7 Max Impact Glitter Lipsticks For The Most Sparkly NYE Look Out There

Klaus Vedfelt/Getty

With Christmas party season in full swing, many of us will have already had our work 'dos and now be looking forward to New Year's Eve. New Years is a chance to really go all out with your outfit choice and makeup look, and really, anything goes. Along with birthday parties and festivals, NYE is a time of year when it's totally cool to go big or go home; and glittery lips are one way to honour this. I've picked out seven glitter lipsticks to wear on New Year's Eve, whether you're going out or staying in (because who says you can't dress up at home?!).

The most important rule for wearing glitter lipstick is that you keep the lips nourished beforehand. Your product will stay on far longer and feel a lot less drying if you've fully prepped your pout with a lip scrub and tons of thick lip balm. You may also want to invest in a lip liner in a similar colour to boost longevity and to keep things in place.

When it comes to removing glitter lipstick, I recommend going gently; just like glitter nail polish, glittery lip products look incredible but can be a 'mare to get off. Reach for a micellar water and douse a cotton round in the product, before softly smoothing your lipstick off. Follow with lip balm before hitting your pillow!

Here are seven of the best glitter lipstick options for New Year's Eve: