5 Fast Food Chains Getting In On Your Love Life

Joshua Resnick/Fotolia

When it comes to romance, we usually think of traditionally romantic things. Like, say, bubble baths with our partner, drinking wine in bed before a proper and extremely fulfilling romp, or being proposed to on a mountain top, while the wind blows our hair in such a way that it's like the moment has been plucked right out of a movie. I think it might be somewhat rare that ideas of romance are conjured up at the thought of, oh, I don't know... KFC. Although they do have fantastic mashed potatoes.

What's romantic is apparently changing. While there will always be those who will hope for that proposal on a mountain top or scrawled across a scoreboard at a Red Sox game, others are turning to fast food joints for their memorable moments. And, not that we should be totally surprised, but fast food joints, are willing to deliver.

Although you can pretty much have any fast food restaurant cater your wedding, there are actually some fast food businesses that offer wedding packages, specific for all your wedding needs. There are also, as we've learned in recent weeks, a specific fast food chain that wants to make your sex life better.

So who are these places that want in on your sex and love life? Well, these five for starters... but I'm hoping this becomes a trend.


Burger King

When word began to spread the week of Valentine’s Day that a Burger King in Israel was giving out “adult toys,” there was a collective WTF. Not because there’s anything wrong with sex toys; on the contrary, sex toys are a very important component to a healthy sex life, but Burger King isn't typically where you go to spice up your sex life.

Although the “Adult Meal,” was only available on Valentine’s Day, in order to justify this sexually progressive move, Burger King told AdWeek, “Kids have got their ‘Kid’s Meal.’ But what about grownups? Adults? Shouldn’t they have their own meal too? At least on Valentine’s?” They definitely have a point.


White Castle

In news that's completely new to me, every Valentine's Day White Castle takes love to whole new level. Since 1991 the fast food chain has been celebrating V-Day by not only dolling up their restaurants with actual linens on the table, candles, adding things to the menu with such names like "Love at First Bite" and "Turn Up the Heat," and including actual waiter service, but it's also a reservation-only event. It's definitely something to consider when you start planning for Valentine's Day next year. I've never been to White Castle, but I hear they have mini-burgers. I love mini-burgers, because you can, like, a dozen.


Taco Bell

Starting this summer, you can get married at Taco Bell. Yep! Crunchy gorditas for all! Although only available at Taco Bell's flagship restaurant in Las Vegas, where they actually have a chapel on the second floor, for only $600 you and your partner can get hitched at Taco Bell, then enjoy a reception in the restaurant for up to 15 of your nearest and dearest. The best part? The bride gets a Sauce Packet bouquet.



For the pizza lover (and who isn't a pizza lover?), &Pizza offers pretty much a dream wedding: A pizza wedding.

For the second year in a row, on March 14, D.C. area pizza joint, &Pizza, will turn their pizza shops into "Vegas-style wedding chapels," in honor of Pi Day. From 10 a.m. to 9 p.m., couples can get in on the action (although you must sign up first, of course) and tie the knot at any of &Pizza's three locations. There won't just be pizza, but craft beers, an officiant, music, photographers, balloons — you name it! — and, obviously, more pizza. So much pizza! ALL THE PIZZA.

So if you're in love with pizza and can wrangle someone into marrying you at a pizza joint on Pi Day, get in line, and make all your dreams come true.



In Hong Kong, if you want to get married at McDonald's you absolutely can. Not only that, but they offer multiple packages for engagement parties, anniversaries, and any other romantic moment in your life that you'd like to experience at McDonald's. As it reads on its website:

Our Wedding Party packages have just everything you need, including unique venue decoration, customized games and special gifts for bride & groom and your guests. Everything will be taken care of by McDonald's. All you need to do is to be there and enjoy the moment of your lifetime. Talk to us now to see how we can help you make your moment.

That's right; they customize games. Definitely click on the site and check out all the balloons you can choose from, in addition to everything else.

Although there are only a few fast food chains getting in our love lives at the moment, I do firmly believe this is just the beginning. You never know; one of these days you might get to the bottom of your taco bowl at Chipotle and realize there's a cock ring in there for you and your partner to play with later. That's what I call hitting the jackpot.