Surprising Places You Should Be Putting Sunscreen


Just because it's the beginning of January doesn't mean that you can forget about sunscreen. While you might not necessarily feel the heat of the sun beating down on you during the winter months of the year, the sun and its good 'ol UV rays are just as powerful as they are in the heat of summer. That means you're probably neglecting these five surprising places that need sunscreen. If I remember anything from my only time skiing, it's that you most definitely have to wear sunscreen no matter how cold your body is.

Sure, you know that you need to apply sunscreen on the daily to protect your skin from any UV rays to begin with, as well as every part of your body that is exposed to the sunlight. Still, there are probably a few places you're forgetting to slather some SPF on. The worst news? When those surprising places get burnt or even a little pink, they can often be the places that hurt the most. So skip the unnecessary bottle of aloe vera and make sure you're getting these sneaky places covered in as much sunscreen as possible! You'll thank me later, I can promise you that.

Here are five unsuspecting places to remember to apply sunscreen on.

1. Scalp


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A sunburned scalp might be the most painful of them all. Avoid having a red, itchy, and flaky head by applying sunscreen to the area of skin where your hair parts.

2. Ears

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Ears are easily exposed to the sun, whether you're driving on the road or are going outside for a walk. It's a good idea to put sunscreen on your entire ear, but it's especially important to get the tops of your ears!

3. Eyelids


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Your eyelids might be one of the least expected places to put your sunscreen, which makes it all the more imperative to cover your bases! If your eyelids are sensitive to sunscreen, opt for sunglasses instead.

4. Lips


COOLA Liplux SPF 15 in Vanilla Peppermint, $12,

As a sensitive area of your face, lips are prone to becoming sunburned easily. Luckily, most lip balms have a level of SPF in them already, but if you know you'll be out for a while, be sure to grab one meant for the sun.

5. Hands


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The backs of your hands might be one of the last places you think of applying sunscreen, since you're using your hands to apply it everywhere else! Since they're constantly exposed to the sun on a daily basis, these can show how much aging has occurred over your life.