9 Zodiac Signs Whose Careers Will Be Affected Mercury Retrograde The Most

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Mercury stations retrograde on Mar. 5, 2019, which means that we're in for three weeks of wonky communication, travel snafus, tech fails, and a host of logistical nightmares. If you have big work plans on the horizon this month, then you may want to know which zodiac signs' careers will be affected by 2019's first Mercury retrograde in March the most. It's a smart thing to consider, especially since you may be feeling off your game a bit this month. (Mercury goes direct again on Mar. 25.)

This will be the first of three Mercury retrogrades this year where the planet shifts course in a water sign, but the Mar. 5 retrograde occurs in the sign of Pisces, "a subtle and peace-loving sign," astrologer Cindy Mckean tells Bustle. "If that's not exciting enough, the next day there's a new moon, and Uranus (the planet of disruption) enters Taurus (a sign that likes to keep the status quo)," she adds.

If you're already an expert on the havoc Mercury retrograde can wreak, then you know that Mercury rules communication, traffic, thought processes, and data. But a Mercury retrograde occurring in the sign of Pisces, specifically, really ramps up misunderstandings. Here's what that might mean for your career.


As the lucky star sign in which Mercury goes retrograde this month, Pisces has some unique challenges up ahead. "They could be in the spotlight, which can be favorable if they've been working hard and feel confident about their direction in life," astrologer Rachel Lang tells Bustle. "However, others will be likely to notice any errors or mistakes as well. So Pisces would be wise to double- and triple-check everything, and act as if someone is watching."

McKean also points out that watery Pisces is likely to feel the frustrations of people around them and absorb those moods, which could affect their focus.

Water Signs Cancer + Scorpio

As fellow water signs, Cancer and Scorpio are the next most likely to feel more sensitive to their surroundings during this Mercury retrograde.

"Cancer may react more emotionally to a co-worker or sense that it may be time to shift direction in their work," astrologer Linda Furiate tells Bustle.

"This does not mean that all water signs will look for a new job," she warns. "However, this may be an excellent time for the water signs to have a better sense of what drives their career motivation and makes them feel content."


Gemini would do well to be gentle with themselves at work during this retrograde. Since Mercury is Gemini's ruling planet, this sign is particularly sensitive to the effects when Mercury goes retrograde. On top of that, this retrograde in Pisces will take place in Gemini's 10th house of career and reputation.

Lang says this makes it "a good time to finish ongoing projects, finalize deals that have been in the works for some time, or reach out to new networks." Gemini could also try marketing themselves to potential employers, but a new job is more likely after Mercury goes direct.

On the flip side, Geminis may feel especially out of whack at work, since their ruling planet is moving backwards. "Communication and organization will be especially difficult for Geminis around this time," Shakirah Tabourn, astrologer and founder of NFLUX Mag, tells Bustle. "Managing career affairs during this time will likely result in confusion, misdirection, and having to perform countless redos."


This retrograde takes place in Libra's sixth house of work and lifestyle, which leaves them feeling the pressure of disruption to their work routines. Lang notes that they may be taking on more responsibility than usual right now, which could mean a promotion or a change in their current position. But they'll still need to find a balance between work and personal obligations.

"Pay attention to details and proofread everything, or you could have issues," she says.

"Miscommunications and tech snafus at work are bound to happen," Tabourn agrees. "When Libra's conference call mysteriously disconnects, or their computer crashes in the middle of a presentation, they’ll know why!"


Aquarius, who may have finances on the brain this Mercury retrograde, actually has some good things coming, career-wise if they strategize correctly.

"This is a time of change and growth for Aquarius," Lang reveals. "They could strategize ways to earn more income, which would influence career decisions. People skills are at a high point, which could help negotiate a raise or promotion."


One of the benefits of Mercury retrograde for all signs is that it encourages us to slow down, reflect, and process the past. Lang points out that career changes are on the horizon for Leo, which means that this is the perfect time for them to prepare.

"Mercury retrograde could help Leo clarify their goals and let go of any fears," she says. "This is a time for Leo to finish projects and create space in their life for a new beginning."


Aries may be feeling some inner conflict about their career this Mercury retrograde.

"They may be asked to take on new responsibilities but question whether their job is truly the right fit," Lang suggests. "Does their job align with their goals and dreams? This is a soul-searching period for Aries."


This Mercury retrograde takes place in Capricorn's third house of business, communication and marketing. This is where all those stereotypical Mercury retrograde mishaps occur, according to astrologer Jess Domain.

"Misinterpreted emails, important messages getting lost in spam, passwords being messed with — it’s all kindling for the fire this March," she tells Bustle. "Luckily, your Capricorn traits of keeping calm and consistent will help you. If a project needs to be revisited and fixed, don’t fret. The results will be better than they would’ve been without this retrograde. It's a great time for your creative insights. The world needs those brilliant ideas of yours."

As always, the best way to navigate any Mercury retrograde is with mindfulness and intuition. Try not to fight it and you'll be in good shape.