5 Zodiac Signs For Whom Cheating Is Basically A Dealbreaker


Every relationship goes through a few bumps in the road, from disagreements to times when you just aren't connecting. But sometimes things get even worse, and you have to decide whether to forgive a partner who cheated or if you want to end things altogether. A big decision like this can depend on a number of different favors, but your zodiac sign can suggest whether or not you'll be able to put the infidelity behind you, according to astrology experts.

It often comes down to your personality and how you approach relationships in general. "Sagittarius folks are big-picture thinkers, they can see the value of the whole relationship beyond one cheating incident," Jennifer Lakshmi Dove, a trained astrologer and certified Martha Beck life coach, tells Bustle. "They see the benefits to staying by looking at the relationship’s past and its possible future. ... They will give you the benefit of the doubt and will try to salvage the connection."

Forgiveness might come easily to a Sagittarius, but a few other signs find it difficult — or even impossible — to move forward in a relationship with their partner after they've been unfaithful. Here are the zodiac signs that are unlikely to forgive a cheating partner, according to astrology experts.