45 Cult-Favorite Beauty Products Most Added To Amazon Wishlists

by Ellie Nan Storck

Ah, Amazon wishlists. Why do you taunt me so? These cult-favorite beauty products most added to Amazon wishlists are generally coveted items lots of reviewers swear by — which makes them incredibly tempting to purchase. Whether or not you're scrolling through brilliant beauty products that you know you'll buy at some point, or are just hoping that the items you put in your wishlist will magically appear on your doorstep (on account of some odd, once-in-a-lifetime credit card malfunction — you guys envision that, too, right?) these are the beauty products that are turning the heads of Amazon shoppers all over the world.

From advanced serums that use unexpected ingredients like snail mucus and caffeine for glow-inducing results, to tried and true products like a spot-blasting drying lotion, you may just have to add some of these stellar beauty products to your collection.

So we say: go ahead. Treat yourself. Indulge in the satisfaction of moving that special item from the wishlist to the shopping cart, and pressing "proceed to checkout." Whether it's just one of these cult-favorites that strikes your fancy, or a collection that will re-vamp your skincare routine, we think you'll get some enjoyment out of this whole wishlist experience — and make some of those wishes a reality.


A 4-In-1 Hydrating Cream That Has 5-Star Ratings From Almost 80 Percent Of Reviewers

"Definitely a Holy Grail product everyone needs to have," reads one Amazon review of this concentrated moisturizing cream — a cream that many other reviewers call the best moisturizer on the market. So, what exactly makes it different? Utilizing a combination of natural hydrators like shea butter, aloe vera, beeswax, and soy proteins, this gentle yet effective cream packs a real punch. Not only does it make an excellent face lotion for all skin types, but it can also be used as a creamy makeup remover and a post-shave skin soother.


A Powerful Skin Essence That Uses Snail Mucus To Protect And Hydrate Skin

The main ingredient in this revitalizing essence? Snail mucus. That's right — this powerful, fast-acting essence is chock full of ooey-gooey snail mucin, which protects the skin from drying out, providing a rich, lasting moisture that keeps the skin's surface smooth and dewey. And not only is it effective in the hydration department; tons of reviewers have cited the product for its incredible acne-and scar-healing abilities. Many also provide helpful before-and-after photos, so you can see the impressive results yourself.


A Liquid Exfoliant That Uses Salicylic Acid To Dramatically Cleanse Pores

This gentle liquid exfoliant uses a key ingredient to create a glowing, even-surfaced appearance for all skin types, while giving you an extra collagen boost and unclogging pores. Say goodbye to those pesky blemishes thanks to 2 percent beta hydroxy acid (often known as salicylic acid), which helps the skin to shed layers and clear dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells from pores, resulting in a youthful, radiant glow. And don't worry — just because the product helps to clear skin, doesn't mean it will dry it out. You can expect both hydration and exfoliation when using this cleanser.


An Acne Treatment That Shows Results 7 Times Faster Without Drying Skin — And Is Totally Natural And Safe

Think of this tea tree oil cream as a spot treatment extraordinaire. Made from powerful acne-fighting tea tree oil, hydrating shea butter and hyaluronic acid, and a combination of other naturally beneficial oils (like rosehip seed and olive oils), this cream works hard to combat acne spots, scars, and blemishes. Tea tree oil is naturally antibacterial, and thus can effectively disinfect pores while drying up pimples, blackheads, and whiteheads. The process won't harm your skin, because there are no harsh chemicals on this ingredient list, and you can expect the cream to hydrate, hydrate, hydrate, thanks to those rich and natural oils.


A Extraordinary Serum That Uses Caffeine To Reduce Eye Puffiness

Who knew that caffeine was good for way more than your morning wakeup call? Despite its name, there's nothing ordinary about this unique formula serum, which utilizes a 5 percent caffeine solution to effectively reduce eye puffiness and dark circles. One happy reviewer (of which there are many!) even called it "a wonder in a bottle."


A Skin-Healing Ointment Made From Local Papaw Fruit In Australia

This is one of those universal ointments that has fast-acting abilities, thanks to a special ingredient: the papaw (papaya) fruit. Made from pure, local papaws in Australia, the ointment can be applied to any sort of blemish — it's safe to use on cracked, dry skin, rashes, cysts, and even burns or scars. The fruit has healing properties, and it also acts as a natural cleanser, skin calmer, and remedial aid.


