5 Size-Inclusive Lingerie Brands That Are Killing It In The UK Right Now

Women with confidence and body positivity

Despite the diverse skin tones and sizes offered by Rihanna's super successful Savage x Fenty line and the advancement of the body positivity movement, inclusive underwear companies are still few and far between. But there are a few names that deserve your support. So if you want to champion an independent retailer or a company that has always focused on diversity, here are the best size-inclusive lingerie brands around.

"The male gaze in the lingerie market is more and more ignored," co-founder of Beija London, Abbie Miranda, told Drapers. "The wider market has become focused on what women want, as well as comfort." Seeing as the average UK bra size is now a 36DD, per the Telegraph, it makes zero sense that some brands are ending their lingerie here.

If you've ever struggled to find a bra that fits you properly, head straight to the experts. The following names all cater for the fuller bust and plus size market, whether exclusively or as part of a broader sizing range. They all offer a wide variety of designs, suitable for both daily wear and those times when you want something extra special. Plus, they're super affordable, so you can throw away all your ill-fitting designs without panicking about the cost of replacements.


Curvy Kate

The Kate that inspired Curvy Kate isn't one person, per se, but all of the people who want to celebrate their natural bodies. The brand only sells D to K cup lingerie (with added swimwear too) in a huge range of styles for everyday and special occasion wear. A variety of back sizes are offered too, ranging from a 28 up to a 44.

The brand's campaigns always hit headlines. In fact, it is currently looking for people to star in an upcoming one. So if you fancy experiencing a live lingerie shoot in London, apply by August 25.



Owned by lingerie giant Wacoal, Elomi offers those with bigger boobs the ultimate bra fit and support. The brand's sizing goes from a 32 to 46 back and a D to K cup with no sacrifice on style. Luxurious fabrics combine with striking prints to create stand-out pieces, but there are plenty of nude options too.

According to the brand, designs are fitted on real women, not mannequins, meaning there can be months of painstaking tweaks before being allowed into production. That attention to detail is the stuff of any fuller-figured person's dreams.


Playful Promises

Quirky London-based brand Playful Promises was built on inclusivity. As well as casting trans and gender fluid models in her campaigns, founder Emma Parker has expanded the size range numerous times in recent years. "We are up to 78 bra sizes and will have 85 by this September," she told Gurls Talk. Currently, those sizes start at a UK 8, venturing up to a UK 30 with bra sizes ranging from a 30 to 44 back and A to H cup.


Beija London

Founded by two sisters, Beija London has devised its own sizing system: X, Y, and Z. The first is for those who need the least support (AA to C) and is full of stylish bralettes. The second incorporates cup sizes from a B to D, and the last is for cup sizes from a DD to G, offering maximum support. Matching briefs are also available, ranging from a UK size 6 to 16.

The independent brand also has an eco-friendly focus, sending its designs in reusable and recyclable packaging and sticking to a minimum waste policy.


Ivory Rose

Ivory Rose specialises in fuller bust underwear, stocking cup sizes from DD to G. (Back sizes range from a 30 to 38 with knickers sold in a UK size 6 to 18.) The founders of the brand struggled to find things that fit well, were stylish, and were affordable. So every single one of their styles, including their nightwear, are incredibly soft on your bank balance.

“Our bras retail at about £15, which is quite low for the fuller bust market," co-founder Aimee Law told Drapers. "We achieve this by negotiating with suppliers. Customers with bigger busts are questioning why they should have to pay more.” Ivory Rose is proof that they shouldn't.


A note to non-inclusive lingerie brands: Please take notice of this lot, for the sake of women everywhere, if not for your company.