50 Products That Make You Look & Feel Better With Tons Of Amazing Amazon Reviews

It’s important to take good care of yourself, but it’s not always easy. Sometimes I just don’t feel like eating kale, or pedaling away on a stationary bike. And while I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself a couch potato, there are days where I spend more time laying horizontally than I do walking upright. Luckily, there are tons of brilliant products that can help you look and feel your best, even if you’re feeling lazy.

Don’t get me wrong — nothing can replace the sense of satisfaction you get from a good workout. But when I want an instant mood boost that doesn’t require any sweating, I head straight to all the genius products you can find on Amazon. If I ever need help relaxing, I just use an essential oil shower bomb to help ease my mind while I bathe. Or, if I wake up in a bad mood, I'll read a few of the daily affirmation cards that help get your day started on the right foot. The options are almost endless, and practically all of them come with free two-day Prime shipping.

If you aren’t sure exactly where to start looking for these products, don’t worry — I’ve rounded up some of the most clever products that can help you get into a good mood. So whether you’re looking for a quick pick-me-up before you leave for work, or a light therapy lamp to help melt away the months-long winter blues, there's a little something for everybody in this list.


This Facial Steamer That Comes With A Set Of Blemish Tools

There's no reason to go to the spa for a facial when you can use this personal steamer right at home. You can adjust the temperature depending on how intense of a facial you're looking for, and it's able to provide up to 30 minutes of continuous steam. Each order also comes with a set of blackhead extraction tools made from stainless steel.


These Sheet Masks Infused With Moisturizing Honey

If you're looking to give your complexion a nourishing dose of antioxidants, be sure to give these sheet masks a try. Each one is infused with honey and flower extracts that are loaded with antioxidants, plus the added hyaluronic acid is great for helping to fight inflammation. They're gentle enough that you can use them everyday, and you only need to wear them for about 20 minutes.


This Electric Foot File That Helps You Get Your Feet Super-Soft

This electric foot file is a must-have for your DIY pedicures. It comes with three interchangeable roller heads that range from fine to super-coarse, and there are two speeds to choose from depending on how tough your calluses are. The best part? It's also waterproof, which means you can use it in the shower.


A Cleanser That Helps Regulate Your Skin's Oil Production

Not only is this foaming cleanser great for cleansing away dirt from your pores, but it can also help regulate your complexion's oil production in order to help reduce shine. Reviewers who use this cleanser absolutely swear by it, with one raving that "this cleanses my face thoroughly without leaving it feeling dry or stripped."


This Jade Roller That Can Help Reduce Puffy Eyes

Instead of rubbing in your serum or moisturizer with your fingers, use this luxurious jade facial roller. It's constructed from genuine jade stone, and you can even pop it into the freezer for a few minutes for a quick way to cool down after a hot day. Use it to help reduce tired, puffy eyes, as well as stimulate blood flow in your complexion.


These Cult-Favorite Lip Balms That Come In Yummy Flavors

If you're aiming to eliminate harsh chemicals from your beauty products, this pack of Burt's Bees lip balm is essential. Made from a blend of fruit extracts and organic beeswax, simply rub them over your lips to give them a nourishing dose of hydration. Each order comes with four flavors: vanilla, strawberry, original, and coconut.


A Hair Dryer Brush That Adds Volume To Flat Roots

Style, and dry your hair at the same time with this ultra-volumizing hair dryer brush. It dries your hair while you brush out knots, and the bristles are made from heat-resistant nylon that won't burn your scalp. Use this brush close to your roots to give them some volume, plus it can even help reduce frizz.


This Weighted Blanket That Can Help You Fall Asleep At Night

If you toss and turn all night, this weighted blanket is a total lifesaver. It provides just enough pressure to help you feel secure but not suffocated, and the box stitching ensures that the glass bead fillings are distributed evenly throughout. Sleeping with this blanket can even help with ailments like insomnia or anxiety, plus it's made from 100% breathable cotton.


An Extra-Firm Foam Roller That Can Support Up To 300 Pounds

This extra-firm roller reaches deep into your muscles to help increase blood flow while simultaneously loosening up tight knots. It's made from high-density foam that won't fall flat over time, and it's sturdy enough that it can easily support up to 300 pounds. Take it with you to the gym for a quick post-workout release, or even use it at home when you're feeling tense.


This Moisturizing Cream That You Can Use All Over Your Body

Looking for a moisturizer that won't clog your pores? This non-comedogenic cream is the answer. The essential fatty acids in the formula create a barrier on top of your skin that helps protect it from the elements, while simultaneously locking in moisture. It's also infused with hyaluronic acid that's great for helping reduce inflammation, plus you can safely use it all over your body.


