50 Most Entertaining Gifts On Amazon According To Thousands Of Reviewers


It's not always easy to find the perfect gift. Some people have unique tastes that make them hard to shop for, whereas others are happy with practically anything (which comes with its own set of challenges). Luckily for you, me, and everybody else, there are tons of clever, trending gifts on Amazon that our friends and family actually want.

Maybe you have a loved one who adores a good prank; in that case, I've included a talking toilet paper spindle that lets you record messages. Or if your family loves sitting down for a wholesome game night, I've made sure to showcase a ton of board games that are fun for kids and adults alike. Maybe you're looking for an ice-cream maker or a cake-pop machine for the person with a sweet tooth — but either way, you really can't go wrong with all the unique gifts that Amazon has to offer.

How can I be so sure? Well, almost every item on this list has at least 1,000 rave reviews (and some have 60 times that), so you're not just taking my word for it. Each item comes highly rated and recommended by countless Amazon users who say things like, "One of the best gifts ever," and "I gave this to everyone on my list."


This Adult Card Game That Has You Create Hilarious Memes

Made for players aged 17 and up, this fun party game has players create memes by combining funny caption cards with classic pictures you see all over the Internet. Players take turns acting as judges, and when your meme gets chosen as the funniest, you get a point. "Couldn't. Stop. Playing," one reviewer wrote. "We couldn’t breathe from laughing so hard!"


This Kit That Lets You Grow Your Own Venus Fly Trap

There's no watering, feeding, or sunlight required with this Venus fly trap kit, which makes it perfect for anyone with a black thumb. That said, it's anything but boring. The Venus fly trap grows inside of a self-sustaining terrarium, and your plant should be fully grown within about two months.


This Streaming Device With Over 60,000 Reviews

Just plug it into your television's HDMI port, and the Amazon fire stick will let you stream Netflix, Hulu, HBO, and Prime Video. There are also thousands of fun games and apps that are available to download, plus it supports 4K ultra-HD video. No wonder it has over 60,000 reviews and people call it "one of the best gifts ever."


A Bluetooth Speaker That's Weather- And Splash-Proof

Not only does it have a range of up to 100 feet, but this super popular Bluetooth speaker is also rain- and splash-proof so that you can safely use it outside. It's able to play music for up to 14 hours when fully charged, plus there's also an aux input so that you don't necessarily need a Bluetooth-compatible device to use it.


The Chemistry Kit That Lets You Make Your Own Candy

With this food science kit, your favorite chemist can make chocolate, rock candy, or lollipops. Unlike other candy kits, this one also introduces STEM concepts by allowing you to test for sugar, solubility, and more — plus each kit comes with over 40 experiments.


A Ridiculous Card Game That's Fun For Kids And Adults Alike

If you're looking for a game that's fun for the whole family, look no further than this Exploding Kittens card game (or if you're only looking for fun for the adults in the family, check out this NSFA edition).

The game only takes a few minutes to learn. Players take turns drawing cards, but if they pull an exploding kitten, they're automatically out. You can avoid the kitten by playing defuse, attack, or skip cards, but however you try to win, 10,000 reviewers can't be wrong.


The Best Alarm Clock For Heavy Sleepers

If you have trouble getting up in the mornings, try using this sonic bomb alarm clock. Not only is it incredibly loud, but it also shakes your bed so that the heaviest of sleepers can't ignore it. The volume is adjustable, and the face is dimmable so you can easily sleep with it next to your bed.


A Gift That's Perfect For Any Hot Sauce Aficionado

If you or someone you know has a love for quality hot sauce, make sure you grab this hot sauce gift set. Each order comes with four flavors: antidote, zombie cajun, garlic, and lagniappe. One Amazon reviewer raved that it's a "wicked cool gift" and they "will definitely be back for more."


The Party Game Where The More Players You Have, The Better

It doesn't matter whether you have two or 20 — the more people you have playing Drunk, Stoned, or Stupid, the better. Players draw cards and try to determine which one of their friends is the most likely to commit the act on the card. Some examples include "spends all day interpreting a text," "goes missing within 15 minutes of going out," and "wake up with half a burrito in bed." It's definitely NSFW, but buyers can't get enough of it.


