

Hontry Starry Nightlight, $25, Amazon

Afraid of the dark? Turn on this starry nightlight. Remove the top cover, and the nightlight will project stars onto the ceiling and walls of your bedroom, transporting you into the tranquility of outer space. It has a built-in timer so you can set it to turn off automatically after a few minutes (or hours), and each model has four color options: warm white, blue, red, and green. Rotate between them or use all four colors at once for a multi-colored galaxy.


6. A Weighted Sleep Mask With Therapeutic Benefits

nodpod Weighted Sleep Mask, $25, Amazon

The gentle pressure from this weighted sleep mask helps induce feelings of calm and relaxation. (The concept is based on a therapeutic approach called "deep pressure touch therapy".) The contoured microbead-filled mask features adjustable straps that lay flat against the head, so they won't bother you while you sleep. One side of the mask is made with jersey cotton to keep your face cool, and the other side is made with fleece to keep your face warm.


7. A Skin Balm Made With Natural Calming Ingredients

Wise Men Calm Balm, $12, Amazon

This stress-relieving calm balm is based on an ancient Egyptian and Ethiopian formula. (Yep, people have been stressed for millennia.) With a base of coconut oil, the balm features lavender, chamomile, and frankincense essential oils — all of which are known to help dial down stress and promote feelings of calm. Massage a little of this into your temples or add a dab below your nose before you turn in for the night.


8. An Essential Oil Inhaler For Instant Relaxation

Nutrovape Relaxation Inhaler, $10, Amazon

Reach for this relaxation inhaler anytime you feel your stress levels rising. Simply spray the nano-mist and inhale deeply — because the essential oils and vitamins will be absorbed directly into your bloodstream. The formula is made from a variety of relaxing essential oils like lemon balm, chamomile, passionflower, and valerian root extract. The inhaler is also a great tool for anyone looking to quit smoking.


9. An Electric Head Massager That Relaxes You With Vibrations

Tezam Head Massager, $14, Amazon

We normally associate muscle tension with the neck and shoulders, but a lot of tension can be found in the head as well. (Something you probably know if you've ever experienced a scalp massage.) This electric head massager can help ease that. The massager has five rounded fingers that vibrate, helping to reduce tension and stimulate circulation (and even promote hair growth when used on the scalp). Use it anywhere on your head, including your forehead.


10. An Essential Oil Blend To Majorly Ease Anxiety

Eden's Garden Anxiety Ease, $13, Amazon

This anxiety essential oil blend is made with three powerhouse oils: ylang ylang, which has sedative properties, sweet orange, which promotes feelings of happiness, and lemongrass, which fights inflammation and promotes gastrointestinal health. The therapeutic-grade oils are free of fillers and additives, and they're steam-distilled and stored in dark, temperature-sensitive rooms to help preserve the integrity of the ingredients.


11. A Liquid Magnesium Supplement That Soothes Muscles And Calms Nerves

Hi-Lyte Liquid Magnesium Supplement, $25, Amazon

Magnesium plays an integral role in the body, and when your body's store get depleted, you're likely to experience poor sleep, jangled nerves, a weakened immune system, and increased muscle tension. In other words, your stress can be made worse if you lack adequate magnesium. Replenish your body's stores with this liquid magnesium supplement. The magnesium is sourced from the salt lakes in Utah, and — because it's in liquid form — is easily absorbed by the body. The supplement is vegan, GMO-free, and gluten-free.


12. This Kitty Eye Mask That Helps Relieve Tired Eyes

NEWGO Cooling Eye Mask, $12, Amazon

Stress can mean sleepless nights and pounding headaches. Slip on this cooling eye mask to help relieve head pain and reduce eye redness and dark circles. (Plus, that kitty cat design is bound to cheer you up.) The mask is filled with medical-grade gel beads, and features a fabric backing that's soft against your skin. And if cats aren't your thing? Opt for the owl mask or panda mask instead.


13. This Chakra-Balancing Aromatherapy Bracelet

Top Plaza Essential Oil Bracelet, $13, Amazon

Diamonds might be someone's best friend, but they won't make you feel nearly as calm and balanced as this essential oil bracelet. The bracelet is strung with black beads made from lava rock, which is a natural essential oil diffuser. Dab your go-to essential oil onto the beads for all-day aromatherapy benefits. The bracelet is also strung with seven Chakra-balancing beads: amethyst, lapis lazuli, synthetic green turquoise, jasper, tiger eye, amber, and red agate.


