5 Signs You're Being Instagram Stalked, Because The Curiosity Is Too Much

Having a crush or being crushed on during the Instagram age is thirsty work. You feel some type of way about them, you look them up, you scroll down to photos of their holiday to Corfu in 2010 with their aunt, and crease up when you accidentally like a photo from eight years back. Most have done it at some point, and chances are, it's probably happening to you right now. Being Instagram stalked can either be flattering or just straight up creepy — but if you're curious about whether it's happening to you, here are five signs that you're being Instagram stalked.

If you're savvy with your stalking skills, now's the time to brush up on your stalking stalking skills. That is — stay with me here — learning to stalk who's stalking you. While it can be difficult to spot if someone has set up a fake account, as this BBC story reports, the best way to ensure against people you don't know creeping on you is to set yourself as private. If, however, you want to know which of your friends, family, or possible love interests are creeping on your page and how often, these techniques might help you out.

1. Instagram Story Viewers

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Have you ever been intrigued about the order of viewers on your Instagram story? Well, while Instagram have officially said that there's no logic to the order, Babe reports, a Reddit user has given a pretty convincing theory as to why that might be a load of rubbish. They conducted an experiment, in which one friend made sure to visit another friend's page very frequently. Lo and behold, they soon ascended to the top of the viewers list. Coincidence? Actually, maybe not.

2. Instagram Stalker? There's An App For That

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Catching your stalker in the act might be best achieved by downloading the Followers Plus For Instagram app, which can be found in your app store. It's got the best ratings out of any app of its kind — the bulk of its reviews are 5 star on iTunes — and best of all, it's free. That means you won't have to dosh out a penny in order to see who views your profile the much, as the app determines how each user engages with your account.

3. Go Private

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This one takes some commitment, but a way to find out both who stalks you and to get rid of them, can be done. Retiring your old Instagram page might not be such a bad thing — it'll banish all of your lurking exes and the photos you still have together. Plus, by creating a new, private Gram account, you'll get to see all the odd people who can't resist a follow and want to thirst over your sweet, sweet content.

4. Experiment With This Tried (But Mostly Untested) New App


The new app on the market, Instareport, has got quite a few people talking, including Australia's The Edge. The site says that the app will allegedly "show you what time" your stalker viewed your snap, so you can check who's having a weird 3 a.m. stalk, as well as seeing who unfollows you, The Edge attests.

5. Have A Lil' Patience

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Checking in on your stalker might be much easier in the not too distant future. As Tech Crunch reported back in January, Instagram were beginning to test screenshot alerts for stories. That means, whoever's taking shots and saving them for later from your story, won't go by you undetected. According to Tech Crunch, if this is to go through, you won't be notified when your story is screenshotted, but you will be able to have a flick through your viewers and see a little camera picture next to anyone who thought they'd save this for later.