The July New Moon Is Going To Be Emotional Rollercoaster — Here Are 5 Meditations To Help You Relax

by Kaitlyn Wylde

The first few days of July are jam-packed with astronomical, spiritual, and astrological events that are sure to make it an emotionally rich time for us all. You'll want to prepare yourself for all the feels with some mediations for the July 2019 new moon, because Tues., July 2 is not just the first day of the lunar cycle, it's also a total solar eclipse in many regions of the Pacific and in South America. Yes, really, all of that is happening on the same day, in the middle of Cancer's zodiac month, and with Mercury's retrograde only a few days away — it's a lot, but we're going to get through it.

As you might have guessed, you're going to be feeling incredibly sensitive, and while it can be overwhelming to be confronted with your feelings, it can be a really rewarding and progressive experience if you're ready for it. Think about it this way; if a tennis ball comes flying at your face, you might get hurt. But if you're playing tennis, you're in an active stance and you have your racket ready, you can smack that ball across the court and win some points. This is the mindset we need to put ourselves into in order to make it through the new moon without getting knocked down.

Here I've put together a collection of meditations that will help us get in that ready stance so that we can make the most of whatever comes our way. Better yet, we can use this emotionally challenging time to learn something new about ourselves and better our lives going forward.

Master Your Emotions Meditation

Your emotions are going to be flowing under the new moon, instead of trying to stuff them down, let them out, but control the situation. This guided meditation will help you release your feelings, without losing your cool. Be the master of your own emotions and stay on top of your game this new moon.

Energy Healing Meditation

You're going to confront a lot of feelings under July's new moon. Some of these feelings will be more pleasant than others. If you're feeling overwhelmed by negative thoughts that emerge, this guided meditation will help you sort through it and turn darkness into light. It's all about changing our attitude and addressing everything that you've gone through.

Emotional Breakthrough Meditation

While most of us will have no trouble getting in touch with our emotions during this Cancer new moon, some of us might experience a blockage due to emotional over-crowding. This meditation will help you quiet your mind and sort through your emotions one by one, so that they can be released gently.

Restful Sleep Meditation

July 2 is going to be an exhausting day for us. We'll be processing a lot of emotions and dealing with the emotions of those around us, too. If you're having trouble falling asleep at the end of the day, listen to this calming meditation and find your way to a restful sleep you deserve.

Deep Repair Meditation

If you're still feeling some emotional fall out after the new moon, commit to a few more days of restorative meditation to ensure you've addressed all of the feelings you're harboring. It's totally normal to feel a bit of an emotional hangover after the new moon and throughout Cancer season. Just keep checking in with yourself and taking the patient time to address everything.

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