5 Jewelry Trends That Are Going To Be Major This Fall

by Alexa Tucker

Just like clothes, there are some jewelry trends that are undoubtedly timeless — stud earrings, simple necklaces, engagement and wedding rings, et. al. But like any other piece in your wardrobe, new jewelry trends are always popping up, and they're a fun way to play with your look without completely changing your style.

Niki Allworth, the founder and creative director of Adornmonde, knows a thing or two about stylish, trendy jewelry (celebs like Taylor Swift, Ashley Graham, Lily Collins, and Kylie and Kendall Jenner have all been spotted wearing her affordable pieces, among other big-name fans).

To help you get ahead of the curve, Allworth pinpointed five up-and-coming jewelry trends that you're about to see everywhere (you might've even noticed them popping up here and there already).

Her advice for trying one of these new jewelry trends? See what speaks to you, and then work those pieces into your rotation. "Know your look and explore jewelry that suits your personal style palette," says Allworth. "Have fun, but opt for jewelry you can relate to. When it comes time to style it into your wardrobe, you will find these designs get a lot more wear." And if you're going to invest in new jewelry, you definitely want something you'll actually rock, no matter how on-trend it is.

1. Hoop Earrings

Zalecien Hoop Earrings, $10, Aldo

Hoop earrings aren't just Regina George's thing anymore, and you're totally allowed to wear them. "The hoop is having a massive comeback — everything from thick, simple tubes to the multi-hoop earrings," says Allworth. It's an incredibly versatile trend, too, and you can pair it with pretty much any look to make a classic statement.

2. Asymmetrical Jewelry

Rodolphe Silver Crystal Earrings, $90, Adornmonde

Mismatched doesn't have to look sloppy when you're choosing delicate, sophisticated pieces. "Think one-sided earrings, or necklaces with asymmetrical pendants layered onto the chains," says Allworth. "Everything is uneven and contemporary. It can bring a really modern feel to your favorite outfit." She suggests keeping the rest of your look simple to let the jewelry stand out.

3. Delicate Chokers

5 Disc Choker, $55, Gorjana

"The bold crystal choker has had its day," says Allworth. "Now it’s all about layering up with delicate chain choker designs. Fine chains with barely there crystal pendants are very 'now.'" Daintier styles play nice with your other favorite necklaces, rather than taking over. "People like to layer up personal vintage pendants and necklaces with a choker, to bring a more current look to their favorite chain designs," says Allworth.

4. Stars and Cosmic Trends

Constellation Ring, $32, Wanderlust & Co

Over the past few years, an interest in astrology has experienced a major re-emergence across the board, and it's shown up in fashion, tattoos, home decor, you name it. And jewelry's getting in on the moment, too. Think shooting stars, zodiac motifs, constellations, and crescent moons, according to Allworth. "You can really have a lot of fun with this – layer up on crystal star and crescent moon chokers and style star rings with simple crystal bands," she adds.

5. The Graphic Metallic Look

Wyatt Circle Drop Ear Jackets, $68, Adornmonde

If you're a risk-taker when it comes to your look, this is the jewelry trend for you. Think "bold, brash earrings — the bigger the better," says Allworth. She suggests working a modern statement earring with a more minimalist outfit, but hey, with pieces this bold, there are no rules.