5 Subtle Signs You Might Be Annoying On Social Media

by Carina Wolff

It's considered the norm to be on social media these days, but it can be hard to tell if you're using these platforms in a healthy way or going over the top. If you're worried you might be going too far, you'll want to watch out for some subtle signs you're annoying on social media. It might seem harmless to always take to Facebook when you want to get your feelings off your chest, but you might unknowingly be irking others. Social media can be a great tool, but it can also put a strain on your relationship with people and how they view you.

"As with most things in life, moderation is key and social media is no different," says social media and influencer expert Brendan Gahan over email. "If you use social media as a distraction in order to avoid interacting with the 'real world' then you've got a problem."

Everyone's habits are different, and some things bother certain people more than others, but to be safe, you don't want your online habits to tarnish your real life reputation. If you suspect you might be bothering others on the internet, watch out for these seven subtle signs that you're annoying on social media.


You're Getting Blocked Or Unfriended


Perhaps the most obvious sign that you're annoying others is if you find that you're frequently getting deleted. "You find that people you are attempting to follow on Twitter have 'blocked' you, or you discover someone you were once connected to on LinkedIn or Facebook is no longer a connections," says Linda Pophal, owner of Strategic Communications, over email. "Those are very good signs that something you did/said was found to be annoying. The more often this happens, the better the odds are that your content is turning some people off."


You're Always Trying To Sell A Product


Social media can be a great promotion tool, but keep your business and your personal pages separate. "If you're proud of an accomplishment or are starting a new business, it's fine to share that with your friends and family," says Elkins. "But when most posts are an attempt to sell you products or expertise, it gets old."


You Aren't Being Yourself


Posting every fun thing you do every single day can really rub people the wrong way. "I get it, you had rosé today, and you went bicycling with cute picnic baskets in the front, and you decided to have brunch at the beach, and you had some oysters wearing a super cute top, and you have a 'perfect life,' but with each increasing post, not only do I grow annoyed, but also question the authenticity of each and every encounter," says social media manager Adam Clegg over email.


You're Openly Judgmental


Real life rules still apply on the internet, and that includes being kind and compassionate. "This is not to eschew that critical thinking, debate and dialogue are without merit — they are definitely necessary — but the law of attraction both on and off screen posits that people will gravitate away from and even block those that are constantly judgmental," says Bais. "Rule of thumb: build up, not tear down, whether it's a person, post, or populace."


You Subtweet People


Sometimes it feels good to vent online, but if it becomes a habit, your friends might start to see you as full of drama, or even worse, they might constantly fear you're talking about them. "Subtweet too often, and people may peg you as passive aggressive, weak, or cowardly, none of which bolsters self-esteem," says Bais.