14. A Skin-Nourishing And Mind-Soothing Bubble Bath

Calily Rosemary and Mint Bubble Bath, $15, Amazon

A long soak in the bath is one of the easiest ways to practice self-care, and you can maximize your self-care efforts with this rosemary and mint bubble bath. Rosemary is known to relieve stress and improve cognitive function, while peppermint works to balance and soothe the skin. The addition of aloe vera means you're getting major hydration benefits, too, and the formula is hypoallergenic and suitable for sensitive skin.


15. An Essential Oil Diffuser For Your Car

InnoGear Car Essential Oil Diffuser, $20, Amazon

This car essential oil diffuser is USB-rechargeable and fits perfectly into your car cup holder. Just fill it with water, a few drops of essential oil, and turn on. You can choose between continuous or intermittent misting, as well as an array of seven LED colors (for a little mood lighting on your drive). There's an automatic shut-off feature so it stop operating once the water runs low. Use the diffuser to energize yourself before a big day, or to remain calm in the thick of freeway traffic.


16. A Soothing Tea Made From... Mushrooms

Four Sigma Reishi Mushroom Tea, $25 (20 Pack), Amazon

Chill out by drinking hot tea — specifically this Reishi mushroom tea. Reishi mushrooms have properties that help promote restful sleep and feelings of peace. The tea also contains tulsi for maximum stress relief. And if you're worried it might taste... weird? Don't worry — rose hips and mint round out the earthiness with a fresh, floral flavor.


17. A Mindfulness Journal That Helps You Take Life Less Seriously

Zen As F*ck Mindfulness Journal, $11, Amazon

If you find yourself rolling your eyes at the idea of mindfulness and meditation, but still want the benefits of these activities — this mindfulness journal is for you. The profanity-laced journal has a ton of guided positive affirmations and cathartic activities to help you relax. The best part? It doesn't take itself too seriously, so you might find that after using it for awhile — you start taking things a little seriously too.


18. This Super Satisfying Stretchy Putty

Crazy Aaron's Thinking Putty, $15, Amazon

Sometimes the best forms of meditation come through activity —like taking a run or playing strategy games. This thinking putty capitalizes on that fact, but requires a lot less involvement and energy. The putty can be stretched and molded with your hands, providing a tactile, soothing distraction. The coolest part? The non-toxic putty actually glows in the dark.


19. A Worry Stone You Can Keep In Your Pocket

Top Plaza Worry Stone, $9, Amazon

Keep this worry stone in your pocket and rub the indentation with your thumb anytime you feel your anxiety rising. The rubbing can help release tension while the smooth surface of the stone provides a soothing sensation. Choose from different stones like amethyst, rose quartz, black obsidian, or lapis lazuli.


20. This Salt Lamp That Promotes Feelings Of Positivity

Levoit Himalayan Salt Lamp, $16, Amazon

This salt lamp adds a cozy glow to any room, but it does so much more than that. The Himalayan-sourced salt rocks actually emit negative ions which — contrary to what you might think — induce feelings of positivity and well-being. The salt lamp features a dimmer so you can adjust the brightness.


21. A Heating Pad That Fits Perfectly On Your Shoulders

TheraPAQ Neck and Shoulder Heating Pad, $37, Amazon

Heating pads are a great way to soothe sore muscles, but they can be incredibly awkward to maneuver around the neck and shoulders, where a lot of tension gets held. Enter this neck and shoulder heating pad. The contoured heating pad fits easily around your neck, so you don't have to bunch it up or hold in place with your hands. Filled with natural, odorless clay beads, the pad can be heated up in the microwave. You can also keep it in the freezer for some cooling relief.


22. A Pillow Meant Specifically For Your Eyes

Eye Pillow Vacation Eye Pillow, $15, Amazon

Lie down, put this eye pillow over your eyes to block out any light, and take a brief time-out from life. The satin cover is silky smooth on the skin, and the flax seeds inside provide light pressure to the eyes, helping to reduce swelling and relieve headache pain.