An Essential Oil Diffuser That's Compatible With Alexa

You don't even have to get off your couch to use this smart essential oil diffuser. Simply download the free app onto your smartphone, and you'll able able to control it from anywhere in your home. It's also compatible with Alexa, which means that you can even control this diffuser using voice commands when synced together.


These Affirmation Cards That Give You The Warm Fuzzies

Start your day on the right foot with these adorable affirmation cards. Each card features a cute picture with an affirmation that you can say aloud every morning, and there are even a few bonus cards scattered throughout with mood-boosting suggestions, like walking through nature or meditating.


This Eye Mask That Can Help Alleviate Pain From Headaches

This compression eye mask is great for anyone who struggles with sinus pain or headaches. It's filled with hundreds of tiny gel beads that create a soothing amount of pressure against your face, and it can also help alleviate pain from headaches. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that "I keep mine in the freezer until I need it, and while the cold lasts only about an hour, that's enough to help make my head feel better."


An Antioxidant-Rich Serum That Has Thousands Of Fans

Safe for all types of skin, this antioxidant-rich serum is completely free from any synthetic colors or fragrances. The vitamins C and E in the formula can help reduce UV damage to your skin, plus the added hyaluronic acid is great when it comes to helping reduce inflammation.


These Shower Bombs Formulated With Essential Oils

If you don't have time to indulge in a bath, relax in the shower with one of these shower bombs instead. Similar to bath bombs, these little tablets begin to dissolve and release their soothing essential oil aromas as soon as they get wet. Each order comes with six scents: lavender, watermelon, eucalyptus, spearmint, grapefruit, and vanilla orange.


This Light Therapy Lamp That Can Help Improve Your Mood

If the winter weather has got you feeling down, be sure to give this light therapy lamp a try. Its compact size means it can fit practically anywhere on your desk without taking up too much space, and the brightness is adjustable. The built-in timer automatically turns it off to help you save electricity, plus the LED bulbs will never need to be changed.


A Heated Curler That Helps Your Eyelashes Pop

Instead of warming up your curler using your hair dryer, just use this heated eyelash curler. It heats up in less than seven seconds, and the temperature is adjustable depending on how dramatic of a look you're going for. The battery is rechargeable for added convenience, plus many Amazon reviewers raved about how it's "easy to use."


This Magnetic Eyelash Kit That Doesn't Rely On Messy Glue

Not only are they easier to apply than regular false lashes, but this magnetic eyelash kit also requires zero messy glue. Simply apply the magnetic eyeliner, wait for it to dry, then attach the lashes to the line you've drawn. The magnets built into the lashes will latch onto the eyeliner, and they won't budge until you pull them off at the end of the day.


This Calming Bath Soak Made With Lavender And Dead Sea Salt

Not only does this bath soak help moisturize dry, flaky skin, but it's also ultra-relaxing. It's formulated with a blend of hydrating Dead Sea salt as well as cleansing oatmeal, plus the added lavender and rosemary are chock-full of antioxidants. Reviewers with sensitive skin insist this soak is a must-have, especially during the dry winter months.


A Kit That Lets You Brew Your Own Kombucha At Home

If you're ready to branch out from store-bought brews, this kombucha kit is a great place to start. All the ingredients arrive in pre-measured packages, plus each kit comes with a gallon glass jar, pH strips, a dropper, as well as premium kombucha cultures. The step-by-step instructions are easy to follow, plus it has over 1,700 positive four- and five-star reviews — you truly can't go wrong.


This Facial Cleansing Brush That You Can Use In The Shower

Trying to give your pores an extra-deep clean? This electric facial brush can get the job done. It comes with three interchangeable heads that you can use to cleanse and exfoliate away dry flakes, plus it's safe to use on sensitive skin. The waterproof design means you can safely use it in the shower, and all it requires are two AA batteries.


An Acupuncture Pen That Can Help Alleviate Pain

Don't pay for an expensive acupuncture session — save yourself some money by using this acupuncture pen instead. The pen produces a charge that can help encourage tight muscles to relax, and there are zero needles involved. The interchangeable heads let you target small knots, large muscles, and more, plus many Amazon reviewers wrote about how it helped with their arthritis pain.


This Finishing Stick That Helps Tame Frizz And Flyaways

This finishing stick is the styling tool you've always needed, even if you didn't realize it. With just a few swipes it instantly smooths down all those annoying flyaways that don't reach up into your bun, and the plant-based formula isn't greasy. You can use it with any hair color since it's completely colorless, plus it even helps moisturize dry strands.


