5 New Nonfiction Books You Can Start Reading Online Right Now

Have you ever wondered if there was a scientific, research-based approach to getting over a broken heart? Or maybe you've always wanted to know if you really are as awkward as you think you are — and if so, if there's anything you can do about it? You're in luck, because there are new nonfiction books that tackle both of those topics available to purchase right now, and you can start reading excerpts of them below.

Luckily, those aren't even the only two topics tackled in these five books. Americanized, a memoir by Sara Saedi written for a young adult audience, is the account of the author's teenage years after she learned she was undocumented immigrant from Iran; Together We Rise is a comprehensive look at the founding of the Women's March and an examination of what comes next for the groundbreaking movement; and finally, The Love Gap by Jenna Birch is an exploration of the dating lives of professional women who feels they have traded career success for romantic success.

All five deserve a spot in your TBR pile, but before you decide which to pick up first, take a look below and read a portion of each of these five books:

'Americanized' by Sara Saedi

At age 13, Sara Saedi discovered a terrible secret about her family and herself: She was an undocumented immigrant, living in the United States illegally. In her memoir, she recounts with humor and heart how she dealt with the fear of deportation — and the fear of not having a date to prom.

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'How To Fix A Broken Heart' by Gus

What if there was a way to get over a broken heart faster? In this slim read, Guy Winch offers actionable advice for getting over your next big breakup or loss.

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'Together We Rise' by the Women's March Organizers

Written by the organizers of the Women's March with contributions from Roxane Gay, America Ferrera, and others, Together We Rise is a coffee table book with a clear mission — to celebrate the biggest protest in history, and address the challenges that lie ahead for the movement.

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'The Love Gap' by Jenna Birch

Do you feel like there's a gap between your professional success and your dating success? In this research-based guide to dating as a professional millennial, Jenna Birch breaks down the societal forces behind why so many women are unhappily single.

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'Cringeworthy' by Melissa Dahl

Have you ever stopped to internally evaluate why you're behaving so awkwardly? Or why you think you're behaving awkwardly? In Cringeworthy, "Science of Us" editor Melissa Dahl explores the roots of awkwardness — and how you can use it to your advantage.

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