23. This Versatile Lavender Aromatherapy Spray

Luna Lifestyle Lavender Aromatherapy Spray, $14, Amazon

Lavender is, without a doubt, one of the most sought-after essential oils, and for good reason. Lavender is known to ease muscle aches, lower blood pressure, promote deep sleep, and induce feelings of calm and relaxation. And you can get all those awesome benefits with this lavender aromatherapy spray. The spray can be used just about anywhere: use it as an air freshener, spray it on your pillow before bed, or spritz a little on your yoga mat before you begin your practice.


24. A Fidget Toy That Fits In Your Pocket

Möbii Fidget Ball, $20, Amazon

This fidget ball is a great way to keep your fingers busy so that you don't focus too much on your stress. The rings are woven together, and they can be rotated and spun to your heart's content. The fidget ball is small enough to fit in your pocket, and the vibrant colors are sure to inject a dose of happiness into your day.


25. A Therapeutic Journal To Help You Cope With Anxiety

Rodale Books Anxiety Journal, $17, Amazon

This anxiety journal is the next-best-thing to daily therapy sessions. Written by a psychologist, the journal helps you identify triggers that make your anxiety worse. It then equips you with tools and techniques you can use to counteract that anxiety, so that you can begin to live more confidently and peacefully.


26. A Meditation Chair That Helps Support Your Back

bonVIVO Meditation Chair, $50, Amazon

Striking a meditation pose can be difficult if you struggle with back pain, and all that aching can be a distraction from your practice. However, this meditation chair allows you to sit cross-legged while still getting the back support you need. Made with durable foam, the chair is a perfect balance between soft and firm. It locks in a 90-degree position while you're sitting on it, but folds up flat for easy storage.


27. These Stress Balls With Motivational Quotes

Stress Less Stress Balls, $9 (3 Pack), Amazon

Squeeze one of these stress balls when you find yourself in the midst of a stressful situation. The super squishy balls are a great way to release pent-up tension, and they each feature a motivational quote that'll help you keep you feeling calm. Keep one in your purse, one in your desk drawer, and one on your bedside table.


28. A Massage Roller To Ease Foot Tension

TheraFlow Foot Massage Roller, $11, Amazon

Relax your feet at the end of a long day with this foot massage roller. The nubs and grooves on the rollers help stimulate circulation while relieving soreness and tension. The dual rollers mean you can massage both feet at once: It's perfect if you run, work on your feet, or if you struggle with foot pain caused by high arches or plantar fasciitis.


29. These Cute And Squishy Stress Relievers

Eutreec Squishy Animals, $7 (4 Pack), Amazon

Okay, we can't all have kittens at our work desks, but we can have these squishy animals — which are actually pretty therapeutic. Squeezing these soft kitties is super cathartic and a great way to dial down the stress. Plus who can resist those sleepy faces?


30. A Punching Ball You Can Keep On Your Desk

Tech Tools Desktop Punching Ball, $20, Amazon

The printer won't work. You have to work overtime. Your computer keeps freezing again and again. Keep this desktop punching ball around for moments just like these. The resilient ball can withstand punch after punch, and the spring will keep it coming back for more. It attaches easily to any flat surface, and comes with an air pump so you can easily blow it up. So go ahead — vent away with your fists.


31. A Candle That Gives You Peace Of Mind

Chesapeake Bay Balance + Harmony Candle, $15, Amazon

Candles add a nice bit of ambiance to any room, but the aromas from this candle can actually evoke feelings of emotional balance and harmony. The soy candle is primarily scented with water lily and pear, but also includes notes like bergamot, jasmine, and rosewood. The candle is placed in frosted glass jar and can burn for up to 68 hours.


32. An Acupressure Mat That's Cheaper Than Acupuncture

Acupoint Acupressure Mat and Pillow, $24, Amazon

Money spent on acupuncture sessions can add up, but this acupressure mat and pillow is relatively affordable. The mat and pillow feature discs with thousands of acupressure nubs that gently dig into your body's pressure points. This can help relieve pain, boost circulation, and promote endorphin production.


33. A White Noise Machine So You Can Let "Ocean Waves" Lull You To Sleep

Homedics White Noise Sound Machine, $19, Amazon

If things that go bump in the night scare the bejeezus out of you, you might want to check out this white noise sound machine. There are six different sounds to choose from: thunder, ocean, rain, summer night, brook, and traditional white noise. You can keep the machine on continuously, or set it to turn off after 15, 30, or 60 minutes. The machine is also portable, so you can take it with you while traveling if you have a hard time falling asleep in new places.


