5 Crystals To Help You Manifest A Fresh Start During The April New Moon

2019 not going your way so far? Well, sit tight, because you've got a new chance for a fresh start with the April 2019 new moon. On Apr. 5, the dark moon will rise in Aries (the sun is Aries at this time too, woo!) — and with all this strong-willed, fire-breathing, leadership-oriented energy flowing, you can bet that this luminary is going to be ideal for manifesting, goal-setting, and starting new projects. Get ready to put yourself out there, and grab your crystals for the April 2019 new moon, cause it's time to manifest.

And nothing excites Aries like a challenge, so be ready to work for what you want and take risks! It's scary, but you can call on Aries' endless supply of bravery and tenacity in order to overcome obstacles and get things done. "[On] Friday, April 5, the Aries New Moon — the star of the week — brings all the fiery energy and inspiration you need to plant the seeds of a new beginning in any area of your life," wrote astrologer Pam Ciampi in Llewellyn's 2019 Daily Planetary Guide. "Because both the Sun and the Moon are in Aries and Aries is a sign that focuses on the self, this is your chance to start something that will challenge and excite you." The work and struggle will likely pay off if you start it up now.

Auspicious as these vibes are, I must note that Saturn (which, love him, but he's kind of a Debbie Downer) will be in hard aspect to the moon at this time, which can throw some frustrations into the mix when it comes to launching our shiny new projects. That said, it's nothing that you can't overcome with Aries-inspired confidence and determination. Just know that while things may not come easily, they will still come if you're willing to work.

Without further ado, here are five of my absolute go-to crystals for harnessing the super powerful, Aries-ruled, manifestation-friendly energy of this dark moon — plus some tips on how to make the most of their spiritual properties. Happy manifesting, witchies!


Carnelian Crystal Heart, $29.50, Amazon.

To me, carnelian is the ultimate confident, fiery, creative, guns-blazin' Aries crystal, so it's perfect for this very-Aries new moon and sun season. With its vibrant warm color and super powerful energy, carnelian is known as "a stone of motivation and endurance, leadership and courage," according to Crystal Vaults. It's my "get stuff done with creativity and confidence" crystal, and boy, can we use that under this moon!

How to use it: Do a root chakra meditation of your choice using a carnelian to help ground you in your physical body and get you focused on the "self" so you can focus on your goals. The deeper the red color of your carnelian, the better! "When the Base Chakra is in balance, the physical body regains its strength and stamina, and spiritual energy is rekindled in the form of security and sense of one's own power," explained Crystal Vaults of using carnelian to strengthen the root chakra. "It often leads to independence and spontaneous leadership."


Dolomite Crystal Cluster, $60, Etsy.

Dolomite is an amazing crystal when it comes to helping to manifest your thoughts into tangible realities, which is ideal under this highly-prosperous new moon. It's also great for helping align you with the flow of the universe's timing, which is a helpful quality given that we have Saturn in the mix, throwing us some curve balls as we work toward our goals.

How to use it: "Dolomite facilitates abstract thinking, it will open your mind to original thoughts and ideas that don't necessarily fit a predetermined mold," explained Healing With Crystals. "With this stone you are able to enhance your abilities of rational thinking and finding new and innovative approaches to tasks, both personal and professional." That said, hold a dolomite in your hand as you brainstorm and write out a list of action steps to help you accomplish whatever goals you're setting for yourself under this moon. It may help you think of more creative routes and solutions to making your intentions a reality.


Bloodstone Stone, $5.95, Energy Muse.

Bloodstone, which is named in part for the detoxifying and healing properties it has on the physical body, is a very Aries crystal that's all about strength. It's been used for centuries as a healing tool for physical ailments, but is also believed to strengthen you in spirit, keeping you stealthy against enemies, able to face anything that stands in your way, and unblocking areas that you've felt stagnant in.

How to use it: If you're looking for ways put your action plan into play under this new moon, sleep on it — literally — and use bloodstone as a tool to intuitively guide you. "Bloodstone stimulates dreaming and heightens intuition," explained Crystal Vaults. "It is marvelous for increasing creativity and cultivating a project from the idea stage through to actualization." On the night of the new moon, write your goals and intentions on a piece of paper, and sleep with the paper and a bloodstone under your pillow. The following morning, write your step-by-step plan for accomplishing said goals — aided by the energy of the bloodstone.

Lithium Quartz

Lithium Quartz Point, $15, Etsy.

With Saturn forming this pesky square with our darling moon, we're definitely going to hit some obstacles on the way ~goal-reaching territory~ (although, don't fret — if you work for it, you'll get there nonetheless!). That's where lithium quartz comes in. This incredibly calming, anxiety-reducing crystal can help you go with the flow and stay positive in the face of any possible setbacks. Use it to ride over your hurdles straight to accomplishment.

How to use it: Meditating with a lithium quartz is super powerful. Lay down in a comfortable position and place the crystal over your third eye (which is in the center of your forehead). If you're feeling stressed or tense during this moon, ask the crystal to dissolve your anxieties and wash away your stresses. If you're facing some setbacks when it comes to your new moon intentions, ask the crystal for guidance on how to navigate and overcome them,

Red Calcite

Natural Red Calcite, $7, Etsy.

Red calcite is beautiful in that its a gentle, super-healing crystal, but it's also full of the fiery, vital energy that we need to accomplish things during this Aries new moon. Think of it like an energy boost in the form of a loving hug instead of a kick in the behind. It can help you in setting healthy boundaries as you work your way to your goals, and is good for people who have a tendency to give too much of their energy away to to other people. If there's anything Aries can teach is, it's that sometimes, we have to put ourselves first!

How to use it: Do a crystal ritual during the new moon to help you focus on your self, just as Aries energy asks us to. Hold a red calcite in your hands and meditate, focusing on the energy of the crystal. Imagine it sending its healing through your palms and up through the rest of your body. Once you feel you've connected with the crystal's energy, say the following affirmation aloud, as instructed by Feel Crystals: "The more I connect with my inner world the better I can manage my outer world." Repeat through the day any time you need grounding.