42 Series With Over 30 Episodes That You Can Stream During The UK Lockdown

by Sam Ramsden, Aoife Hanna and Niellah Arboine

With an abundance of streaming platforms at our fingertips, the television landscape can at times feel overwhelming. Subscription-based services including Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Now TV, offer users a colossal library of content, which are bursting at the seams with a brilliant range of dramas, comedies, sitcoms, and more. However, although many of us struggle to power through our desired watch-list, now feels like a perfect opportunity to catch-up on any series we've been meaning to get around to — and here are all the stream-worthy TV shows you can watch right now in the UK.

Of course, quantity doesn't always translate to quality. However, the wide-variety of shows currently available to enjoy on both streaming and on-demand platforms include some of television's finest exports. From classic sitcoms including Seinfeld and Absolutely Fabulous, to intense dramas such as Peaky Blinders and The Affair, and much, much more, you're sure to find something to suit your tastes. So, if you're ready to invest your time delving into a brand new show, here are the very best TV series with more than 30 episodes to watch in the UK — all of which can be found on Netflix, Amazon Prime, Now TV, All 4, and BBC iPlayer.

Available on Netflix

'The Crown', 30 episodes

Historical drama The Crown is based on the reign of Queen Elizabeth II. Each series of the Netflix original centres around a different period of Her Majesty's life, and by doing so, reimagines some of the most notable moments in the history of the British royal family.

'Peaky Blinders', 30 Episodes

Set during the aftermath of the First World War, BBC crime-drama Peaky Blinders follows a renowned and intimidating gangster family, who are led by their highly-ambitious crime boss, Thomas Shelby.

'Mad Men', 92 Episodes

One of the most stylish programmes ever to grace our screens, Mad Men is set New York's ruthless advertising world during the '60s. Don Draper is the impossibly handsome antihero of the show which shows the glamorous yet troubling lives of Madison Avenue's ad men.

'Breaking Bad', 60 Episodes

That show that hooked fans from start to finish might well have been put on the back burner but now's the time to get to it. All about a science teacher who goes a little to the left of his chosen career and falls down the rabbit hole into the murky world of drug dealing.

'Prison Break', 90 Episodes

What would happen if your sibling was in jail for a crime they didn't commit? Get a huge tattoo of the blueprints of the jail on your back, get yourself put in prison, and help break them out? God no way me neither, just call a lawyer for goodness sake. It does however make for some seriously white knuckle viewing however and is an absolute must.

'The Big Bang Theory', 279 Episodes

A comedy about a group of highly intelligent and nerdy scientists and their daily lives. Filled with lots of geeky, awkward, and sweet moments, it's light entertainment that's sure to lift your spirits.

'American Horror Story', 94 Episodes

American Horror Story is as stylish and beautifully told as it is deliciously creepy. In this anthology series, each season is its own world, so you can start with whichever looks the most intriguing. From Haunted House and Asylum, to Circus, AHS brings it back every season and never fails to disappoint.

'Doctor Who', 147 Episodes

Sci fi fans need only to hear the word Doctor to be whisked off to Galifrey in a spaceship cleverly disguised as an old police box. Netflix has the first ten series of the newer generation of Doctor Who.

'It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia', 154 Episodes

A sitcom about a group of five misfits who work and hang out in an unsuccessful Irish pub in South Philadelphia. Each episode sees the characters hatch all sorts of elaborate schemes that are usually at each other's expense. Most importantly, Danny Devito is in this show. I probably should have opened with that.

'Once Upon A Time', 155 Episodes

Once Upon A Time focuses on the daughter of Snow White and Prince Charming and the town where she lives in which everyone is a fairytale character. Sounds simple and magical enough right? Well in actual fact none of the people actually know that they are fairytale characters and as the story develops — stuff gets complicated very quickly.