A Rosy Deodorant Spray That Uses All-Natural Essential Oils

Thanks to the strong essential oils in this natural deodorant spray, you can apply a couple spritzes under each arm for a fresh rosy scent throughout the day, without worrying about putting chemicals or aluminum on your skin. One reviewer raves: "Before this I was using clinical strength Secret (not a secret, that's its name) and was very hesitant to buy something that was only a deodorant — BUT IT WORKS. Shocked. It's great."


An SPF 50 Sunscreen That Uses Hydrating Ingredients To Provide Long-Lasting Moisture, Even After A Swim

The combination of hydrating hyaluronic acid, royal jelly extract, and refreshing citrus mix makes this SPF 50 waterproof sunscreen not only superbly useful and effective when it comes to sun protection (one of the most important parts of maintaining healthy skin!), but a real treat, thanks to its moisturizing properties. It leaves no white cast behind, and reviewers say it dries matte and is fantastic for especially sensitive skin.


A Pack Of 10 Face Masks That Use Aloe To Provide Rich Hydration While Calming Skin

There is something really special about aloe vera. Not only does it calm irritation and relieve the likes of sunburn, but it's also both a refreshing and totally hydrating way to show skin some extra love. These hydrating face masks are chock full of aloe, and when applied for 20 to 30 minutes (use that time to relax!), it will leave skin revitalized and packed with moisture.


A Multi-Purpose, Dermatologist-Recommended Oil That Visibly Reduces The Appearance Of Marks And Scars

I have a friend who is completely addicted to Bio-Oil, and eventually, after I fell and ended up with a huge scar, she convinced me to give it a try. And gosh, am I happy that I did. Clinically proven to reduce the appearance of marks, this dermatologist-recommended oil is a hypoallergenic, non-greasy formula that helps to even skin tone and effectively reduce unwanted marks or scars. In fact, it's even the leading product of its kind in 18 countries. And — yes, there's more — it can also be used as a facial oil (I found it super hydrating for thirsty skin). I only wish I'd started using it earlier!


A Minty Fresh Mask That Dries Up Blemishes And Cleans Pores

Almost 70 percent of Amazon reviewers gave this minty mask five stars, lauding it for its "heavenly" smell, and its ability to combat excess oil and clear pores, effectively washing away blackheads. One reviewer writes: "'I've used this for years and couldn't find it anywhere in stores! Hail Amazon for saving the day. I put this stuff on a breakout and the next day its either gone or half the size, and my skin in buttery smooth."


A Gentle Exfoliation Treatment That Uses Tiny Crystals From Brazil And France To Create Smooth, Radiant Skin

What's not to love about rubbing crystals all over your face and body? This spa-quality treatment uses a pharmaceutical-grade formula made of aluminum oxide microdermabrasion crystals to reduce the appearance of scars, combat acne, and essentially leave skin (face or body) totally polished, with a soft, luminous glow. The company — as well as happy reviewers — recommend adding the fine powder to a cleanser or soap for in-shower exfoliation. You can even add it to your favorite cream for leave-on application.


An Organic, Vegan Oil Formula That Contains Only Four Raw Oils For Intense, Natural Hydration

This luscious Ancient Greek remedy oil contains some of the most powerfully hydrating natural oils out there. The combination of olive, lavender, almond, and grapeseed oils with rich vitamin E yields a natural, revitalizing moisturizer. You can even use it pretty much anywhere — hair, face, body, nails and cuticles, feet — and you can rest easy knowing that it contains only those four organic, cold-pressed oils.


A Buttery, Hydrating Hair Mask That Provides Long-Lasting Moisture And Protection To Your Locks

Made with glycerine and a salon-grade, concentrated protein complex, this replenishing hair mask fiercely nourishes and protects hair for long-lasting, binding moisture. Just comb the buttery formula through your hair from roots to tips and leave on for 3 to 5 minutes before washing out. Hair will immediately feel smoother and stronger.


A Foundation For Sensitive Skin That Provides Powerful Protection From The Sun While Moisturizing And Blending

This foundation cream isn't just your usual blendable base color: it contains super-protective titanium dioxide sunscreen and broad spectrum SPF 30, so you can expect full coverage, long-lasting moisture, an even skin tone, and protection from damaging UV rays. The formula is completely fragrance-free, and great for sensitive skin — and it comes in 20 colors to match everyone.