34. These Memory Foam Sleep Masks That Won't Ruin Your Eye Makeup

PrettyCare 3-D Sleep Masks, $15 (2 Pack), Amazon

Sleep masks are a must on long flights (especially if you're anxious about flying), but you inevitably wake up with mascara all over your face. These 3-D sleep masks, though, feature cavities so they never make direct contact with your eyelids. Made with dense memory foam, the sleep masks feature adjustable straps, so they won't dig into your head. Bonus: the masks come with a set of earplugs so you don't have to listen to that guy snoring the next seat over.


35. A Floral Makeup Remover That Soothes Sensitive Skin

Klorane Water Flower Makeup Remover, $24, Amazon

If your anxiety makes itself known on your skin (think: redness and acne), this water flower makeup remover is for you. It's formulated with cornflower, which has soothing and decongesting properties. The makeup remover also doubles as a cleanser and toner, so you don't have to spend extra bucks on multiple products. This reviewer writes: "I have sensitive skin and it's not easy to find an effective makeup remover that's gentle and not oily. This works! ... Leaves my skin feeling super soft." The hypoallergenic cleanser is alcohol-, fragrance-, and paraben-free.


36. This Aromatherapy Inhaler That'll Dial Down The Stress

Earth Solutions Stress Ease Inhaler, $6, Amazon

Heart racing? Can't sleep? Hold your nose over this aromatherapy inhaler and breathe in deeply — the scents will immediately fill you with a sense of calm. The inhaler is formulated with a base of jojoba oil and contains the following essential oils: bergamot to ease feelings of sadness, orange to reduce stress, patchouli to promote relaxation, jasmine to boost tranquility, and lavender to refresh and balance.


37. A Facial Steamer For At-Home Spa Sessions

okachi gliya Facial Steamer, $70, Amazon

If only it was possible to indulge in a spa day every time we felt anxiou — well, now you can bring the spa into your own home with this facial steamer. Just fill the reservoir with clean water and turn on: The ceramic heating element will turn the water into micro-fine particles that easily penetrate the skin and open up pores. There's even a sanitizing UV light the mist passes through to ensure the steam is extra-clean.


38. A Light That Projects The Ocean Onto Your Ceiling

Aurora Master Ocean Projector, $20, Amazon

If nothing calms you like the sight of the ocean, this ocean projector is for you. When lit up in a dark room, it projects the image of a gently moving body of water onto the walls and ceiling. The projector has a built-in speaker hook-up, so you can play music while you float off to sleep.


39. These Steam Eye Masks That Relieve Tired Eyes

Essencell Steam Eye Mask, $14 (10 Pack), Amazon

If you spent all day staring at a computer screen at work, put this heated eye mask on when you get home. When the mask makes contact with the skin, it produces a gentle warmth and steam that relieves dry eyes, hydrates the skin, reduces puffiness, and increases circulation.


40. A Massager For Your Fingers

Gaiam Finger Massager, $10, Amazon

This finger massager is a great tool for loosening up stiff hands and relieving joint pain. One side of the massager features two small rollers that sandwich individual fingers for a focused finger massage, and the other side features a larger roller meant to target pressure points on the hand. The massager even comes with an exercise guide so you can get the most targeted relief possible.


41. These "Globes" That Calm An Irritated Complexion

Allegra Magic Globes, $42, Amazon

It's not uncommon for stress to show up on the skin. If that happens for you, these magic globes are about to become your new best friends. Store them in the freezer, then roll them along your face for two to six minutes. The cool, rolling action will increase circulation, oxygenate the skin, reduce redness, calm irritation, and promote firmness. They can even help relieve sinus tension or pain.


42. A Cute Planner That Actually Helps You Reflect On Your Day

Allegra Panda Planner, $38, Amazon

First things first: anything with a panda on it — this planner for example — is bound to make you feel better. But this planner isn't just cute. It's designed to help you streamline your life, far beyond keeping track of appointments. There's space in the planner to help you set goals, reflect on your day, and plan out tasks step by step so they don't overwhelm you.

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