Available on NOW TV

'Game of Thrones', 73 Episodes

HBO's Game of Thrones reimagines George R. R. Martin's epic fantasy novel series. During the show's eight-year reign, the award-winning drama became one of HBO's most-watched dramas ever, and if you (somehow) haven't seen it yet, I advise you steer clear from any pesky spoilers.

'The Affair', 53 Episodes

Depicting the emotional effects of extramarital relationships, this Golden Globe award-winning drama follows a school teacher's affair with a waitress at his local diner — which as you might've predicted, goes on to have devastating consequences for everyone involved.

'The Walking Dead', 139 Episodes

Based on the comic book series of the same name, The Walking Dead takes place within post-apocalyptic America, and follows a group of survivors as they fight to stay alive during a nationwide Zombie infestation.

'Peep Show', 54 Episodes

With funnymen David Mitchell and Robert Webb at the helm, Channel 4's Peep Show centres around two extremely dysfunctional best friends, who do their best to tolerate one another whilst flat-sharing in London.

'The Sopranos', 86 Episodes

Centred around Italian-American mobster Joe Soprano, this award-winning U.S. crime drama portrays the difficulties of balancing family life with a New Jersey-based criminal organisation.

'Modern Family', 247 Episodes

Mockumentary sitcom Modern Family documents the lives of four intertwined, but very different families — each of whom reside within the suburbs of Los Angeles.

'True Blood', 80 Episodes

True Blood follows Sookie Stackhouse, a telepathic waitress, as she falls in love with a local vampire. Set in Louisiana, vampires are no longer in hiding and encouraged to drink synthetic blood rather than dine on their human neighbours. It’s sexy, sordid, and very Southern - a far cry from Twilight.

'Law & Order SVU', 474 Episodes

Set within a fictional NYC Police Department, Law & Order: Special Victims Unit follows SVU detectives as they investigate some of the darkest crimes to emerge from New York City's underworld.

'30 Rock', 138 Episodes

Penned by Saturday Night Live's Tina Fey, satirical sitcom 30 Rock follows the bizarre backstage hijinks of a fictional U.S. sketch comedy show. The series enjoyed a string of impressive accolades throughout its time on the air, and is responsible for some of the most quotable lines in recent memory (Rural Juror, anyone?).

'Veep', 65 Episodes

Although politics can oftentimes feel like a parody itself, U.S. comedy Veep hilariously depicts the cut-throat American political climate. The series takes place within a fictional Vice President's office, and with the help of her team, VP Selina Meyer works tirelessly to elevate her career and legacy.

'The Hills', 102 Episodes

Over the past two decades, the reality TV genre has become somewhat overcrowded. However, one of the original reality gems to emerge was MTV's The Hills. The series follows Laguna Beach star Lauren Conrad as she moves on up to the Hollywood Hills — and luckily for us, drama appears to follow the California cool kid wherever she goes.

'Sex & The City', 92 Episodes

Following the show's initial run, HBO's Sex & The City became nothing short of a pop culture phenomenon. With a cast led by the effortlessly stylish Sarah Jessica Parker, the comedy-drama follows a group of four New York City women, as they navigate through increasingly complicated love, work and family lives.

'Entourage', 96 Episodes

U.S. drama Entourage documents the shenanigans of A-list movie star Vincent Chase, who along with his group of childhood buddies, attempts to further his status and acting career in the city of Los Angeles.

'Broad City', 50 Episodes

Based on the independent web series of the same name, Broad City centres around twenty-something best friends Ilana and Abbi, as the pair breeze through life in New York City in their own unique, and unconventional way.

'The Wire', 60 Episodes

The ins-and-outs of the Baltimore drug scene are explored from the perspective of both criminals and law enforcement in this gripping U.S. crime-drama.

Available on Amazon Prime

'Parks & Recreation', 125 Episodes

The comedic talents of Amy Poehler are at the forefront of this hilarious U.S. sitcom, which takes places within the Parks Department of a fictional U.S. town, known as Pawnee.

