All Of The 'Million Little Things' Plot Holes I Can't Stop Thinking About

David Bukach/ABC

A Million Little Things has a ton of, well, things going on right now as tonight’s mid-season finale approaches. Pregnancy, financial scandals, shady secrets, disagreements, and super serious issues like alcohol abuse, grief, depression, and cancer abound as the group of friends cope with their mounting issues. The mix of drama and heartfelt moments have hooked fans but there are some Million Little Things plot holes that make fans giggle a bit in the midst of their emotional roller-coasters. Honestly, Jon would want viewers to find the humor out of these situations so there’s nothing wrong with poking a little fun.

Of course, some things may be cleared up in this finale episode. But, those hanging threads that are not tied up will have to be taken care of when the second half of Season 1 airs sometime next year. TV Line confirmed that the show was given a full season order for 17 episodes, so there are at least seven more chances to fill in some gaps. ABC has yet to renew the series for a second season, but their decision to extend this season has to be a good sign, right?

Either way, these are the things that are on everyone’s mind right now, in addition to wanting to know who Barbara Morgan is. (Really, though, who is this woman?)

What Does Gary Do?

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No really, what does he do for a living? Somehow, these people manage to have jobs they actually go to. Rome was an advertising guy until he quit to help Regina and Delilah with their business. Katherine is obviously a successful lawyer and even Eddie is booking gigs and presumably still teaching music lessons.

But, Gary seems to wander around aimlessly every day as he goes between trying to keep his group of friends together and simultaneously telling them that they all suck. He has a pretty sweet apartment and seems to be okay financially, but where and when do you work, Gary? Teach us your secrets for having so much free time.

Where Did Jon And Delilah’s Daughter Go?

Jack Rowand/ABC

Her name is Sophie and she has been in this entire show for approximately 20 minutes. The initial episodes focused a lot on her anger and grief over her dad’s death, but she has seemingly disappeared in the last several episodes. Is she still living at the Dixon household? Or, have they done a Judy Winslow and made her disappear up the stairs forever?

Does she even know that her mom is pregnant? Her brother, who is apparently being parented by Gary, made a brief appearance recently but no one is checking on poor Sophie. But, don’t worry, she will somehow show back up when the beans about her upcoming sibling are spilled to verbally drag her mom because that’s how TV works.

How Is Eddie A Music Teacher? His Music Isn’t The Greatest

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Eddie is supposed to be the musically inclined member of the group who used to have success in a band. The problem is, his music is really not that great. Yeah, you can be a famous star in today’s world without a ton of talent, but Eddie’s rather meh performance of his new song made some fans wonder exactly how he ever opened up for the Kings of Leon. Also, he can't be able to support himself like this.

Then again, Eddie is putting his life back together and doing what he loves while maintaining his sobriety so it’s all good.

Why Does Anyone Believe Anything That Delilah Says?

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Eddie has taken a fair amount of heat for his involvement in the salacious affair, but Delilah has really had no comeuppance. It’s likely because the friends didn’t want to drag a woman who was already hurting from her husband’s death, but it doesn’t make sense for anyone to take her word as golden. Maggie nodded along with her when she took zero accountability for her affair (again) by saying Jon had technically “left her” years prior. Whatever.

And, why is no one suspicious about her baby? She said it belonged to Jon and the crew went right along with it, even though she literally hid an entire affair from everyone.

It makes no sense and proves that these people are either ridiculously gullible or willfully ignorant. If they want to know the truth, all they have to do is walk in on a random conversation because that is how all big secrets are dropped on this show.

Why Is Ashley So Involved In This Group?

Jack Rowand/ABC

She was Jon’s secretary and arguably closer to him than his own wife. And, she probably had somewhat of a relationship with the Dixon family. But, why is Ashley suddenly hanging around this group so much lately? There’s no indication that she was a staple at pizza nights prior to Jon’s death but now she’s suddenly all in the mix.

Doesn’t she have her own set of friends? Shouldn’t she be working on finding out more about Barbara Morgan? Why are you here and still keeping secrets Ashley? This friend circle did let Maggie in despite knowing nothing about her, so Ashley might as well come along for the drama-filled friends' nights too.

There are so many questions that may (or probably won’t) get answers. Then again, a little room for speculation usually makes for addictive TV and fans are apparently still hooked on A Million Little Things, even when it makes zero sense.