A Texturing Spray That Creates Incredible Volume And Doubles As Dry Shampoo

The hunt for fuller, textured hair seems never ending. Enter ORIBE texturing spray, which provides buildable volume and touchable texture to your locks in just a few spritzes. The company even recommends using it in place of dry shampoo; you just shake, spray, and finger through your hair for long-lasting style, texture, and volume. One reviewer writes: "Hands down the BEST product I have ever purchased. IN. MY. LIFE!"


A 2-in-1 Hair Straightening Brush That Smoothes, De-Frizzes, And Straightens All At Once

With adjustable heat settings all the way up to 446 degrees, this straightener brush detangles while it effectively straightens hair. It has anti-static technology and a metal ceramic heater, and it'll smooth hair into touchable, silky tresses while combating frizz and knots along the way. The brush even comes with a convenient heat-protecting glove and a little travel bag.


A Rose Water Spray That Is Just As Delightfully Refreshing As It Is Pure And Organic

Rosewater is one of those natural ingredients that the earth hands to us and says, "here, you can do everything with this." Not only is this revitalizing Moroccan rose spray 100 percent pure and organic, it's a terrific toner. It unclogs and tightens pores, helps to restore your skin's pH balance, reduces irritation and inflammation, and it keeps skin hydrated. Plus — it smells divine.


A Nail Cream That Strengthens, Protects, And Conditions Nails And Cuticles

For over 25 years, this Hard As Hood nail strengthening cream has been providing users with a rich formula that makes your nails, well, hard as hooves. The formula not only builds and strengthens the proteins in your nails, but it also conditions your cuticles and the skin around your nails, preventing cracked and dry skin. Jojoba oil and essential vitamins pack a serious strengthening punch — and it smells like delicious coconut.


A Mascara That Creates Head-Turning Definition And Volume

There are many of us who are on the never-ending hunt for that mascara that will give us mile-long lashes and dramatic definition, and this volumizing mascara has it all in the name. From Elizabeth Mott, the unique formula lengthens and curls, providing maximum, long-lasting volume thanks to the hour-glass-shaped brush. And you don't have to worry about the threat of smudging or flakes, as this defining pigment will stick to your lashes all day long.


An Affordable Stainless Steel Eyelash Curler That Curls Lashes Without Tugging Or Pulling

Made from stainless steel, this Brilliant Beauty eyelash curler truly hits the sweet spot of beauty tools — because it's super affordable given how useful and well-made it is. Complete with a satin bag for storage and replacement pads, this tool yields super-curled lashes without breakage, tugging, or pulling, thanks to the longer curl surface and state-of-the-art calibration of the hinge.


A Hydrating Shave Cream With A Variety Of Uses

Who doesn't love a good multi-functional product? This refreshing four-in-one moisture shave from Kiss My Face not only softens recently-shaved skin, but also smooths skin tone, soothes irritation, and provides rich, long-lasting moisture. Made from natural ingredients like revitalizing lavender, this natural astringent and moisturizer is totally vegan and cruelty-free, with almost 80 percent 5-star ratings from happy reviewers on Amazon.


A Skin Primer That Feels Like You're Wearing Velvet On Your Face

The name of this skin primer doesn't lie: The formula really goes on as smooth as an extra layer made of velvet. Apply a small amount to your face and experience the instant softening effects of the primer as it minimizes the appearance of pores and blemishes. It also absorbs excess oil and will leave your face silky soft and primed, and prepped for your daily makeup routine.


A Super-Lightweight BB Cream That Smooths Skin And Conceals Blemishes

It's hard to find the perfect BB cream, but we think you may find it right here in this Perfect Cover cream from MISSHA. Just one or two pumps of this lightweight formula is enough to provide full, buildable coverage across your face, either using fingers or a gentle blending sponge. Not only does it have smoothing and softening capabilities, but it provides long-lasting moisture as well as effective coverage.


A Bentonite Clay Mask That Uses A Patented Natural Extract To Cleanse And Correct Skin Blemishes

On the front of its container, this clay face mask claims to purify, cleanse, and brighten — and according to reviewers, it will definitely do all of those things. Made from pore-cleansing bentonite clay and pea peptide extracts, it will cleanse and detoxify your skin of dirt, makeup, and dead skin cells, battling against free radicals and leaving you with a radiant glow.


A Tried And True Spot Treatment That Dries Whiteheads While You Sleep

A true OG cult-favorite, this drying lotion is a top-rated product courtesy of its fast-acting, blemish-blasting abilities. Made of unique blend of calamine, zinc oxide, and sulfur, this treatment can be applied to spots and left to dry overnight, effectively targeting whiteheads and doing hard work to combat them while you get your beauty sleep.


A Compound Extract That's Been Used For Centuries To Hydrate And Heal Skin

Squalane is a natural antioxidant and skin emollient (aka skin softener), and it's been used for centuries to treat scars, blemishes, and damaged skin. In this little bottle, the extract is pure and derived naturally from olives — apply it anywhere to tired, dry, or damaged skin for a boost of hydration and love.


A Super-Gentle Cleansing Water For Sensitive Skin That's Totally Oil-Free

For those of you in search of a super-gentle cleanser, you've come to the right place. This micellar water is ideal for sensitive, delicate, and allergy-prone skin, as it provides users with an oil-free cleansing and makeup-removing experience. Plus, it's fragrance-, paraben-, and alcohol-free, relying on carefully-selected ingredients that are already present within the body.


An Exfoliating Wash Cloth That Cleanses, Stimulates Blood Circulation, And Is Easy To Wash

Who knew that such an effective washcloth could come at such a great price? This washcloth is made from breathable, lightweight nylon — which is great for gentle, stimulating exfoliation in the shower that washes away dead skin cells and boosts your blood circulation. It's machine-washable, totally sanitary, and textured enough to work up a velvety soap lather when you're cleansing.


A Snail Mucus Serum That Treats Damaged Skin And Provides Rich Nourishment

This intensive repair serum is one of those all-around skincare solutions, made from rich snail mucus — it has a concentration of 80 percent extract, to be exact. The formula helps in repairing damaged skin, like acne scars, redness or irritation, dryness, and unwanted blemishes. It's also great to just use a general boost of nourishment and hydration for a healthy glow.


A Set Of Cleansers That Use The Gentle And Natural Properties Of Rice To Cleanse Pores And Smooth Skin

This set of rice-water based cleansers includes a foaming and an oil-based option, which help to effectively remove dead skin cells and even skin texture, keeping skin hydrated and clean. Many reviewers laud the product for how gentle it is on sensitive skin, and that it can be used for double-cleansing when necessary.


A Buttery Balm Cleanser That Removes Dirt And Makeup Without Greasy Residue, And Helps Fund Project RED

What makes this cleanser a little different is its consistency? It's a sherbet-like balm that will melt into your skin, removing dead skin cells, dirt, and makeup instantly. It also packs a serious hydration punch without leaving any greasy residue behind. One reviewer writes: "This is the absolute most effective and enjoyable product I've ever used!! The texture is unlike anything I'd experienced- a silky "sorbet" balm that glides over your skin gently and effortlessly. It really is a treat to rub this all over my face because it has a warming effect and even smells like gelato! It removes makeup immediately without needing to rub it in that much."


A Fast-Absorbing Skin Toner That Doesn't Irritate Or Burn, Good For Sensitive Skin Types

Made with a hydrating list of ingredients that are ideal for sensitive skin, this non-irritating toner formula from Klairs provides preparation for the rest of your skincare routine. The gentle, plant-based product smooths skin texture and balances the skin's natural pH levels. It also absorbs into skin quickly, and provides hydration in the process.


A Super Hydrating Cream That Uses Water From Lagoons In Polynesia To Create 24-Hour Moisture For Skin

Shoutout to Nature Republic for this amazing formula — and the awesome container that it comes in. The water-based cream is ideal for combination skin types, providing 24-hour moisture through the use of lagoon water from Polynesia and 30 different kinds of marine plant extracts. Happy reviewers on Amazon rave about the amazing smell, and how effective the hydration is compared to drugstore formulas.


A Soothing Gel That Contains 92 Percent Aloe Vera Extract For Treating Irritated Or Burned Skin

It's all about soothing and hydration with this aloe vera gel that contains 92 percent aloe vera extract from sunny California. Not only does the formula cool and sooth irritation, burns, and redness, but it also provides skin with long-lasting moisture.


A Multi-Functional, Vitamin-Based Serum That Corrects Marks And Nourishes Skin

The combination of vitamin C, vitamin E, and hyaluronic acid in this professional facial serum yields a powerfully hydrating formula that is ideal for skin in need of rich moisture and nourishment. The plant-based serum is free of harsh chemicals, fragrances, and additives, and provides skin with a bright and fresh glow while treating scars, healing blemishes, and evening out skin tone.


An Electronic Facial Cleanser That Fits Easily In Your Palm And Uses Gentle Sonic Pulses To Exfoliate Skin For Smooth Texture

With over 70 percent 5-star ratings on Amazon from happy reviewers, this silicone electronic cleansing and massaging tool works hard to gently exfoliate dead skin cells, dirt, and makeup from skin, leaving you with a smooth and supple texture. You can choose between two settings on the portable and waterproof exfoliator: high or low frequency sonic pulses, both of which remove residues and boost blood circulation. The ergonomically-designed tool fits easily into your palm, and the battery can last up to a month before recharging.


A Vitamin C Serum That Hydrates, Boosts Elasticity, And Reduces The Appearance Of Unwanted Marks

Containing 20 percent vitamin C — a natural antioxidant — and hydrating vegan hyaluronic acid, this moisture-packed serum helps to brighten skin tone while reducing blemishes and unwanted marks. It neutralizes free radicals and leaves behind a radiant glow thanks to the unique elasticity-boosting amino complex.


A Japanese Facial Oil That Provides Powerful Natural Ingredients For Rich Hydration And A Beautiful Glow

Soft, supple skin is headed your way with a few daily drops of this powerful, nourishing facial oil. It combines richly hydrating natural ingredients like Japanese Tsubaki oil (camellia), argan oil, vitamin E, jojoba oil, and more to deliver deep moisture to your skin and leave behind a radiant glow.


A Facial Scrub That Uses Rice Bran To Cleanse And Calm Skin

Safe for all skin types, this unique rice-bran-based facial cleanser provides deep hydration and a pore-clearing scrub at the same time. The product is super popular on the K-beauty market and contains 50 different types of nutrients, enzymes, and antioxidants that come from rice bran and germ. You can expect gentle exfoliation and soothing sensations from the natural calming properties of this face wash.


An Intensive Skin Essence That Brightens And Repairs

Adding this intensive essence to your daily facial skincare routine is sure to yield brightening results, thanks to the inclusion of powerful fermented yeast, which naturally moisturizes and nourishes skin. Because of the formula's low viscosity, it absorbs quickly and is great as a first step in your daily routine, providing a healthy glow and rich hydrating experience that soothes irritated skin.


A Ceramic Flat Iron That Can Straighten, Flip, And Curl

This ceramic flat iron from the brilliant team at CHI features ceramic plates that straighten and smooth locks while de-frizzing and reducing pesky static electricity. With 1-inch plates, an easy-to-hold ergonomically-designed handle, and adjustable far-infrared heating, this top-rated styling tool can straighten, curl, or flip for beautiful, frizz-free style.


A Travel Set Of Super-Nourishing Lip Treatments Made From Naturally-Hydrating Oils

This lip treatment set is just as convenient to carry wherever you go as it is effective on dry lips. The deeply nourishing formula relies on natural ingredients like kuku nut oil from Hawaii, shea butter, agave, and grapeseed oil, all of which work hard to hydrate and protect lips from free radicals. It also has a beautiful light rose-color tint, and will even repair cracked lips.


This Beautifully-Pigmented Nail Polish That Has Long-Lasting Shine

Deep, dramatic pigment and long-lasting shine are the name of the game with this beautiful hue of polish from ZOYA. The amethyst-fuchsia-colored lacquer has the company's signature MatteVelvet finish, and has a subtle, long-lasting shimmer — but it comes in a variety of shades and beautiful colors.


An Impressively Robust And Diverse Makeup Brush Collection That Includes 18 Brushes

You really can have it all with this 18-piece set of elite cosmetic brushes. Each brush is made of carefully-crafted, professional-grade synthetic hair bristles and has micro-fine tips for precision application. Whether you're contouring, blending, creating a smokey eye, or doing a quick touch-up, this portable pouch of beautiful brushes is sure to become a staple in your cosmetic collection.

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