5 Zodiac Signs The November 2018 Full Moon Will Affect The Least


Each lunar cycle ends with a Full Moon, a time that is always full of emotions and energy, and is important to pay attention to. A Full Moon signifies completion, both in the lunar cycle and in our lives. It's a time for revelations, when a spotlight gets shone on the things we've been working towards and what is no longer serving us. On Nov. 22, the Full Moon will rise in Gemini, and it will be ruled by Mercury, meaning that it's going to affect everyone. As usual, though, certain zodiac signs will be affected the least by the November Full Moon, and you probably want to know if yours is one. But first, what exactly should you expect overall?

The fact that the Full Moon falls in Gemini means that, according to AstroStyle, it could be described as "footloose and fancy-free." Geminis are all over the place, and once we're under their influence, we all will be too. Our sense of self is going to feel more fluid, and we'll find that we want to try out different identities rather than be held down or defined by just one particular label. And since the sun is in Sagittarius, opposing this Full Moon, we'll be able to gain some wisdom and get new insight into so many things.

At the same time, we might feel less energized and centered as Gemini pulls us in a million different directions. Try not to get too carried away and overwhelmed during this Full Moon. If you're one of the below signs, though, you don't have too much to worry about. Bustle spoke with astrologer Lisa Stardust, who talked about the zodiac signs that will be least affected by this lunar cycle: