5 Women Share The Beauty Trick That Makes Them Feel Invincible

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When you’ve got a big job interview to ace, a first date to crush, or a presentation to power through, sometimes a favorite beauty look is all you need to kick your confidence into high gear. Maybe you stand up a little straighter when you rock your signature red lip or feel like you can conquer the world when you have freshly filed nails. And on those in-between days when you’re feeling powerless or unnoticed, that makeup trick can even help you fake it ‘til you make it: When you look good, you start to feel good, too.

Whatever it is, when you've found that one thing that makes you look and feel amazing in a pinch, you’ve found a secret weapon — like that favorite pair of jeans that hugs you in all the right places… but for your face. (You get it.) To help inspire you to find the go-to trick that makes you feel invincible, we’ve asked five women to share theirs. In partnership with Revlon, they’ve offered up a cool smudged smoky eye, a killer winged liner, tips for the perfect bright lip, and more. Read on to find out what you could add to your beauty-confidence arsenal.

Elly, 25

“Before heading out the door, I always add a swipe of bright lipstick with a few taps of glossy balm on top for extra shine. It makes me feel like my best self — and when I'm at my most comfortable, I feel unstoppable.”

Audrey, 27

“Believe or not, the first makeup trick I learned was how to draw the perfect winged eyeliner. It takes focus, precision, and having an eye for symmetry, but I've been practicing since I was 13. Oh, and a liquid eyeliner that glides along is also key to making it work, too! Not to brag, but I can even do it on a moving train. It's sort of like my armor. It always makes me feel like I'm the best version of myself.”

Shyema, 34

“I love smudged out, smoky shadows that can be done in a pinch. I use a brown cream eye shadow with a little shimmer along my lids and then smudge it out using my finger. Then I'll buff a dark taupe/sandalwood shade into my crease to give it a little depth. I'll finish it off using a black eye pencil really close to my lash line and just smudge it the tiniest bit with an angled eyeliner brush before it sets. This is easy to master, because you don’t have to be precise with the shadows, and it makes me feel fierce AF.”

Hannah, 23

“My trick is super simple. Whenever I’m in a pinch, I love just swiping on my favorite lipstick and calling it a day. I feel like it’s the easiest and fastest way to give people the illusion that I have a full face of makeup on without having to do everything else!”

Irma, 27

"Even though I love a good cat-eye, there's nothing that makes me feel more invincible than the perfect contour. First, I apply a little bit of concealer on the bridge of my nose, under my eyes, and on my forehead. Then, using a brush, I buff some bronzer into the hollows of my cheeks and along my hairline. And just like that, I'm ready to go!"

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