52 Five-Star Products On Amazon That Thousands Of Reviewers Are Right To Love


There's no faster way to determine whether a product is worth your time and money than by pouring over reviews, especially when you're shopping on Amazon. Reviews are worth their weight in gold, which is why these five-star products on Amazon that thousands of reviewers are right to love deserve your consideration. These products are pulled from a diverse range of categories, but all share two things in common: they're (relatively) affordable and their reviews are off-the-charts amazing.

What makes these random but brilliant useful products such winners? Most of them are simple, and simply do exactly what they were designed to do. A selection of odd kitchen products like a rice washing bowl or a magnetic knife block that mounts to the wall may not be items you think about all day long — but once you own them you'll agree they save you time, space, and can help you cook meals without mess and hassle.

The same is true for the many organizers, workout accessories, brilliant beauty products (hello, affordable and gentle retinol cream), and pain-tackling massagers and supplements on this list. A product doesn't have to be fancy to earn a five-star rating on Amazon, but it does have to prove it's got the goods to deliver upon its promise — and all of these products pass the test.

1. This Pain-Relieving Massage Roller For Stiff Joints & Aching Muscles

Tiger Tail Original Massage Roller, $30, Amazon

Relieve aching and fatigued muscles with this simple but effective foam massage roller — which measures 18 inches and can be used on every part of your body. The massage stick has soft handles that are easy to grip, and reviewers say that using it before or in between exercises like running really helps keep their muscles free of pain.


2. The Eye Drops That Provide Long-Lasting Comfort For Dry Eyes

TheraTears Eye Drops, $11, Amazon

Dry eyes can be itchy and painful — and few eye drops come close to this brand's ability to provide fast relief and lubrication. These doctor-recommended drops replicate real tears and reviewers say that, unlike many other brands, these won't create a dependency that can make dry eyes even worse.


3. The Clip-On Reading Light For Your Nightstand Or Desk

LEPOWER Clip-On Light, $16, Amazon

This clip-on light attaches to pretty much any surface — from your computer desk to your nightstand — and it provides just enough bright light to keep you reading throughout the night without disturbing anyone else. The light comes in black or white metal, has an adjustable arm, and the option of providing white light or warm light.


4. An Assortment Of Organic Loose Leaf Teas For Every Day Of The Week

Tea Forté Loose Leaf Tea Sampler, $13, Amazon

Love experimenting with different teas? This loose leaf tea sampler has you covered with a set of 15 single serve pouches that include organic Earl Grey, English Breakfast, chamomile, and ginger lemongrass. The teas come in a sweet display case that you can store in your cabinet or keep out on your counter.


5. A Frizz-Fighting Blow-Dry Spray That Protects Against Heat Damage

Kenra Platinum Blow-Dry Spray, $11, Amazon

Decrease the length of time it takes to blow out your hair with just a few spritzes of this lightweight blow-dry spray. The spray protects your strands against heat damage — and helps prevents frizz and static for smoother, more manageable hair. Reviewers say it makes blow drying around 50 percent faster, and that "This stuff is pretty magical."


6. This Cozy, All-Seasons Duvet Comforter That's Super Lightweight

Utopia Bedding Comforter Duvet Insert, $30, Amazon

This lightweight, cozy duvet comforter has box-style stitching that keeps fill from shifting around and it comes in twin, queen, and king sizes. The hypoallergenic duvet is great for anyone with allergies, and is considered a year-round comforter that keeps you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


7. The Heated Pet Bowl That Keeps Drinking Water From Freezing

K&H Pet Products Thermal-Bowl, $14, Amazon

Never worry about your pet's bowl of water freezing in the cold weather. This thermal pet bowl for dogs or cats has a safe internal heater that turns on and off when needed to keep water at a suitable drinking temperature. The 96-ounce bowl keeps drinks ice-free in temperatures as low as 20 degrees below freezing.


8. These Cold Therapy Socks For Sore Feet & Chronic Pain

NatraCure Cold Therapy Socks, $25, Amazon

Whether you suffer from chronic foot pain, a condition like plantar fasciitis, or are pregnant and not sure what to do about your poor, swelling, aching feet — these cold therapy socks can help. The socks are designed with a gel pack back beneath the foot and a second half gel pack that you can place behind your heel or at the top of your foot.


9. A Best-Selling Party Game That Puts Your Music Knowledge To Good Use

Spontuneous, $20, Amazon

Love to burst into song? Well, this party game is perfect for the entire family (ages 8 and up) — and it requires teams of between four to 10 players to be the first person to break into song. The goal of the game is to think up a song that contains a certain word and either sing or shout it out before the other team beats you to it.


