You Can Get A Glittery Sailor Moon To-Go Cup At Target Right Now


“Fighting evil by moonlight, winning love by daylight, never running from a real fight, she is the one named Sailor Moon!” If you know how the song goes, then you’ve probably watched the popular anime series Sailor Moon, and you're definitely going to want these five Sailor Moon finds available at Target that you can add to your growing collection.

The show paved the way for magical female-centric cartoon shows and is still one of the most popular anime series in the world. Whether it’s because of Serena Tsukino’s charms, her friendship with the other Sailor Scouts, or the romance between her and Darien Shields, also known as Tuxedo Mask, so many of us are still in love with the series and continue to pledge our allegiance by buying and collecting all sorts of fabulous Sailor Moon merchandise.

Sailor Moon played a big part in many '90s kids’ childhoods and its influence in the anime industry is vast and undeniable, even in present day. Also, they had really cute outfits, which I think is also worth pointing out. If you're still obsessed with the show to this day, these five items are going to take you back to your childhood in the '90s.


Sailor Moon Carnival Cup

Perfect for holding any of your favorite cold beverages, this Sailor Moon carnival cup is a must-have for any fan. The cup features images of your favorite Sailor Scouts to keep you company (and keep you hydrated) when you’re on the go. The real cherry on top is the sparkly dome lid and pink straw, which is all kinds of adorable. Sparkles are always a good idea.


Collectible PVC Figure

This cute little doll is great as decoration at home or work, or if you just want to have a little playtime when no one is looking. (We won't judge you!)

The six-inch collectible action figure captures Sailor Moon in her signature post-transformation pose, and it's a piece of merchandise any Sailor Moon fan will love. Action figures of other Sailor Scouts are also available at Target to complete your set, which is the only proper way to shop for Sailor Moon figurines, just so you know.


Plush Toy

This adorable waving Sailor Moon plushie is soft, cuddly, and will hold your hand as you watch the anime series again and again. The precious design makes this item great for display in any Sailor Moon fan's home, and she's also excellent to cuddle with at night. Fact.


Artemis And Luna Pint Glass Set

Your Sailor Moon collection isn't complete without merchandise featuring two small yet influential characters in the series: Artemis and Luna. Staying hydrated has never felt so magical. This set contains one glass picturing Artemis and the other with Luna, and your regular drinking glasses suddenly don't cut it.


Sailor Moon Blind Box Mini Action Figure

Not knowing who you’ll get makes this Sailor Moon Petit Chara Mini Figure blind box set more fun to buy. Featuring the iconic characters in beautiful traditional Japanese kimonos, this is another Sailor Moon fan must-have. The box comes with a random character to keep you guessing, and the aim is to collect all six action figures. Too fun.