'Teachers', 40 Episodes

The Channel 4 comedy-drama Teachers takes place within the fictional Summerdown Comprehensive, and follows a group of secondary school educators as they attempt to manage the trials and tribulations of their everyday lives.

'Benidorm', 74 Episodes

Nothing quite captures the essence of Brits abroad than ITV's Benidorm. As the title suggests, the comedy is based within the Spanish resort city, and follows the hilarious hijinks of holidaymakers and staff at the all-inclusive Solana Hotel.

'House', 177 Episodes

Starring Blackadder's Hugh Laurie, U.S. medical drama House centres on an unconventional doctor at the fictional Princeton–Plainsboro Teaching Hospital — and due to his irreverent ways, Dr. House often winds up butting-heads with fellow colleagues and patients.

'Wild at Heart', 65 Episodes

ITV's powerful Wild at Heart follows a Bristol-based veterinary surgeon, who with his entire family in tow, makes the life-changing move to South Africa where he attempts to revamp a game reserve for wild animals into a surgery and hospital.

Available on All 4

'Seinfeld', 180 Episodes

Starring Jerry Seinfeld as a fictionalised version of himself, this classic '90s sitcom centres around a stand-up comedian and his group of pals in Manhattan's affluent Upper West Side.

'ER', 331 Episodes

The series widely regarded as the mother of all medical dramas is set within the emergency room of a fictional Chicago hospital. In addition to some truly gripping storylines and intense scenes, ER is also credited for introducing George Clooney to the world — and for that, we're eternally grateful.

'Misfits', 37 Episodes

E4's sci-fi drama Misfits follows a group of young offenders, who after being sentenced to carry out community service, each pick-up supernatural powers during an unusual electrical storm.

'90210', 114 Episodes

Get stuck into the all American teen drama played by actors who look like they left school a long, long time ago. It's a remake of the '90s versions, following a group of friends in Beverly Hills through family dramas, heartbreak, and school life. With five seasons, there's loads to enjoy.

'Skins', 61 Episodes

E4's Skins was a staple of many people's teenage years. The Bristol-set comedy-drama centres around a group of youngsters during their time at sixth form. The series eventually went on to spawn a U.S. spin-off, however, the original British interpretation is the best place to start.

'Dawson's Creek', 128 Episodes

This quintessential '90s teen drama is based around four close-knit friends who reside within the small U.S. coastal town, Dawson's Creek. Starring James Van Der Beek, Michelle Williams, and Katie Holmes, the series follows the group throughout their adolescence years — and the legendary theme tune alone is worth tuning in for.

Available on BBC iPlayer

'Spooks', 86 Episodes

BBC spy-thriller Spooks follows a group of MI5 officers who work to protect the nation within their top-secret London headquarters, referred to as The Grid.

'Call The Midwife', 60 episodes

Period drama with a whole lot of heart and real talk, Call The Midwife is about a group of midwives working in London's disadvantaged East End during the '50s and '60s. Although the show has lots of lovely and light parts to it, they also tackle tough issues from the time like racism in a rapidly changing community, homophobia, and Thalidomide poisoning of unborn babies.

'Outnumbered', 35 Episodes

You'll struggle to find a series which manages to depict British family life as brilliantly as Outnumbered. The BBC sitcom centres around the Brockman family, whose two parents regularly find themselves overwhelmed by a trio of mischievous children.

'Absolutely Fabulous', 39 Episodes

Written by Jennifer Saunders, who also stars in the series, the legendary BBC sitcom Absolutely Fabulous follows the eccentric and chaotic lives of PR agent Edina Monsoon and her partner in crime, Patsy Stone.

'Inside No. 9', 31 Episodes

The BBC anthology series Inside No. 9 expertly combines humour and darker themes. Although every episode features different stories, characters, and settings, each tale winds up sharing one common factor: the number 9.

'Episodes', 41 Episodes

Starring Matt LeBlanc as, well, Matt LeBlanc, Episodes follows a married couple who embark on a new life in Hollywood, with the goal of remaking their highly-successful British TV series in the states.