50 Weird But Genius Products On Amazon With Over 1,000 Perfect Reviews

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When it comes to judging products online, reviews are everything. That goes double for products sold on a site like Amazon, which offers about pretty much every item imaginable. These weird but genius products on Amazon with over 1,000 perfect reviews check off every box needed to convince you that they're worth owning — and there are plenty of customers who will vouch for them.

For starters, these products don't just boast reviews — they literally feature thousands of reviews, most of which are glowing. And second, these are among the smartest and most practical products that are beyond innovative — which also often means they are mind-blowingly useful. The word weird is nothing but the highest compliment when it comes to this list: from colorful knife sets that eliminate the risk of cross-contamination to a safe earwax remover kit you can use at home, these are the slightly strange products you never dreamed you'd own — but won't want to live without.

Maybe you're in the market for a wall organizer that won't take up space and will remove clutter on your desk, a salad-making gadget that slices and shoots out veggies straight into your bowl, or a set of LED lights you simply need to tap to finally bring light into a dark closet — whatever you need, this list has a totally weird solution that has been given the thumbs-up by thousands of satisfied reviewers.

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