10. This Mess-Free Rice Washing Bowl That Drains From The Bottom & Sides

Inomata Japanese Rice Washing Bowl, $8, Amazon

Yes, you should definitely be cleaning your rice before you cook it, but you're going to want to own this special rice washing bowl to get the job done without making a royal mess. The bowl has drainers on the side and bottom — and can also be used for washing fruit and veggies.


11. The Peel-Off Mask That Deep Cleans Pores & Prevents Blackheads

Vassoul Peel-Off Black Mask, $11, Amazon

There are a lot of peel-off masks out there that claim to obliterate blackheads, but this highly-rated mask stands out above the rest. Reviewers say you can literally see the impurities from your skin left over on the peel — which is intensely satisfying. The key ingredient in this mask is kaolin clay, which digs deep to seep up excess sebum in your skin.


12. These Elastic Bed Bands That Keeps Sheets From Shifting

The Original Bed Band, $13 (4 Pack), Amazon

Nothing ruins a good night of sleep faster than bed sheets coming undone and getting all twisted around your legs. These bed bands are simple to install on sheets and have a button that tightens them down to your mattress to keep them in place. They come in black, white, and pink — and will stretch from 12 to 18 inches.


13. A Space-Saving Magnetic Bar To Store Knives And Tools

Modern Innovations Magnetic Knife Bar, $17, Amazon

Free up tons of space in your kitchen or garage by mounting this magnetic knife bar to any wall. The bar measures 16 inches across and can hold a slew of knives and metal tools. And installing it is a breeze — because it comes with all of the hardware you need.


14. An All-Natural Magnesium Oil Spray For Headaches, Anxiety & More

Asutra Magnesium Oil Spray, $17, Amazon

More than 3,000 reviewers agree that this magnesium oil spray can relieve muscle aches and pains — even headache and migraine pain — without the side effects associated with many medications. This alternative pain-relieving supplement absorbs quickly into the skin, and can even help reduce anxiety and lull you to sleep faster. One reviewer writes: "I love this magnesium spray. I use it twice a day on my feet and it helps with sleep headaches and digestive issues. The product has no smell and I have no skin irritation. This is the best magnesium I have ever bought!"


15. This Vacuum Insulated Water Bottle That Keeps Drinks Cold For 12 Hours

Contigo Autospot Water Bottle, $14, Amazon

All water bottles are not the same — and this one is proof. The 20-ounce stainless steel bottle has vacuum insulation that keeps beverages cold for 12 hours and the leak-proof lid easily pops open to reveal a convenient straw. The bottle comes in four colors, and the lid is dishwasher-friendly.


16. This Facial Serum That Uses Vitamin C To Make Your Skin Glow

Amara Beauty Vitamin C Serum, $17, Amazon

Complete with vitamin C and hyaluronic acid, this popular facial serum rejuvenates your skin without feeling greasy or oily. On top of minimizing blemishes and breakouts, it helps shrink your pores and leaves your with a fresh glow. "My skin tone looks better and my face feels better," wrote one Amazon user. "Will continue to use!"


17. These Challenging Exercise Sliders That Strengthen Your Core

iheartsynergee Core Sliders, $11 (2 Pack), Amazon

Take your at-home workouts to the next level and challenge your abs and back muscles by incorporating these core sliders into your routine. The dual-sided sliders have a fabric side that works on hard floors, and a soft side for carpet — and they come in five colors.


18. An Organic Retinol Moisturizer That's Safe For Sensitive Skin

Organys Retinol Cream, $18, Amazon

You don't have to spend hundreds of dollars on skin care when you have effective ingredients like the retinol, hyaluronic acid, and antioxidants found in this organic retinol cream. Unlike retinol creams that can be irritating, this one won't dry out sensitive skin and contains a blend of aloe and rosewater to add hydration to parched skin. One reviewer writes the cream has "no real scent, are light and absorb quickly and easily."


19. A Set Of Silicone Oven Mitts That Are Extra Long To Protect Your Forearms

HOMWE Extra Long Silicone Oven Mitts, $13, Amazon

These extra long silicone oven mitts, which come in seven cute color choices, allow you to move things to and from the oven without risk of burning your forearms. They feature tough but breathable fabric with textured grip so you don't have to worry about the pan sliding out of your hands mid-transport. Bets of all, they are heat-resistant up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit.


