5 Romantic Fantasy Novels To Distract You From The News This Weekend

There are plenty of haters out there who turn their noses up at escapist reading, but when life gets difficult, there are few things as relaxing or effective as checking out of this world and into a fictional one. If you find yourself in need of a break this weekend, try one of these romantic fantasy novels. Their heartwarming love stories, magical characters, and imaginative settings are exactly what you need to forget your worries — at least, for a little while.

When people say books are great stress relievers, they don’t just mean it anecdotally. According to studies, just six minutes of reading can help reduce stress levels by up to 60 percent. While it is by no means a cure to anxiety or other stress-related disorders, reading can be a great tool for coping. And let’s face it, who couldn’t use another weapon in their mental health arsenal, especially one as relaxing and rewarding as reading?

Are you looking for a way to keep your worries at bay, at least for a little while? Then pick up one of these five romantic fantasy novels and be prepared to be swept off your feet and out of this world.