5 Genius Shopping Hacks That Will Save You Money At Aldi & Most Grocery Stores

Matthew Horwood/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Aldi is known for their affordable prices and values, but you might end up spending more money there than you need to if you don't shop wisely. These five ways to save money while shopping at Aldi are not necessarily intuitive — they don't offer or accept coupons like some other discount grocers — but once you have the gist of how their system works, you'll likely never overspend again.

Just because a grocery store is considered affordable doesn't mean that all of their items are priced in the same range. For example, Aldi is known for their great deals on produce, but some of the store's wellness, beauty, and health items trend on the pricer side. So you might need to supplement certain items at different stores.

Knowing how to navigate sale items and what to look for and what to avoid will help you get the most out of what the store has to offer. Here's are five things to consider before shopping at Aldi. In some cases, your grocery shopping might start at home with a little research and planning ahead to ensure you're finding the cheapest option with the highest value for each item on your grocery list.

1. Read The Circulars


If you're not familiar with circulars, you'll want to get acquainted. Aldi has two different circulars, which you can find online or in the store by the exit. One features the weekly sales and the other features new and limited-time additions to the store. Inventory is not always the same at Aldi, so you'll want to check the circulars to see what new items might be available for the upcoming week.

2. Check Out Aldi Finds

Aldi Finds is a section of the store dedicated to great deals. Before you begin shopping, walk down these aisles to see if you can knock anything off your list here. If you stick to your list and don't allow yourself to be tempted by discounted items you don't need, this section will actually help you save money.

3. Bring Your Own Reusable Shopping Bag


While it's important to bring your own reusable shopping bags to Aldi for environmental purposes, you'll have to pay five or 10 cents for each bag if you don't. While it doesn't sound like a lot of money, it's an avoidable cost that really can add up over the months and years.

4. Scan For Clearance Items

Throughout the store you'll find clearance stickers for items that aren't necessarily advertised in the circulars. Seasonal items are often the first thing to hit clearance, especially after the holiday has passed. In the bakery, deli, and prepared foods section items get marked down the longer they're on the shelves too, so if you're cool with a loaf of bread that's a day or two old, you'll save good money on it.

5. Shop In The Store


Aldi has delivery partnerships with companies like Instacart, but it's cheaper to shop in store to avoid fees. Depending on where you live, opting for delivery might defeat the any of your saving efforts, so organize your schedule around your grocery shopping trips so that it fits.