5 Weirdly Positive Effects The Full Moon Has On Human Behavior

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The lunar effect — the effect full moons have on humans — is most often associated with negative outcomes. There's a persistent myth that more accidents and crimes occur during a full moon despite there being little scientific evidence to support that theory. Because people tend to focus on the bad, the positive effects the full moon has on human behavior are often overlooked. In fact, the Spiritual Science Research Foundation noted on its website that the new moon actually has far more negative effects on humans than the full moon because new moons affect people emotionally whereas full moons affect people physically.

"As the effect of new moon is not apparent to the person, it is even more dangerous. This is because as [they are] not aware of the distress, no step is taken to overcome it." However, full-moon fever is so deeply rooted in American folklore that popular culture often reinforces the myth that full moons are synonymous with bad luck. The new show 9-1-1 even dedicated an entire episode to the effects of the full moon on first responders who were called from one bizarre incident to the next until the sun came up.

One theory about why this happens is that the full moon intensifies whatever feelings you are having, kind of like the law of attraction. Because people feel like chaos will reign during a full moon, it does. Another theory is that studies about the lunar effect are generally conducted on weekends when more accidents and crimes take place no matter what. If you want to change your full-moon narrative, focus on these positive effects during the October 2018 full moon.


Full Moons Can Make You More Creative

If you want to use the October 2018 full moon to your advantage, tackle your creative projects on Oct. 24. "It is the perfect time to think creatively, to focus, and manifest our dreams and goals. Making plans, or starting a project around this time is great as those creative juices are flowing more freely and we are able to hold a greater focus on whatever it is we are working on," Conscious Life Coach Stacy Chang-Christoforou explained on her website Irie Soul, which she said she actually created during a full moon.


Full Moons Can Reduce Anxiety

Because full moons generally affect your physical body versus your mind, you're likely to feel less anxious during a full moon than during a new moon. Chang-Christoforou recommended that you use this time to harness the positive physical effects of the full moon by focusing on some kind of physical self improvement. You can start a yoga practice, go for a hike, or whatever makes you feel good in your body.


Full Moons Provide Opportunities

Because the law of attraction is thought to be at its most powerful during a full moon, those who use it wisely can create myriad opportunities for themselves. If you go into a full moon surly AF, you're probably going to have a bad day, and you might not even be aware that you've created a self-fulfilling prophecy. If you want to change your relationship with the full moon, start using it as an ally instead of an enemy. Identify opportunities and commit to ending things that are dragging you down. If you commit to doing this for a year, you might just be surprised at how much your life changes for the better.


Full Moons Bring Good Luck

This is another one that ties into the law of attraction. A study from the University of Las Vegas found that casinos pay out more winnings during full moons than on other days. Basically, full moons can help you make your own luck. If you're heading into any kind of activity where you need a little extra pixie dust on your side during a full moon, hold the idea of winning in your mind and it just might be more likely to happen. If you go into a full moon feeling like nothing is going to go your way, don't gamble because you'll most certainly lose your shirt.


Full Moons Can Help You Quit Bad Habits

Want to quit smoking, cut down on your tech time, or leave a bad relationship? Full moons are an ideal time to end things that are no longer working. "The full moon is the perfect time for simply letting go of anything that is not in alignment with your higher self. Sometimes we don’t realize what’s not working for us until it is taken from us or a situation comes along that forces us to look at it differently," Shereen Campbell wrote for

If you're thinking of ditching some baggage, doing it during a full moon might make your positive changes more likely to stick. While there are a lot of myths about the moon, how the full moon affects you has to do with how you approach it. Because you have free will, you actually do have the power to control how you use the moon's energy. If you head into the October 2018 full moon with good intentions, you're going to be just fine. Or as Coach Taylor from Friday Night Lights would say, clear eyes, full hearts, can't lose.