These 4 Zodiac Signs Will Hit Money & Career Roadblocks During Mercury Retrograde

Matt Cardy/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Nothin' like a Mercury retrograde to swoop in and mess everything up for all of us. Sorry, I'm not trying to be negative — it's just that these retrogrades happen so often, you know? Anyway, ready or not, Mercury retrograde March 2019 is here, and here it'll stay until Mar. 28, when it stations direct again. In astrology, Mercury is the planet that rules over things like technology, the transfer of information, and traveling, so it's a definitely a major player in our communication-centric, tech-reliant, always-on-the-go lives. When the planet goes retrograde, as it is currently, it has a tendency to throw us some curve balls when it comes to the aforementioned areas of our lives.

But it's not just our ability to functionally communicate, get around, and use our tech devices that will see the effects of the retrograde. Depending on your planetary placements and zodiac sign, Mercury retrograde can majorly hit other areas of your life, too. For example, it's definitely going to have an effect on some zodiac signs when it comes to love and romance. And apparently, Mercury retrograde can affect money and career for some zodiac signs, as well. Bustle spoke with Kyle Thomas, resident astrologer at Love By Luna, about what to expect: "While Mercury Retrograde tends to affect all signs pretty universally — such as hiccups in communication, internal confusion, and nasty breakdowns in technology — certain signs will be affected more directly this season when it comes to career and money," explains Thomas. Let's armor up and get ready to protect our energy, y'all.

So, what exactly does this late winter's retrograde period have in store for us? "Mercury Retrograde tends to happen about three to four times a year, and in 2019, they are mostly happening in Water Signs (Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio), which means that the entire world will be doing some serious balancing of their minds with their emotions," Thomas explains. "We’re going to need to take a more intellectual approach to the way we are handling things, but also recognize that intuition inherently plays a powerful role in our decision-making." In other words, this year's retrogrades are asking us to seek balance — and in order to do that, we'll need to slow down, do some reflection and introspection, and allow the backspins to run their course.

And in that sense, Mercury retrograde can actually offer a positive opportunity to review where you're at and decide if the path you're taking is actually the one you want to go down. "[A] retrograde is not actually a punishment from the Universe. Sometimes, when everything is going in our favor, we miss the bigger picture of life and need time to take a step back and assess our directions," explains Thomas. "Like a cosmic wind moving us to better things, depending on where it falls for you, you’ll be noticing you have to reconsider the approach you’re taking."

So while the backspin will stick to wreaking its usual havoc on most of our lives, there are some zodiac signs hitting Mercury retrograde roadblocks in career and money on top of the usual drama, too — and if you're one of the, you'll want to take some extra precautions and be prepared.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Hey Gem, I get it: You're feeling hella motivated and amped up when it comes to your work life, but this retrograde is asking you to check yourself before you wreck yourself, K? "You’re going to want to reach for the stars and see how much of an impact that you can make, but you’re also going to be questioning if the approach you’re taking is truly going to fulfill you," explains Thomas. "If you notice any hiccups when it comes to these big steps up, this actually means the Universe is telling you to slow down and wait for the pieces to fall into place — because you may not have all of the necessary information yet to make the best career decisions." Use the next couple weeks to review your approach so you don't make regrettable moves in haste. The best next steps will become crystal clear once your ruling planet goes direct again.

Libra (Sept. 23 - Oct. 22)

You've been on a major roll with work, and that's not necessarily coming to a halt — but Libra, you might want to brace yourself for some frustrating retrograde-induced moments. "Work will be heating up during this time with the Sun bringing your attention to your employment, coworkers, and work-life balance. However ... you may actually be noticing that you’re running into obstacle after obstacle when it comes to bosses or coworkers," warns Thomas. "If you’re feeling anxiety in this area of your life, just know that the Universe is trying to shake you out of the old patterns you’ve built, which may actually redirect you on your path and release you from any complacency you’ve had in your employment." Now's not the time to leave or start a new job, but pay attention to your gut feelings so you know where to head post-retrograde.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 - Feb. 18)

Yes, hustlin' is a must, Aquarius — but if you can hold your horses until the retro-haze clears, you're going to have a way higher chance of seeing your money goals come to fruition. "If you’re trying to increase your income, this isn’t going to be the absolute best time to sign on the dotted line because the contract is likely to shift ... or the resources may run out. It also may mean you sign onto something with strings you hadn’t expected," warns Thomas. "No matter what, though, try to watch your finances now and reconsider the way you’re spending your money. This may actually prove beneficial for you if looking to address your budget and better manage your finances going forward." Think of this retrograde as an excuse to reign in your spending and exert some serious financial self-control. Post-retrograde, you can re-evaluate.

Pisces (Feb. 19 - March 20)

Sweet lil' fish, Mercury's reign of terror is your sun sign's ocean now, and you're going to be extra prone to communication and technological mishaps. "If you’ve had big work projects, be sure not to launch them now, and if you’ve had money matters draining your finances, try to be frugal now, as well," advises Thomas. "However, this can actually work to your benefit because you will be re-assessing what it is that you want and how best to move forward to get it. Take some time to relax, meditate, and go easy on yourself because trying to fight against the current will only cause you more stress." Re-assess for the best, girl. Use the retrograde period to take a step back and review what's on your career and money plate. You'll start to see things in a new light, and you'll be ready to rock n' roll post-retrograde.