20. The Stainless Steel Cast Iron Cleaner That Won't Scrape Pans

The Ringer Cast Iron Cleaner, $22, Amazon

If you don't know to clean the caked-on food and grease from that cast iron pan without messing with its pre-seasoned goodness, then you're not alone. Forget scouring pads — this specially designed cast iron cleaner is made from stainless steel and tackles messes while preserving your cookware. You can even throw it in the dishwasher for a quick clean.


21. These Unique Sponges That Clean Your House With Just Water

Oh MyClean Magic Cleaning Eraser Sponge, $10 (20 Pack), Amazon

Unlike other sponges that require you to soak your countertop in toxic chemicals, these unique "magic erasers" clean a huge variety of surfaces with nothing but water. They work courtesy of their innovative melamine foam that's able to cut through grease and grime without heavy soaps. The extra thick sponges, which come in packs of 20, measure 1.5 inches in depth.


22. An Eyeshadow Primer That Makes Your Makeup Last Longer & Look Better

Elizabeth Mott Thank Me Later Eyeshadow Primer, $14, Amazon

Primer is every makeup artist's secret weapon — and this eyeshadow primer is one of the best, with more than 1,900 reviews. The cruelty-free primer makes shadows and eyeliner last hours longer without smudging, and will kick up the pigmentation in eyeshadow, making the shade brighter and richer.


23. The Powerful All-Purpose Cleaner That Tackles A Million Different Surfaces

CarGuys Super Cleaner, $17, Amazon

If you currently own around 15 cleaners designed to handle different surfaces, get ready to chuck them all and replace them with this one all-purpose cleaner. This one spray can tackle dirt, debris, grease on upholstery, vinyl, fabric, leather, plastic, rubber, and more. As its name suggests, this is the perfect car cleaner, but it will work for all indoor cleaning jobs — just don't use it on mirrors or windows.


24. An All-In-One Micellar Cleanser That Removes Makeup Without Pulling

Garnier SkinActive Micellar Cleansing Water, $14 (2 Pack), Amazon

Nothing removes stubborn waterproof makeup quite like this micellar cleansing water, which doesn't require you to tug or rub at caked-on makeup until your poor eyes and skin are raw. The all-in-one cleanser is gentle and perfect for all skin types — and this set gives you two cleansers for an incredible price.


25. This Over-The-Sink Drying Rack That Gives You Back Your Counters

Surpahs Over The Sink Multipurpose Roll-Up Dish Drying Rack, $25, Amazon

Save your counters for food prep and roll out this silicone-coated steel drying rack over your sink, where it fits perfectly and stays in place. The rack can support your cookware and glassware, and is heat-resistant up to 400 degrees — which means you can use it as a trivet, too.


26. These Supportive Compression Socks That Promote Better Blood Circulation

Laite Hebe Compression Socks, $19-$35 (7 Pairs), Amazon

Talk about value: this set includes seven pairs of high-quality compression socks in 20 colors and print options that include basic neutrals and brighter, colorful hues. The knee-high socks are naturally moisture-wicking, and help promote better blood circulation, which relieves leg and foot pain — and can be a game changer if you're a runner or spend hours on your feet at work.


27. A Sleek & Sturdy Clip That Keeps Purses Off Of Dirty Floors

Clipa2 The Bag Hanger Collection, $15, Amazon

This strong bag hanger clip can hold up as much as 30 pounds, which means it's perfect for storing your bag or purse and keeping it off of dirty floors. The clip can attach to surfaces like tables and counters and comes in gold, hematite, or silver in a choice of two finishes (polished or matte).


28. An Eyelash Perm Kit That Keeps Lashes Curled For One Month

AsaVea Lash Lift Eyelash Perm Kit, $28, Amazon

Using an eyelash curler makes a huge difference in the length and lift of your lashes, but this eyelash perm kit offers a longer lasting solution that actually lets you toss your curler aside. This kit includes almost everything you need, including an effective liquid solution that safely curls straight lashes and lasts for about four to six weeks. One reviewer writes: "Great product. Non irritation and worked great !! Makes eyelashes look beautiful, bigger and lashes are naturally curly."


29. This Versatile Stretch Strap With 10 Loops For Your Hands And Feet

Stretch Out Strap, $16, Amazon

Use this versatile stretching strap before, during, and after workouts to help muscles recover from exertion and increase flexibility. The lengthy nylon strap has 10 individual loops for your hands and feet, and it comes with an exercise book that provides tips on performing 30 different stretches.


30. The Compact Car Charger That Powers Up To Two Devices While You Drive

Maxboost Car Charger, $8, Amazon

Power up your phones, cameras, or tablets while you drive — just plug in this powerful car charger. The compact charger is a lot smaller than most, and includes two USB ports that provide high-speed charging and are compatible with a variety of devices including iPhone, Galaxy, iPad Pro, and more.


