5 Meditations To Help You Survive This Month’s Intense Full Moon

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On Friday, Nov. 23, at 12:39 a.m. EST, a full moon will rise in the sky bringing the last lunar cycle of the fall to a close. As this season and cycle reach an ending, a lot of thoughts and feelings are bound to come forward. To make the most out of this month's lunar experience, and to honor the fall's last full moon, you'll want to consider some meditations for the November full moon. Having some kind of spiritual or psychological prompt can help you to carve out the time and mental space to be contemplative, reflective and proactive in your thoughts — which is super important to do before starting a new lunar cycle and season.

Transitional times can be hugely inspirational or chaotically stressful, depending on how you regard them. If you greet the season and cycle's change after meditating and getting yourself centered, you'll be prepared to take on whatever stresses or obstacles that come your way. If you don't take the time to stop and think, you could find yourself feeling overwhelmed, disoriented, and frustrated with stressors that you're totally capable of overcoming. To ensure that you make the most out of November's full moon, Bustle talked to yogi and healer Eva Giorgi about some super helpful meditation techniques that you can try at home. All it takes is a few minutes of quiet focus, and you can ready yourself for anything. Face the winter season with a clear mind, an open heart, and a balanced step. Here's your meditative guide to a positive and productive winter season as we begin to leave the fall behind.

Bath Mediation

Girorgi says that taking the time to make a candle-lit bath for yourself is an important full moon ritual. You can let your mind wander in the reflective space and the experience in itself will act as a mediation. The mood and temperature will help your mind get into that mediative space that will help you get centered and go forward.

Calendar Mediation

Instead of thinking about a certain mantra or holding a certain pose, pull out your calendar or diary and take a look at how you've been spending your time over the last lunar cycle. Think about whether you're happy with this breakdown or if there are things you want to do, but didn't find the time to, or alternatively, things that you spend a lot of time on that you wish you didn't. Let this reflection act as a meditative act.

Alternative Breathing

Sit in a comfortable position in a quiet space and quiet the mind by doing the following: Place your right thumb on your right nostril, place your right ring finger on your left nostril. Place your right pointer finger on your third eye, (the area on your forehead between your eyes). Release your right thumb and inhale thru your right nostril for a count of six. Hold both sides and your breath for a count of seven. Exhale left nostril for a count of eight. Inhale left nostril for a count of six. Hold both sides and your breath for a count of seven. Exhale right nostril for eight. Inhale right nostril for six. Hold both sides for seven. Exhale. left side for eight. Set a timer for five minutes and repeat this process as many times as you can, comfortably in that time.

Turn It Up

Find a cozy and private space in your home and listen to this mediation that will help to increase your mental frequency and activate your mind. It's only about 10 minutes and will make you feel totally refreshed and recharged, no matter what you believe in.

Sleep It Off

Getting a good and peaceful night's sleep after the full moon is super important. If you're not big on activating mediations, this sleep inducing mediation will help you drift off into a really deep sleep, but not before bringing forward some reflecting thoughts on the month behind and the month and season ahead.