5 Board Games Like Risk

Risk will always be a classic strategy game go-to, but there’re all kinds of awesome board games like Risk to add to your game-play arsenal. Below, I’ve selected a variety that all have the classic's same “world conquest” qualities with unique approaches. Whether you feel like playing for two hours or 10, and with kids, adults, or both, there’s a game below for you and your crew.

To find games that compare to Risk, I looked for board games that demand strategic thinking and territory building — ones that require players to build up territories and resources, and in some cases, conquer those of other players. Some are also war games, though a couple focus more on resource management or negotiation than actual conquering.

Also similar to Risk, most of the games below require players to be at least 10 years old; though I did include one pick that kids as young as 8 years old can enjoy and one that suggests players be at least 14 years old, since it has such a high complexity rating.

Complexity and pacing will also help you decide when shopping for board games like Risk. Some of my picks take less than two hours to play and can be mastered by younger players, while others require thoroughly studying directions and setting aside a full day. For reference, I’ve listed each game's estimated play times, along with complexity ratings, according to Board Game Geek, which gives Risk a complexity rating of 2.09.

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