31. A 4-Amp Mini Vacuum That's Especially Designed For Pet Hair

Bissell Pet Hair Eraser, $35, Amazon

If you have a furry friend in your life, chances are their hair ends up in the carpet, couches, curtains, and pretty much anywhere else that a surface area exists. This convenient handheld vacuum cleaner is designed specifically with pet hair in mind, using its 40-amp power and multi-layer filtration system to pick up fuzz from carpets, stairs, vinyl, upholstery, and other surfaces.


32. The Five Tier Organizer That Maximizes Space In Small Closets

Simple Houseware Hanging Closet Organizer, $14, Amazon

Make a small closet a lot more functional by attaching this hanging closet organizer to a rod and using its sturdy five-tier shelves to store sweaters, towels, and jeans. The organizer also features a total of six mesh pockets — three on each side — that serve as the perfect place to keep accessories, washcloths, and even shoes. It comes in bronze or gray.


33. This Easy-To-Use Pan Rack That Keeps Your Kitchen Organized

SimpleHouseware Kitchen Pan and Lid Organizer, $15, Amazon

Never again deal with a messy jumble of pots, pans, and lids cluttering up your kitchen. This awesomely convenient pan organizer lets you stack them neatly on the counter, keeping everything orderly and easy to find. It's made of sturdy material that can hold heavy cast iron, and it has a five-pan capacity.


34. These High-Waisted Leggings That Are Buttery Soft And Opaque

Leggings Depot High Waisted Leggings (Sizes 2-22), $9-$14, Amazon

Once you find a pair of silky soft leggings like these, you stock up — and, luckily, this high-waisted pair is offered in more than 40 colors. The opaque leggings aren't the slightest bit transparent and are described by reviewers as thin, but warm. The brand designs these leggings in a wide variety of sizes, but available sizes differ depending on the shade.


35. A Leave-In Conditioner That Repairs Split Ends And Prevents Breakage

Biosilk Silk Therapy Original Cure, $18, Amazon

Reviewers call this leave-in conditioner a "miracle" product that can take over-processed hair from dry and damaged to healthier and silkier. It won't weigh your hair down, provides tons of shine, and can be used on damp or dry hair — just pull it out whenever you need to smooth frizz and mend damage caused by heated styling tools.


36. The Soothing Ice Roller That Massages Your Face While Reducing Puffiness

Esarora Ice Roller, $12, Amazon

If your eyes tend to be puffy when you first wake up or you're prone to dark circles underneath them, this clever ice roller smooths them out and calms your skin. Even better, it feels amazing and can be used to massage your face after a long day, reducing fatigue and melting away stress. Just store it in the freezer and take it out when you're ready to use.


37. This Plush Faux Fur Throw Blanket That You'll Snuggle Into

Chanasya Faux Fur Throw Blanket, $29, Amazon

Keep this luxurious faux fur throw blanket draped across the back of your sofa or armchair and snuggle into it the second temperatures drop. The cozy throw is made from soft microfiber, and holds up after many spins in the washing machine. It comes in six sizes (including king) and 21 rich, elegant colors.


38. An Emergency Personal Water Filter That Banishes Bacteria From Drinking Water

LifeStraw Personal Water Filter, $12, Amazon

Have complete peace of mind, even during emergency situations, that your drinking water is safe for consumption when you use this personal water filter, which removes 99.9 percent of bacteria and waterborne parasites, as well as harmful microplastics. The small filter won't take up space and actually fits in bags and backpacks (perfect for camping), but it can filter up to 1,000 gallons of water.


39. This Set Of Nesting Mixing Bowls In Six Different Sizes

Finedine Mixing Bowls, $25 (Set of 6), Amazon

This set of six stainless steel mixing bowls come in graduating sizes of between 3/4 quart to 8 quarts. They nest together, which saves space in cabinets, and are safe to store in the fridge, freezer, and dishwasher.


40. A Memory Foam Seat Cushion That Alleviates Back Pain

Everlasting Comfort Memory Foam Seat Cushion, $33, Amazon

Don't let a hard, uncomfortable car or office chair leave you with back or neck pain. This U-shaped memory foam seat cushion can be plopped down anywhere to provide instant support that alleviates aches and pains. Its thick padding springs right back to shape after pressure has been placed on it.


