5 Meditations That Are Specifically Designed To Keep You Calm During Mercury Retrograde

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I'm sorry, I know you hate hearing this, but Mercury is in retrograde again — it happens often, what can I say? While it might feel like there's nothing we can do about the communication and technological catastrophes waiting for us, there really is. Meditation is the key to overcoming complicated and trying times, so here I've put together a list of meditations for Mercury retrograde, because the apparent backward motion of a planet doesn't need to screw your summer up. With the right guidance, you can fight off the negative effects of Mercury's retrograde and come out of it a more centered and zen version of yourself — win/win!

Mercury retrograde takes place this summer from Jul. 7 (in Leo) to Jul. 31 (in Cancer) — so mark your calendars and plan accordingly. Bustle talked to astrologer Kyle Thomas about what we can actually expect to be dealing with when it comes to summer 2019's Mercury retrogrades, and he reveals that most of them will fall in water signs, meaning that we are all going to be focusing on balancing our minds with our emotions a great deal this year. "This means that we actually will be needing to focus on our intuitive natures and how we can better understand our feelings rather than just shutting them off in favor of our logic," Thomas says, which serves as a double endorsement for meditation, as inward thinking is a great way to focus on and validate our feelings.

"We will be not only re-assessing how we set up the foundation of our lives, but considering our security in family, home, relationships, and business — as Cancer energy naturally draws our attention to these places, as well," Thomas goes on to say. Aka, don’t hide behind a shell, take a step back to learn how to better communicate from the heart. Here are a few meditations that will help you find your feelings, understand them, and live accordingly. If you change the way you think about Mercury's retrograde it can actually be a very rewarding self-care month for you that will set you up for a very fulfilling Leo season.

Mental Clarity For Mercury In Retrograde

This guided meditation was made specifically with Mercury's retrograde in mind. If you're having trouble quieting your mind and turning your attention inward, this meditation is a good place to start. It will help you find just enough peace and clarity to start doing the self work you need to do.

Understand Your Feelings

It can be hard to look into your heart and demand your feelings to surface. Sometimes they're really far down there and sometimes you don't even know what you're looking for. A mindful meditation can help you find what you're looking for, even if you can't see it ahead of time.

Meditation For Communication

Mercury's retrograde is going to make it hard for you to express yourself, and with so many new feelings circling, you'll want to ensure that you have an outlet. This meditation will help you get to a place where you feel comfortable and confident expressing yourself in a healthy way.

Emotion Balance Meditation

Once you've spent sometime meditating with your feelings, they might start to feel closer to the surface than they've been in a while. This meditation will help you balance them out so that you don't get overwhelmed by them and stuff them back down. It's good to have them accessible, it's just important to have them under control.

Body Scan Meditation

Sometimes retrograde leaves you feeling off in a way that you can't really understand. This quick body scan meditation will help you quiet your mind, get in touch with your breath, and scan your system for possible issues. Is it anxiety that you're feeling? Is it pain? Is it fear? Scanning your body from head to toe is a great way to check in with yourself and search for whatever is snagging you so you can address it.