5 Short Rom-Com Books You Can Finish In One Day — If You Need A Dose Of Romance

After what has felt like a never-ending winter, spring is officially in the air: the flowers are blooming, the birds are chirping, and I feel like I can finally put away my winter coat. If you, like me, will be taking advantage of the warmer weather and heading outside to read, make sure you grab one of these short rom-com novels you can finish in a weekend. Nothing says spring like a little romance, am I right?

During the colder months, there is nothing I love more than settling in for the weekend with a warm blanket, a hot tea, and a long book. All winter long, I bide my time with lengthy historical fiction novels, epic fantasy and sci-fi series, and the occasional biography or memoir. Once the temperature starts to heat up, though, I want my reading to reflect that, which is why I always reach for rom-com novels. I don't know if it's the sweet love stories or the charming humor, but something about them scream spring to me, and it doesn't quite feel like the season is officially here without one.

No matter what's on your agenda this weekend — spring cleaning, a hike in the newly greened woods, outdoor brunch with your besties — these five rom-com novels are so short and addicting, you'll be able to finish before the Monday scaries set in.

'A Lady's Guide to Selling Out' by Sally Franson

Hardcover Page Count: 288

A book-loving English major, Casey never planned to work for a top ad agency, but her ability to tell a good story makes her an asset, and the money is too good to pass up. When she gets a new assignment — travel around the country and convince authors to pair up with corporations in need of new marketing — she's excited to get back to her literary roots, but it doesn't take long for her to realize all of her idols are selling out, and she's helping them do it. To make matters worse, Casey falls for one of her authors, and soon sees just how much damage she's caused them. Will she be able to clean up the massive mess she made before the year's biggest book festival kicks off, or will her bookish heart be broken? You have to real the wickedly funny A Lady's Guide to Selling Out to find out.

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'Let's Talk About Love' by Claire Kann

Hardcover Page Count: 288

Alice expected to have the perfect summer filled with nothing but binge watching her favorite shows and hanging with her besties, but all of that changed when her girlfriend confessed she was asexual and broke things off. Heartbroken, Alice swears off dating, but when her summer job at the library leads to an unexpected romance with a the sweet Takumi, she is forced to confront who she is, what she wants, and who she wants to be with. A touching and heartfelt asexual YA romance with a wonderfully diverse cast of characters, Let's Talk About Love will sweep any reader, teenager or not, off their feet.

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'The Royal Treatment' by Melanie Summers

Paperback Page Count: 280

There is no one Tessa Sharp, The Royal Watchdog, hates more that Crown Prince Arthur, so when he asks her to move in with him for two months — a request she cannot say no to — she's surprised by their instant attraction. The more time they spend together, though, the harder their feelings are to deny, but a happily-ever-after for Arthur and Tessa could mean losing his kingdom and her job. Is love worth the risk? A laugh-out-loud modern day fairy tale, The Royal Treatment will make you swoon.

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'Wait With Me' by Amy Daws

Paperback Page Count: 302

Internationally bestselling romance novelist Kate Smith will do anything to get over her writers block so she can finish her Bed 'n Breakfast series — even sneak into a Tire Depot waiting room, the one place she feels unstuck, through the employees only entrance. Her plan is working perfectly, and so is her novel-in-progress —that is, until a handsome mechanic notices her, and suddenly, romance is jumping off the page and into Kate's real life. A sweet and sexy story with a fun plot, Wait With Me will make your pulse race in every waiting room you go to.

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'Messing with Matilda' by Cat Lavoie

Paperback Page Count: 278

As a professional organizer in New York City, Matilda is used to order in her life, so when she unexpectedly finds herself back in the hometown she ran from years ago, she's less than pleased by the chaos. That is, until she finds a silver lining in her newly clouded life: her high school nemesis, Amber, is getting married, and her ex, Silas, wants Matilda's help ruining the wedding. When what starts as a mutual plan for destruction starts veering away from revenge and towards romance, things get messy. A fun opposites attract story, getting lost in Messing with Matilda is the perfect way to spend your weekend.

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