Your Big Dog Won't Be Able To Destroy These Durable Chew Toys (That Easily)

Dogs love chewing their toys, and with good reason. It hones their natural instincts; strengthens and cleans their teeth; and relieves stress and anxiety by keeping them entertained. Unfortunately, however, if you have a big dog who tends to get overzealous with their gnawing, you may have trouble finding strong chew toys for large dogs that last.

You've probably bought your pup chew toys in the past, and they've probably destroyed those toys in minutes, leaving a room full of fluff and rubber their wake. Such a waste. That's why you'll want to spend some extra time looking for extra tough toys — aka ones without cheap fabrics, weak stitching, or flimsy materials — that are virtually indestructible and capable of withstanding your dog's most hardcore nibbles. They might cost a little more up front, but you'll ultimately save money (and your sanity) by investing in long-lasting options you won't have to repurchase over and over again.

Need some shopping inspo? Here, browse a list of super durable toys for big dogs they won't be able to resist (or destroy... that quickly). You'll find both indoor options and outdoor dog toys, ensuring your fur baby will have a blast no matter where playtime takes them.


A Sustainably-Sourced Antler Chew That Won't Fall Apart

Elk and deer antlers are among the toughest and most long-lasting toys you can get for dogs. These ultra strong, medium-sized chew toys are tough by nature, so they don't need any extra reinforcement. The protein-rich bone material provides your dog with calcium and other important minerals, even offering tartar control with each bite. These particular antlers — which are pre-sanded to eliminate rough edges — are ethically sourced from fallen pieces of antler that have already been shed on the forest floor. "My dog loves these, and I feel a lot better about her chewing on something found in nature like this than on plastic," wrote one Amazon reviewer. "It lasts forever too, and she always turns to it time and again. She prefers her antler to bones."


A Durable Ball Toy That's Infused With Mint Oil

These extra tough bouncy balls are made from a special material that's designed specifically for aggressive chewers. The texture is flexible without being mushy, and the inside is hollow, allowing your pup to gnaw at it when you're not actively playing fetch. They float in the water and are infused with mint oil. The balls are roughly 3 inches in height with a 9-inch circumference, making them a great option for large dogs. Don't believe me? An Amazon customer with a 60-pound pooch that "loves this [orange] ball so much," said in a review that "after 6 years of everything from sand to grass to mud to the ocean and the pool, the ball was still going strong."


A Super Tough Animal Chew Toy That Contains Zero Stuffing

If you have a dog who loves stuffed animals but can't help but shred them to pieces, they need one of these "plush toys" from HuggleHounds. Unlike regular animal toys that are stuffed with cotton and fuzz, these chew toys — which are available in 11 different animal options including the pictured pink pig — are constructed with a durable rubber and polyurethane foam blend. The eyes and nose are painted on, so there's nothing to rip or chew off. They even have squeakers inside for extra entertainment! A satisfied Amazon customer wrote, "As described. Indestructible, I think, even by our dog who destroys every toy on the planet trying to get the squeaker/stuffing out."


A Rope Toy Set With 11 Different Strong AF Options

Designed to be tougher than your standard rope toy, this super strong toy set features 11 ropes of varying shapes and sizes — all made with strongly woven cotton fibers that entertain your dog and floss their teeth. Though several reviewers cite that the giraffe doesn't last as long as the others, this multipack is certainly more durable than a standard option. But don't just take my word for it. Here's what a reviewer wrote: "These dog rope toys are great! They do not fray or come apart. I have a large pit/lab mix 2 month old that wants to chew everything ... She is a pretty aggressive chewer and these toys are holding up great."


A Tug-O-War Toy That Two Big Dogs Can Play With At Once

This double-sided chew toy is a fantastic, practically indestructible option for dogs who are obsessed with tug-o-war. Made of a thick, flexible rubber, it's comfortable to play with while still being able to withstand tough chewing. At 11 inches long and 6 inches wide, it's made with large dogs in mind. One enthusiastic reviewer wrote, "[My two pit bulls] have now played with this toy for almost a month, and I want to say that it has stayed perfectly intact, even with my dogs pulling on it every day. There is no wear whatsoever. This is a brilliantly manufactured product which I highly recommend."

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