5 Meditations For The October Full Moon That Will Keep You Feeling Zen

by Kaitlyn Wylde
Sunset view of isolated woman meditating

The October full moon, also referred to as the "hunter moon," is the first full moon of the fall season — which makes it a pretty funky, magical, festive, spooky full moon. On Oct. 13, this special moon will reach its peak at 5:08 p.m. ET in the sign of Aries, which means it'll bring with it an intense, fiery energy. You'll want to ready yourself with some mediations for the October full moon, because we'll all be dealt a few trying or complicated moments on this day. If we're ready for them and in the right mindset, we have a lot to gain.

The fall is a powerful transitional time for all. With the seasons changing so dramatically and so colorfully around us, juxtaposed with the seasonal Libra energy and its brief eclipse by Aries, there's a lot of opposing energies around us. To some extent, we're all dealing with the same pressure to find a balance between our personal lives and professional responsibilities. On that nore, we're also all feeling a bit impatient. With so much inspiration circling around us, our minds are buzzing with ideas and it will be hard not to act on them impulsively. According to astrologer Linda Furiate who spoke to Bustle about the full moon, that Aries energy that will come with this full moon is going to make us incredibly hasty.

To ensure that we maintain the balances we've been working on and don't act too quickly on ideas that need more processing than we have the patience for, these are the meditations that you should turn to. Your ideas really are as good as you suspect they are during this time of year, but they're not ready to be put into motion just yet. A little bit of meditation will help you mature your ideas and find your calm.

Quick Calm

When you don't have a lot of time to find your zen, this quick 10-minute video will help you quiet your mind, get into a meditative zone, and then get back to work without missing a beat. Adding a few minutes of forced quiet could be just the thing to balance your work and life scales during the October full moon.

Patience Improvement Meditation

Aries energy is going to put wheels under your thoughts and ideas right now. Take the time to listen to this meditation before the October full moon to brush up on your ability to lasso in some patience. While your gut might be telling you to share every single thought and idea you have with the public, it's actually in your best interest to sleep on it. If it's a genius idea or a worthwhile statement, it will still be with you in the morning.

Find Your Balance Meditation

Your professional life is blossoming right now. There's tons of fresh energy moving into your work life, and you're feeling good about it. But, don't forget to channel some fresh energy into your home life. During the October full moon, finding that balance you achieved in the beginning of Libra season is very important.

Reflection Meditation

Every full moon is a great opportunity to get in touch with your highest mind. It's an important time to reflect, think about the bigger picture and set your intentions for the lunar month ahead. What do you want to achieve? What friendships need work? How can you become a better partner? What can you bring to your profession? Who needs your attention right now? Take the time to reflect and these answers will come to you clearly.

Guided Full Moon In Aries Meditation

This guided mediation is a mix of informational guidance about what this full moon in Aries means for us, and also a deeply relaxing meditation. Listen to the narrator's soothing voice and allow yourself to imagine all of the scenes that she depicts for her listeners. If you fall asleep, that's OK too — the point is to turn inward and relax.