A Kit For Growing Organic Oyster Mushrooms

Just give it a quick spritz of water twice a day, and this mushroom kit will quickly grow delicious, organic oyster mushrooms in a little over one week. It works all year long no matter what season it is, and you don't even need direct sunlight for it to flourish.


A Popular Adult Coloring Book To Help Someone Unwind

With over 50 fun animal patterns to choose from, this adult coloring book is an easy way to help someone relax after a long day. The pages are single-sided so that you won't have to worry about markers and pens bleeding through, and the intricate designs are ideal for cultivating mindfulness and creativity.


A Kit That Gets You Started Growing Your Own Bonsai Tree

Instead of buying a bonsai tree at the store, this kit makes for a much more interactive, unique gift. Each order comes with easy step-by-step instructions that even people with zero gardening experience can follow, not to mention four types of seeds: Rocky Mountain bristlecone pine, black poui, Norway spruce, and flame tree.


The Fish Tank That Lets You Safely Keep 3 Betta Fish Together

Betta fish are infamous for fighting each other if they're in the same tank, which is why this special tank is made with frosted panels that prevent your fish from seeing each other. It also features a built-in pump that lets you adjust the flow of water into each chamber, and it's also great for housing crustaceans, too.


A Reversible Sequin Pillow Case For DIY Designs

Not only are the sequins on this pillow case reversible, but you can also draw fun designs — which, from personal experience, is a lot more fun than it sounds. The zipper helps keep your pillow securely inside, plus it's available in a variety of colors, including fuchsia, champagne, and teal.


The Best Gift For The Avid Reader In Your Life

The battery last for weeks when fully charged, but this Kindle also lets you highlight passages, look up definitions, or even translate words. Unlike other tablets, this one won't reflect a glare if you're using it in the sun, and you can also adjust the text size. "I'm known for returning most gifts," one person said, but "to my surprise, I've really enjoyed the thing."


A Strategic Card Game That Has Players Build A Unicorn Army

Made for up to eight players, Unstable Unicorns is a strategic card game where you try to collect seven unicorns using a variety of upgrade, downgrade, and magic cards. Keep in mind that your opponents are also using these cards against you in their pursuit of unicorns, so despite the adorable theme, be prepared for things to get heated.


This Canvas That Erases Itself So That You Can Use It Over And Over Again

Just dip the included brush into water, and you can draw fun, temporary designs on this Buddha board; they'll then gradually disappear as the water evaporates. It's an easy way for people of all ages to brainstorm or relax after a stressful day, which is why it has hundreds of ratings and a best-seller status.


A Camera That Instantly Prints Smudge-Proof Pictures

Instead of paying to have your film developed at the store, this instant digital camera prints your pictures immediately. The photos are both smudge-proof and ready in just under one minute — plus they even have an adhesive backing so you can post them around your home.


The Game That Has You Work As A Team To Defeat Fascism

Perfect for history buffs and strategic thinkers alike, Secret Hitler discretely divides players into two teams: liberals and fascists. Liberals look at other players' actions and words to try and figure out if they're fascists or not, whereas fascists work to sow distrust. The "Secret Hitler," however, does not know who is a liberal or a fascist, and must play their own game of detective in order to avoid being caught. "I’ve gifted it about 3 times," one reviewer wrote, which explains the near-perfect rating.


A Kit That Lets You Build Your Own Music Box

Whereas most music boxes come pre-loaded with basic nursery rhymes, this music box kit lets you choose from contemporary songs, including "Stairway to Heaven," "Yellow Submarine," or even your own custom tune. Many Amazon reviewers noted that it's a great stocking stuffer, and tons rave about the sound quality.


This Cornhole Set That Comes With Its Own Travel Case

In addition to its own travel case, this cornhole set also comes with eight all-weather bean bags: four blue, and four red. This set is great for tailgating, BBQs, or even relaxing days by the beach, plus the rustic design is a nice added touch.


A Family Game That Combines Telephone With Pictionary

Made for up to eight players, Telestrations has players pick a card before trying to illustrate the phrase on it. They then pass their drawing to the next person, who tries to guess what the original card says. I've personally played this game dozens of times, and I can practically guarantee that you'll laugh out loud at some of the nutty guesses and doodles people come up with.