41. The Nail Strengthening Treatment That Takes You From Brittle To Healthy Nails

Nailtiques Nail Protein Formula, $9, Amazon

This nail strengthening treatment repairs cracked, brittle nails with a combination of hydrolyzed keratin, protein, and calcium. Apply the clear polish each day, and reviewers say you'll benefit from stronger, healthier nails in just a few weeks' time.


42. An Adjustable Tablet Stand For Watching Movies & Gaming

Lamicall Tablet Stand, $15, Amazon

This tablet stand is fully adjustable — so you can position it perfectly for watching movies, playing games, working, or just scrolling. It has a rubber-padded base that won't scratch furniture, and it comes in four colors.


43. A Flexible Cold Therapy Pack For Your Neck And Shoulders

FlexiKold Neck Cold Pack, $20, Amazon

The flexibility of this cold pack is what truly makes it a convenient, effective treatment for stiff necks and shoulders (and other body parts, as well). The pack contains gel that stays cold for hours, and it bends and contorts to perfectly fit your body and provide relief where you need it. The pack comes in four sizes: standard, oversize, half-size, and neck contour.


44. These Itty Bitty Keychain LED Flashlights That Keep You Safe

Finware Mini LED Keychain Flashlight, $10 (5 Pack), Amazon

They're lightweight, compact, and barely take up space on keychains, but these mini LED flashlights produce a powerful light that can keep you safe at night or help you find items in your dark purse. They come with batteries already installed in them, and are resistant to water.


45. This Set Of Four Color-Coded Cutting Boards To Prevent Cross-Contamination

Cooler Kitchen Cutting Mats, $16 (Set of 4), Amazon

This set of four color-coded cutting mats are flexible, sturdy, and have cute little pictures to remind you which you are using for each food in order to avoid cross-contamination. They have textured bottoms that won't slip on counters, are safe in the dishwasher, and you can even roll them up for easier storage.


46. The Miracle Foot Cream That Softens Cracked, Dry Heels Like Magic

O'Keeffe's Healthy Feet Foot Cream, $8, Amazon

The key ingredient in this popular foot cream is allantoin, which penetrates deep within layers of dry skin to nourish cracked feet. The affordable cream has more than 7,000 incredible reviews and so many impressive before-and-after photos of cracked heels turned into smooth ones that you can't be blamed for snagging as many tubes as you can.


47. An Amazingly Fun Party Game 'For Horrible People'

Cards Against Humanity, $25, Amazon

Unleash your inner bad person when you play Cards Against Humanity with a group of your favorite friends. The card game is simple to play and requires that you choose an answer from a white card to answer a question pulled from a black card — but the answers are always unexpected and sometimes a little naughty and inappropriate.


48. A Silicone Spatula Set That Won't Scratch Non-Stick Pans

StarPack Basics Range Silicone Spatula Set, $16 (Set of 4), Amazon

This set of silicone spatulas includes two large and two small spatulas, all of which are heat-resistant up to 480 degrees, have angled heads for scraping, and won't scratch non-stick pans and pots. The set comes in teal, red, or gray-black.


49. This Tempting Ice-Cream And Frozen Yogurt Maker That's Simple To Operate

Cuisinart Frozen Yogurt-Ice Cream Maker, $42, Amazon

Whip up crowd-pleasing frozen treats in this frozen yogurt and ice-cream maker, which makes up to 1-1/2 quarts of dessert in about 20 minutes. All you have to do is add ingredients to the double-insulated bowl (best of all, ice is not required) and this brilliant machine does the rest.


50. The Therapeutic Foam Massage Roller That Provides Firm Compression & Relief

TriggerPoint Grid Foam Roller, $35, Amazon

This grid foam roller provides firm compression that mimics an actual physical therapist's hands for incredible relief from muscle pain. The roller's hollow core and dense layers make it a durable option, and each section features different textures that call to mind the pressure you'd experience from fingertips, fingers, and palms for the best massage possible.


51. A Collapsible Popcorn Popper With Handles And A Lid

Salbree Microwave Popcorn Popper, $17, Amazon

A classic microwave popcorn popper with some major modern-day upgrades, this silicone bowl comes with a lid and has easy-to-grasp handles. Available in 12 colors and dishwasher-safe, the popper collapses flat when it's not in use, and hardly takes up space in cabinets.


52. An Aromatic Artisanal French Soap That Will Make You Feel Like Royalty

Pre de Provence Artisanal French Soap, $9, Amazon

Start your day feeling like a member of royalty when you use this hydrating, aromatic artisanal French soap, which is crafted so that it contains no impurities or irritants like parabens, alcohol, and SLS's. This soap is infused with moisturizing Shea butter, and owes its fresh fragrance to natural herbs found in Provence.

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