The Sloth Plush Toy That's Infused With Soothing Lavender

Great for cuddling at bedtime, or even helping to reduce anxiety, this sloth plush toy is a calming companion that you can take with you practically anywhere. It's filled with dried rice and French lavender that gives off a calming scent when microwaved, plus the rice holds onto the heat to give you a soothing warm feeling.


This Facial Mist Made With Green Tea And Aloe

If your complexion needs a little extra moisture, this Korean facial mist is a great option. Just spritz your face with it anytime you're feeling a little dry — the green tea and aloe in the formula will quickly deliver a nourishing dose of hydration. It's non-comedogenic so you don't have to worry about it clogging your pores, and the pH is also balanced.


A Derma Roller That Can Help Your Skin Absorb Serums

If you aren't sure if your skin is effectively absorbing all your creams and serums, try prepping it beforehand with this derma roller. The rolling head features hundreds of tiny, stainless steel needles that gently penetrate skin as you roll it across your face, allowing your favorite beauty products to be absorbed extra-quickly. Thousands of reviewers insist it genuinely feels good, plus using it can even help stimulate blood flow.


This Oral Rinse That Targets Sulfur-Producing Bacteria

Sulfur-producing bacteria can leave your mouth feeling grimy, so wash it away with this oral rinse. It helps keep your breath smelling fresh for up to a full 24 hours, and the mint flavor isn't overpowering. Using this rinse is an easy way to help keep cavities and gum disease at bay, plus it won't burn or sting your mouth like competing mouthwashes.


The Shower Head Made With A Sleek Chrome Finish

Featuring a sleek, easy-to-clean chrome finish, this shower head turns practically any bathroom into a spa. You can use it as a handheld sprayer as well as an overhead waterfall, and there are seven relaxing water pressure settings to choose from: power rain, massage, power mist, rain massage, regular mist, and water-saving.


This Cleansing Water That's Ultra-Gentle On Sensitive Skin

Thousands of reviewers with all types of skin swear by this cleansing water. It's gentle enough for everyday use, and effortlessly melts away dirt and makeup so that your skin is left looking refreshed. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that "I like the fact that it doesn’t feel oily or heavy like other waters do — a little really does go a long way."


A Hair Mask Formulated With Super-Hydrating Argan Oil

This hair mask is so effective at repairing dry, damaged hair, that reviewers say you can even skip using your regular conditioner for a while. It's made from rich, nutrient-dense argan oil that helps restore your hair's natural luster, plus the formula is completely cruelty- as well as sulfate-free.


The Whitening Strips That Cost Less Than A Trip To The Dentist

Paying for your teeth to be professionally whitened can be expensive, whereas these whitening strips are an affordable alternative. Each strip is infused with potent whitening gel that adheres to your teeth, and you only need to wear them for about 30 minutes in order to experience the full benefits. Most Amazon reviewers were able to see results after just one week.


This Journal That Helps You Maintain Your Inner Zen

With a unique and hilarious blend of positive affirmations, prompts, and curse words, this journal isn't your typical notebook — and that's a good thing. You can use the pages to write out your feelings, or you can even help relieve stress by coloring some cute narwhals. The profanities make it better for adults than for teens, plus it makes for a practical gag gift.


A Discrete Hair Remover That's Completely Painless

Instead of dealing with painful waxing strips, why not use this painless hair remover instead? It's super-slim as well as discrete so that you can easily keep it in your bag or purse, plus it's great for removing unwanted peach fuzz. Each order comes with one AA battery, and it's gentle enough that you can use it every day.


This Ultra-Hydrating Cream That Helps Heal Cracked, Dry Feet

More than 10,000 positive four- and five-star reviewers absolutely rave about using this hydrating cream to help repair dry, cracked feet. It's formulated with allantoin that creates a protective barrier on the surface of your skin to help prevent it from further drying out, and results are usually visible after just a few days.


The Electric Toothbrush That Stops If You Brush Too Hard

It only takes about two minutes for this electric toothbrush to get your mouth extra-clean. The bristles vary in length so that they hit your teeth and gums from every angle, and the built-in pressure sensor pauses the motor if you start to brush too hard. It's able to remove up to 300% more plaque than manual toothbrushes, plus the battery is rechargeable.


An Organic Aloe Vera Gel That Absorbs Extra-Quickly

While most gels are made from powdered aloe, this one is formulated from fresh aloe leaves — reviewers insist it makes a huge difference. It absorbs into your skin quickly without leaving behind any greasy residues, plus it's great for helping alleviate pain from rashes, sunburns, cuts, and more.


