5 Short Books You Can Easily Finish Before The End Of The Year

The countdown to 2018 is officially on: have you reached your annual reading goal this year? If you still need to add a few hash marks to your 2017 book tally card, there are some thrilling short reads you can finish before New Year's Day.

In this humble reader's opinion, there are no books more binge-worthy than mysteries and thrillers. Every time I sit down with a good detective story or a dark twisty mystery, I find myself reading well past the few chapters I had planned, and straight through to the end of the book. I can't help it: I need to find out who the real murder is, what the dark secret was, or whether or not the narrator was actually reliable. It's an addiction, and frankly, not one I am in a rush to break, especially not this week when I have plenty of holiday down time for reading.

Everyone gets excited for Christmas, but to me, it is the days that follow that are the best — at least, for readers — because its during that time I get to enjoy all my bookish gifts. I can curl up with the novels I got from Santa, spend the bookstore gift cards I got from the family, and, best of all, sit on the couch and use my new e-reader to download book after addicting book right to my device without having to actually go out in the snow. The only challenge is deciding what to read first. Luckily for you, I have some great suggestions on where to start: short books you can read in one sitting.

Whether you're in the market for a book for your new e-reader, trying to reach your yearly reading goal, or just looking for fun story to help you relax on your holiday vacation, here are 5 quick reads you can finish before the ball drops on New Years Eve.

'The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau' by Graeme Burnet

Manfred Baumann lives a solitary lifestyle, but when the beautiful young waitress from his local bistro mysteriously vanishes, he becomes the center of attention and the main suspect in the investigation. No one else may be able to see it, but something about Manfred makes detective Georges Gorski convinced of the man's guilt, and he will do whatever it takes to prove it. Smart and lyrical, The Disappearance of Adèle Bedeau is one twisty historical thriller you won't want to put down until the very end.

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'The Other Mother' by J.A. Baker

It has been years since a young child was murdered in their school days, but Lissy, Erica, and Beverley still carry secrets from the tragedy with them. When something happens at Lissy's daughter's school, the three women are pulled back together, and the darkness from their past threatens to cover any hope of a bright future. A titillating psychological thriller, The Other Mother will keep you glued in your seat until you've reached its surprise ending.

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'The Exile' by James Patterson

In this quick and thrilling read from James Patterson, Finn O'Grady is forced to return home when his ex-wife's family, and his son, are threatened by a deadly, unknown force. As an ex-cop, Finn has seen a lot of evil in the world, but he's never seen anything like these killings. Will he be able to stop this deadly force before its to late? You can read The Exile in just a few hours and find out.

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'Twisted Truth' by Melinda Leigh

The first in a new and exciting crime series, Twisted Truth introduces readers to Detective Seth Harding and his social worker wife, Carly, a couple on the mend following their own personal trauma who find themselves immediately immersed in someone else: a young boy's. When Seth finds the child chained to the basement at a crime scene, he and Carly decide to take him to their farm to keep him safe. It doesn't take long, however, for trouble to come bearing down on them as hard as the nonstop rainstorm that is threatening to swallow their town in flood. A gripping, fast-paced thriller, Twisted Truth will leave you breathless.

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'Smile' by Roddy Doyle

Victor Forde is just starting to settle into his new lonely lifestyle when someone who claims to know him from school shows up to disrupt his routine and drudge up old, uncomfortable memories. Suddenly, Victor finds himself seized with thoughts of the past: his celebrity wife, his own brief stint with fame, but mostly, his five years at Christian Brothers school, and the one brother there who he's never forgotten. A gorgeous and lyrical literary thriller, Smile will hook you from page one and never let you go.

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