The Outdoor Lawn Game That Gets Your Blood Pumping

Think of Slammo like a mixture of volleyball and handball, but with a netted trampoline in the middle. Players use their hands to hit the ball into the trampoline, volleying it back and forth until someone misses. The first team to 21 points wins — plus each order comes with a carrying case so you can take it to picnics, backyard parties, and the beach.


A Classic Board Game With Over 2,000 Positive Reviews

Made for up to four players, Catan has players strategically build settlements across the board in order to gain the most resources. Each game only takes about one hour to play (which is great for rainy days indoors) — plus with over 2,000 four- and five-star reviews, it's clear that this game is a hit with Amazon shoppers.


This Miniature Projector That's Compatible With Your Smartphone

Compact enough that it can fit into your backpack or purse, this miniature projector lets you play videos from your smartphone; that way, you don't have to strain your eyes staring at a small screen. You can also connect it to laptops, DVD players, Chromecast, and more, plus the projector bulb on the inside is designed to last for up to 30,000 hours.


A Family-Friendly Game That Requires You To Think On Your Feet

Suitable for ages 13 and up, Taboo has players draw cards, then work in teams to try and guess what word is on the card — but without saying any of the forbidden phrases. For example, the main word could be "brain freeze," but players aren't allowed to say "headache," "ice cream," or "cold" in their attempts to describe the word to their teammates.


The Machine That Bakes Delicious Cake Pops And Donut Holes

Able to bake up to 12 cake pops or donut holes, this cake pop maker is designed with non-stick baking plates so that they're easy to clean when you're done cooking. Each order comes with 50 sticks and a plastic cake pop stand, as well as a recipe book to get you started.


A Bocce Ball Set That's Perfect For A Warm Day Outside

No matter where they find themselves, this bocce ball set is a fun way to pass the time outside. You can play it on your lawn or on the beach, and each order also comes with a black carrying pouch for portability.


The Ice Cream Maker That Does All The Churning For You

Some ice cream makers require you to physically shake your way to a delicious tub of dessert — but not this one. It has an electric motor that does all the churning for you, and the transparent lid makes it easy to store any leftovers in the freezer.


A Family-Friendly Game For Anyone Who Loves Music

Suitable for ages 8 and up, Spontuneous has players draw a card, then race to see who can blurt out a song containing that word the fastest. You can play it in teams as well as individuals, and one Amazon reviewer raved that this game "brought laughs and tears running down our cheeks as the whole table would break out into a song."


The Kit That Lets You Grow Practically Anything In Your AeroGarden

This kit comes with everything you need to get started growing plants using your indoor AeroGarden (not including the seeds). You also get a bottle of specially formulated liquid nutrients to help your plants thrive, and Amazon reviewers can't stop talking about how easy it is to use.


A Fidget Toy That Can Help Alleviate Stress

Gift this one to the person who could use a little de-stressing or quiet fidgeting. Thanks to its various hinged pieces, this infinity fidget cube is easy way to keep your mind busy if you're feeling out of sorts — and it can even help improve the flexibility in your hands.


The Game That's Perfect For Players Aged 4 And Up

If you're looking for a game that even young children can play, might I suggest Yeti in My Spaghetti? Players take turns removing noodles from across the top of the bowl, and whoever causes the Yeti to fall automatically loses. Each order comes with 30 noodles, a bowl, and — of course — the Yeti.


A Family-Friendly Card Game That's Easy To Learn

Plenty of Amazon reviewers write that Cover Your Assets is easy to learn, likely because this game comes with simple-to-follow rules so you can start immediately. Players stack assets on top of each other to create stockpiles, and the first player to $1 million wins. You can also steal assets from other players.


The Toilet Paper Spindle That Lets You Record Messages

If you're tired of people not replacing the toilet paper once it runs out, this talking toilet paper spindle allows you to record (and re-record) a reminder. It then automatically plays when someone reaches for a sheet. It's designed to fit most toilet paper holders, and reviewers say, "This should really be standard in every home."


