The Astrological Reason You'll Have Trouble Making Decisions Next Month

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As a Libra myself, I can attest that Libra-born people are all about balance. And after a super serious Virgo season, Libra season 2019 is here to bring some much needed levity into your life. "We can put our hard work away now, and learn to balance all we have done with some good old playing! There’s no one who plays quite as well as a Libra, no one who enjoys a party more, or loves being with a friend or partner," Margarita Celeste, an astrology teacher and consultant, noted on the site Numerology Sign.

Libra is a cardinal sign, which means it kicks off a season. And IMO, Libra announces the start of the best season of the year — fall. Libra season, Sept. 23 — Oct. 22, marks the beginning of leaves changing from green to a kaleidoscope of color. It's cozy sweaters, fun falls boots, and warm lattes. Things feel fresh and new. Maybe you'll start a new job, begin a new romance, or go back to school. If there were ever a time for new beginnings, Libra season is it.

"Libra Season can be a period in which you revive an old creative hobby, or go out there into the world and see what’s on offer! It’s a time to refine your tastes, to spruce up your home space, or to get a new wardrobe," Celeste said. Wondering what else you can expect from Libra season? These Libra season 2019 predictions can help you prepare for the most wonderful time of the year.


Let Love Rule


Libra season 2019 is all about love. And let's face it, we could all use a little more love in our lives. Whether it's a new romance, a new friendship, or new pet, get ready to open your heart and let love in.


Decisions Will Be Difficult

During Libra season, expect to experience difficulty making decisions. Libra-born people are notoriously indecisive, and that energy is going to affect everyone during Libra season 2019. While it may feel hella frustrating, beware of making decisions in haste just to get them off your proverbial plate. As most Libras know, that behavior is almost always a mistake.


You'll Appreciate Beauty


Libras love to surround themselves with beauty. In general, a Libra-born person will have a well-appointed living space, take great pride in their appearance, and have a keen appreciation for music and art. During Libra season 2019, all signs will awaken to the beauty surrounding them. Use this time to take a walk in nature, go to a museum, or discover some new music.


It's Best To Say Yes

If you tend to turn down invitations in favor of hibernating at home with your cat, Libra season 2019 is the time to flip that script. Accept invitations you'd normally decline, especially if you're looking to meet new people. Hey, you already know what will happen if you stay home with Fluffy and Netflix, but you never know what might happen when you stop saying "no" and start saying "yes."


Out With The Old


Libra season 2019, which marks the beginning of fall, is an ideal time to get rid of everything in your life that's weighing you down. Whether it's material items or existential angst, Libra season is all about levity, and it's the perfect time to lighten your load.

Overall, Libra season 2019 is going to feel like a breath of fresh air after a long, hot summer. Embrace all the magic this season has to offer in order to fill up your well for the coming winter.