These 5 Smart Subscriptions Deliver Eco-Friendly Cleaning Products To Your Door

It's no surprise that your average cleaning products have some pretty scary stuff in them, and the toxic ingredients aren't exactly great for the environment. Luckily, nowadays there are are whole host of brilliant companies making eco-friendly cleaning products and better yet, as a subscription service. You should be able to keep your house looking fresh without adding any extra damage to the planet.

These days there's a subscription service for just about everything. Dog food, hair products, groceries, you name it, there's a subscription service for it. And the world of eco-friendly cleaning products is no exception. Buying products as a part of a subscription service actually might save more money in the long run as well as the environment.

For the forgetful people out there, this means you'll always get exactly what you need delivered directly to your door without having to think about it. It also means the chance of over buying is illuminated as you'll get the exact amount you actually need.

So, here are five wonderful subscription services to help you keep your home staying nice and sparkly without having to damage the environment along the way. It's one less thing to add onto your shopping list!


Ocean Saver Pods

Ocean Saver has created concentrated water-soluble pods that turn into liquid solutions when you add water. This means you don't have to keep buying pesky plastic bottles, and you can simply re-use what you already have. For £6.99 you can get your hands on a multipurpose, kitchen, bathroom, window and glass, and floor cleaner — so basically your whole house is covered in one simple box! Their products are also vegan and aren't tested on animals. Win win.



New eco-conscious subscription company Homey offer delivered-to-your-door laundry capsules that are both wonderful for the environment and for people. You don't get trapped into any long winded subscriptions either. It's super easy to modify, pause or cancel your subscription at any time. On top of that, the packaging is 100 percent recyclable and made from 85 percent recycled materials too.


Who Gives A Crap

The impact toilet rolls have on the environment isn't often talked about but Who Gives A Crap are making sure no tree needs to get cut down for bog roll. There's no inks, dyes, or scents in these toilet rolls. Who Gives A Crap makes their rolls from 100 percent recycled paper, and 100 percent recycled bamboo making their products completely forest-friendly.


Authentic House

Authentic House collate some of the best eco-friendly products for your bathroom, kitchen, and around the home. You get to choose how often you need the subscription, and how many eco-friendly products you need.

You can get your hands on coconut fiber washing up scourers, reusable baby wipes, and a vegan dish washing blocks.


Method refill

While this isn't exactly a subscription service per se, one of the front runners in eco-cleaning products, Method have refillables for lots of their products. This means you can purchase a large amount of the their washing up liquid online and simply decant it into your existing Method containers.