A Piece Of Radioactive Uranium Ore

If you're looking for an easy way to get your kids interested in science, this uranium ore has over 1,200 reviews. You can use a Geiger counter to measure the radiation, and one Amazon reviewer even wrote that it's "great for a science fair project."


This Labyrinth Board Game With A Near-Perfect Rating

Designed so that the whole family can play, this board game is super easy to learn for ages 7 and up. Each game only takes about 30 minutes, and the objective is simple: be the first one to make it all the way through the maze. Reviewers have given it a near-perfect rating because it's "engaging and challenging" for all ages.


A Kit That Helps Someone Practice Their Stitches

Here's one for your favorite survivalist: this practice suture kit. It comes with 14 different types of skin cuts for you to practice stitching, and many Amazon reviewers wrote how it's great practice, even if you're not in the medical field.


The Box Of Conversation Starters To Prompt Deep Discussions

Use them to get to know your significant other, or use these conversation starters for long car rides, a tabletop game, or a wedding gift. Each box comes with 88 conversations, which reviewers say "turned out to be fun and helpful."


A Giant Red Button That Lets You Call It How You See It

Anytime you suspect there's some tomfoolery afoot, just press the official BS button. It won't end the tomfoolery, but it's a fun way to call the situation how you see it, without having to say a single word yourself.


These Measuring Cups Designed To Look Like Nesting Dolls

Yes, they nest inside of each other to help save you space, but these measuring cups are also made from heavy-duty, BPA-free plastic. They work perfectly as a housewarming gift, and they're an easy way to give your kitchen some personality and practicality simultaneously.


A Window Blind Duster That Comes With 5 Microfiber Sleeves

Complete with five replacement sleeves, this window blind duster simultaneously cleans both the tops and bottoms of your blinds in order to help save you time. The sleeves can easily be washed and reused, plus they also work great when cleaning air vents, fans, and shelves.


The Strategy Game That Takes Less Than 1 Minute To Learn

If you're looking for a family-friendly strategy game, look no further than Blokus. Players take turns placing their colored pieces on the board, and each piece has to touch another of the same color — but only at the corners. The game ends when no more pieces can be put down, and whoever has the most pieces on the board wins.


A Bob Ross Mug That Switches Designs When Hot

You don't have to be a fan of Bob Ross to enjoy this design-changing mug. Just pour in your favorite hot beverage, and the background on this mug will transform into one of Ross' beautiful landscapes — no artistic skill required.


These Smart Light Bulbs That Are Compatible With Alexa

Control these smart light bulbs using just your voice thanks to their Alexa compatibility. They also feature millions of colors that you can access from the free downloadable app. Each bulb has a lifetime of up to 30,000 hours since they're energy-efficient LEDs, and you can even set schedules so that your lights are on when you come home.


An Adult Party Game That Helps You Get To Know Your Friends Better

Made for up to 10 players, this adult party game has players vote on which person is most likely to fit the description on the card. Some examples include "Who would survive the longest in a zombie apocalypse?" as well as "Whose Google search history would you like to see the most?"


The Wine Holder Shaped Like A Fun Unicorn

Help someone spice up their kitchen, dorm room, or home bar with this unicorn wine holder. It's made from high-quality, durable polyresin, and it works great as a casual conversation starter during dinner parties.


A Classic Console That Comes Pre-Loaded With Games

This video game console comes pre-loaded with the classics and includes a controller so you can start playing right out of the box. Some of the pre-loaded games include Super Mario Bros, Donkey Kong, The Legend of Zelda, and more.


The Book That Gives You Scientific Answers To Absurd Hypothetical Questions

If you've ever wondered what would happened if you tried to hit a baseball pitched at 90% the speed of light, then this book is for you. It's filled with fun, scientific answers to incredibly absurd questions, and with over 3,700 positive four- and five-star reviews, it's clear this book is a hit — especially with kids who ask tons of questions.


A Classic Adult Party Game That's Extra-Raunchy

You've probably played Cards Against Humanity before, but this updated version comes with over 150 new cards that you probably haven't seen. It's a great way to get to know your friends on a deeper, raunchier level, and many Amazon reviewers warned that it's not for the "faint of heart."

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