5 Steps To Having A Great Girl's Night In

It's a tale as old as time. You and your friends are exhausted from a long week of work. Sure, you could go out and pay too much for drinks at some bar. But honestly, why would you do that when you could see all the people you care about in the comfort of your apartment? A girls' night in is just what the doctor ordered.

Now, there are plenty of types of girls' nights in. There are ones where you play nostalgic ghost games. ("Light as a feather, stiff as a board," anyone?) There are the kinds where you do face masks, paint your nails, and generally turn your kitchen into a makeshift spa. And then there are our favorite kinds of girls' nights in: The ones where you marathon movies that never get old, singing and speaking along to every word, and still somehow laughing and crying over the most impactful moments.

With the stunning live-action remake of Beauty And The Beast on iTunes now, that one springs right to mind. We've teamed up with Disney's Beauty And The Beast to break down the steps of putting together the best, most relaxing, laugh-filled girl's night in ever. Because whether you're a beauty or a beast (or both), everyone loves a night when leaving the house is not even a possibility.

Get Comfy

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Playing dress-up is fun, but pulling on a pair of sweatpants and piling your hair up in a messy bun is better. Point blank: If you're not wearing some extremely comfy clothes for a girls' night in, you're overdressed. In other words, you're going for a vibe that's the opposite of Belle's Garderobe makeover.

Stockpile All The Snacks

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It's not a girls' night in without a full spread of snacks rivaling the spread in "Be Our Guest." Maybe there's less soufleé and paté in your spread, but you make up for it in pizza and ice cream.

Get Ready To Imbibe!

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Keep the conversation and laughs flowing with some beverages. This is a chance for you and your bestie to basically be Gaston and LeFou.

Pick The Perfect Movie

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Ideally, you should choose a movie that you can watch over and over again. Bonus points if the movie has songs that you and your girlfriends can sing along to.

Fall Asleep Wherever You Land

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Now the party don't stop 'til you, er... drift off into a pleasant slumber! The final step to every good girls' night is, obviously, falling asleep in the comfiest, coziest place you can find in the apartment. Enjoy as much pillow talk prior to this as you can, and continue to sing the Beauty And The Beast score to yourself as you fade in to a dream world full of drafty castles and talking furniture.

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