5 Genius NYE Accessories That'll Keep You Feeling Cute Way Past Midnight

Group of girls celebrating and having fun the club. Concept about women night out

New Year's Eve is the most hyped up night of the year, and yet it can sometimes be a rather big disappointment. And I think a lot of this actually comes down to preparedness. We forget just how long the night can be (celebrations can go on in excess of 7 hours or so sometimes) and so stumble at the first hurdle. But just as much as you should plan your evening out, get the right outfit, and find a makeup look you're obsessed with, you should also pack right, with these five practical but cute accessories to take out on NYE with you.

I've had my fair share of disastrous New Year's celebrations, and I can honestly say that nine times out of 10, this is because I just didn't prepare for certain situations. High heeled shoes that rubbed like the devil? Somehow, I hadn't seen that coming. A phone which died approximately an hour into the night? I certainly didn't plan for that. But from what I've learnt, you can definitely pack right to prepare for every situation.

Keep reading to find out how to properly prep, and what to pack for your big night out. All that's left to do now is to get dressed, have a couple of drinks, and enjoy!


A Pair Of Foldable Shoes

We've all been there: it's the end of the night, you're on your way to get your pre-bed McDonalds, and you just can't!walk!any!further! New Year's Eve is a long long night, with many celebrations beginning around 7 p.m. and not dying down to the early hours of the next morning. For this reason, wearing potentially painful heels is advised against. However, if you must wear your highest heels or coolest boots, be sure to have a back up in the form of these excellent fold up flats. They're more chic than walking the streets barefoot, trust me.


A Cross Body Bag

I remember back when I was at uni I had a penchant for clutch bags, but boy did I regret taking one out every single student night. There's nothing worse than having to balance your bag with your drink while trying to bust out your best moves on the dance floor. Do yourself a favour and take a cross body bag out with you on NYE. There are an endless amount of styles out there for all budgets, so something is bound to take your fancy.


A Cute Hair Clip

If you're anything like me, mid-way through any night out you'll be sweating up a storm, and having your hair down in this kind of situ is no fun for anyone. Pack a cute but effective clip in your bag for moments when you just need to cool off. Plus, you'll be able to rock two looks in one night, and what's better than that?! I would pick one by Tort, whose clips are incredibly eye-catching yet grip and keep things in place on any hair type.


A Mini Beauty Kit

Even the most expert primer and setting spray application won't prevent the occasional need for top ups during a night like New Year's Eve. Keep it super mini so everything can fit in your cross-body bag, and stick to the essentials. This Benefit kit is a great place to start for makeup, then chuck in a mini hair brush, mini spray deo, and perhaps a lip balm and/or lipstick for a full set.


A Portable Charger

Yes I know, this isn't strictly an 'accessory,' but I guarantee it'll be the thing you're most thankful for packing mid-way through the night. During any evening out, our phone battery can tend to drain, but on a special night like NYE, it's even more likely to happen. Help yourself out by packing one of these teensy portable chargers to keep things moving all night. Just be sure not to shout too loud about your best bag addition, as you'll have whole crowds of people asking you to borrow it (seriously, portable chargers are exactly like the chewing gum of the tech world).