43 Things That Make Your Home Look & Feel Way More Luxurious For Under $30 On Amazon

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Creating a lavish living space doesn't always have to put a huge dent in your wallet. As someone who likes to relax with cozy throws and indulge in scented candles, I've learned there are many things under $30 on Amazon to make your home way more luxurious.

Do you want to add a little more texture to your bedroom or living room? Satin or velvet pillowcases are both sophisticated-looking and super affordable. For scents and aromas, adding a simple essential oil diffuser can immediately make any room way more relaxing.

When it comes to your kitchen, a cast iron skillet makes food taste great — and it has a pro-chef appearance while it's sitting on your stove. Adding stainless steel appliances is also a great way to make your home look sleek and elegant.

For your bathroom, items like a rainfall shower head or an automatic soap dispenser can give your home that spa-like feeling. Finally, a plush bathrobe can heighten that staycation-vibe even more.

Although these products can get expensive, there are a few hidden gems on Amazon that are actually really cost-effective. When things are reasonably priced, you can let yourself get as creative as you want with your home makeover.

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