This Lotion Formulated With Inflammation-Fighting Hemp Seed

Not only is it rich in nourishing antioxidants, but this lotion is also formulated with hemp seed that can help soothe away inflammation. The lightweight scent has notes of flowers and bananas, plus the added shea butter is great for helping to moisturize dry, flaking skin.


The Dry Shampoo That's Vegan-Friendly

If you didn't have time to take a shower, just spray this dry shampoo into your hair for an instant pick-me-up. There's no water required, and the lightweight lavender scent is super-refreshing. Unlike other dry shampoos, this one is also vegan-friendly — what's not to love?


These Lavender Bath Salts That Can Help Soothe Sore Muscles

Made with natural essential oils, adding this bag of Epsom salts to your bath at the end of a long, stressful day is an easy way to help yourself relax. The magnesium sulfate in the formula helps soothe sore muscles while you soak, and the infused lavender scent can help get your mind ready for deep, restful sleep.


The Wearable Massager That Won't Break The Bank

For less than the price of a trip to the spa, you can grab this shiatsu massager that you can wear around the house, while driving, or even at work. The rotating massage heads reach deep into your muscles to help soothe away soreness, plus the speed is adjustable in order to help you stay comfortable. Just slip your arms through the attached slings, then kick back and relax as it goes to work.


An Exfoliating Mask That Helps Get Your Feet Super-Soft

Exfoliate away peeling, dry skin from your feet with this foot peel mask. You only need to wear it for about an hour — after about two weeks the flaky outer layer of skin will effortlessly peel away, leaving you with super-soft feet. Each order comes with two pairs, which means you can also do this peel with a friend or loved one.


This Serum That Helps Eliminate Razor Bumps

Use it to help eliminate razor bumps, or even use this serum to help get rid of ingrown hairs. It works best when used after shaving, waxing, laser hair removal, or even electrolysis, plus it's safe enough that you can use it all over your body. Unlike other razor bump serums, this one can also be used as an effective underarm deodorant.


The Vegan Mascara That's Completely Cruelty-Free

Thousands of reviewers agree that this cruelty-free mascara looks great on your lashes all day long. It's completely vegan as well as flake-resistant, plus the added chamomile and vitamin E in the formula help moisturize your lashes so that they don't dry out.


A Moisturizer Made With Hydrating Coconut Oil

This moisturizer is super-hydrating, and it costs less than the price of lunch. It's infused with luxurious coconut oil that creates a protective barrier to help lock-in moisture, and it absorbs extra-quickly so that you're not left feeling greasy. Many Amazon reviewers even wrote about how "a little goes a long way," which can help you save money over time.


This Toothpaste Made With Detoxifying Activated Charcoal

Formulated with food-grade activated charcoal, this toothpaste is a vegan, fluoride-free way to help detoxify your mouth. The added peppermint oil and xylitol give it a refreshing taste, plus it's completely cruelty-free as well as non-GMO. It's great for people with sensitive teeth, and most reviewers were able to see a difference in the color of their teeth after just one week.


A Set Of Body Brushes That Help Exfoliate Away Flaky Skin

Whether you use them wet or dry, these bath brushes are a great way to help exfoliate away flaky skin. The bristles are made from soft, natural fibers that won't cause irritation, and each order also comes with two adhesive wall hooks so that you can easily hang them up. Use them with your favorite cleanser to wash away dirt and grime, or use them dry to help stimulate blood circulation.


This Kit That Lets You Do Your Own Gel Manicures At Home

Save yourself some money by using this gel manicure kit instead of paying for an expensive trip to the salon. Each order comes with a UV curing lamp, top coat, base coat, and more, plus you even get six gorgeous polish colors to help you get started.


A Smart Water Bottle With A Built-In Bluetooth Speaker

Not only does this water bottle glow as a reminder whenever it's time to take a sip, but there's also a Bluetooth speaker built into the base for added fun. The speaker is great for playing your favorite tunes while you're biking, hiking, or even lounging at the pool, plus the entire bottle is completely BPA-free.


This Set Of Resistance Bands Made From 100% Natural Latex

Kick your workout up a few notches with this set of resistance bands. The resistance ranges from lightweight to heavy-duty, and they're made from 100% natural latex. Each order also comes with a convenient travel bag, plus you can grab them for a fraction of the price that a regular gym membership costs.


An Air Purifier That's Completely Ozone-Free

Able to remove up to 99% of airborne dust, pollen, smoke, and more, this air purifier is a must-have if you want to breathe extra-clean air. The activated carbon filter eliminates the bacteria that creates unwanted odors in your home, plus it's completely ozone-free. One Amazon reviewer even wrote that they "love the size because it fits easily on my desk."

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