Primark Have A New £2 Vegan Sleep Mask & It's Totally Recyclable

OK, let's face it: summer is officially over here in the UK. We enjoyed it while it lasted (and moaned in equal parts), and now we've got what we so often get in this country: a semi-warm/semi-cold, semi-wet/semi-dry kind of situation that no one knows how to dress for and that unfortunately tends to bring the mood right down. But do not fear; as ever, I have rounded up some of the best new skincare and makeup products the industry has to offer in order to cheer you up and get you back into the swing of things come the changing seasons.

This week, there are five products I am particularly excited about, and they span across fragrance, skincare, and makeup. First up, there is a new perfume out that despite being costly, is the Autumnal scent I guarantee we have all been waiting for. It captures that amazing cosy cafe smell where you're lazing around on a Sunday in a warm jumper in September, reading a crisp new book. Told you: the perfect Autumnal scent.

I am also pretty pumped about the two new skincare picks I have included this week. One is super affordable, from Primark's new vegan, environmentally-friendly range, while the other is a little more expensive, but promises to boost the skin with so much Vitamin C, you'll practically be glowing.

In makeup, the biggest launch of the week has to be from Milk Makeup, who is releasing their new Flex range. It includes a concealer, four new powder highlighter shades, and a foundation that boasts an impressive 35 shades to suit a range of skin tones. And last but certainly not least, Lanolips is launching their latest lip addition: a water-like product that is certain to keep lips feeling hydrated and smooth all Autumn long.

Is it just me, or does September suddenly sound exciting?!

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