5 Meditations For The May Full Moon To Help You Relax This Month

David McNew/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Just before we move into Gemini season, the May 18 full moon will rise in Scorpio, giving us a lot to think about, to say the least. Taurus season inspired us to start new projects, work hard, and push ourselves to new limits, but there hasn't been much incentive to look inward. The upcoming Scorpion influence is going to change that, so you'll want to line up some mediations for the May 2019 full moon. After putting so much energy into your work and into your personal goals, the full moon is going to literally shine a light on all everything that you've neglected to pay attention to in the last month.

While the prospect of reflection can be daunting, a guided meditation will help take some of the weight off the prospect. Scorpio's honest eye and ruthless judgement will help you not only see what is no longer serving you, but it will give you the energy and will to remove it from your life. Aka, get ready to make some changes, because if there's something in your life that isn't working out, the Scorpion full moon is going to put it in the spotlight and make it impossible for you to ignore it.

Though this might sound intimidating, it's all for the best. As you move into Gemini season, you'll want to take with you only what you need. You're on a roll right now with both your social life and your professional life, so be protective of it and don't be afraid to let go of what's getting in the way of your ultimate goals. Here are a few guided meditations that will help you stay focused, trust your gut, make change, and move forward with kindness and optimism.

Stay Positive Full Moon Meditation

When you're taking the time to assess the things that no longer serving you, it's easy to feel overwhelmingly negative. This guided meditation will help you conjure some positivity so that you're making progressive choices and not emotional choices. The music will also help you stay calm and uplifted and can be used as a pre-sleep wind-down.

Let It Go Meditation

When all of the negativity that you've been concealing over the last month starts to rise to the surface under the full moon, this guided mediation will help you let go of it, once and for all. Negative energy isn't just bad for your productivity, it's also bad for your health, so bid it farewell and move on.

No More Drama Meditation

With Gemini season coming in only a few days, you're bound to get sucked into some drama with friends or loved ones. Taking the time to ward off that energy and center yourself before the season begins will strengthen your defenses and keep you in a positive space when the gossip bug threatens to bite.

Center Yourself Meditation

Sometimes being self-centered is a good thing. This meditation should be listened to before bed, as it will quiet your mind completely, allowing you to have a very deep and sincere self reflection experience and then leave you in a peaceful place for a deep sleep.

Distraction Clearing Mediation

You've done such an amazing job at staying focused during Taurus season and you don't need to let go of the focus in order to take some time to reflect. After you've spend some quiet time with yourself, looking back at the month behind, look to the month ahead with the help of this guided meditation that will help you refocus and get right back in gear.