57 Holiday Movies To Watch On Netflix This Year

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While Santa may be making his list and checking it twice, it's time for you to once again update your Netflix queue accordingly for the season. December is almost here, which means it's time to start on those holiday movie marathons.

Knowing how busy you are, this list is here to help you in finding what to watch from Christmas to New Year's — and everyday in-between. (Despite my searches, unfortunately there weren’t any Hanukkah movies available to stream, which may mean Hollywood has some work to do.)

While the selection on Netflix is always changing, this list is a good start to get you into the holiday spirit. There are animated features for the kid in all of us. There are Hallmark classics for those who want a happy ending. There are documentaries that will teach you a thing or two.

For those who like a more non-traditional holiday movie, don't worry I've got you covered. You'll laugh, you'll cry, and you'll most definitely fall in love with the holidays all over again.

'Love, Actually'

Get into the Christmas mood with this modern holiday classic that proves all you need is love.

Image: Universal Pictures

'White Christmas'

It's what most of us are dreaming of, so why not make it official with another viewing of this classic?

Image: Paramount Pictures

'A Very Murray Christmas'

Bill Murray is in the need of some holiday cheer. Luckily, he finds some in this Sofia Coppola-directed soon-to-be holiday classic.


'The Holiday'

Need a getaway, but can't afford to travel this holiday season? Then live vicariously through Kate Winslet and Cameron Diaz in this 2006 film.

Sony Pictures

'Happy Christmas'

Anna Kendrick stars in this quirky Christmas story that focuses on a girl needing to start over. She starts by babysitting.

Image: Magnolia Pictures

'The Ref'

For anyone who's dysfunctional family is not exactly putting the "fun" in their Christmas, sit down and commiserate with Denis Leary, who plays a cat burglar who has met his match.

Image: Buena Vista Pictures


Like Ebenezer before him, Bill Murray's bah-humbug TV exec gets three visits that change the way he looks at his life.

Image: Paramount Pictures

'A Miracle On 34th Street'

Though it's not the Natalie Wood 1947 classic, this 1994 remake will give you all the same feels, but this time with Mara Wilson as the precocious non-believer.

Image: 20th Century Fox


Christmas, New Year's Eve, and heck, even St. Patrick's Day are getting the horror treatment in this 2016 short film series.

Image: Vertical Entertainment

'While You Were Sleeping'

This winter-set rom-com will get you excited for the holidays and remind you, once again, how much you love Sandra Bullock. Seriously, she's adorable in this.

Image: Buena Vista Pictures

'Dreamworks Holiday Classics'

This 2011 anthology lets you celebrate the holidays with Shrek, How to Train Your Dragon's Hiccup and Toothless, and the animals of Madagascar.

Image: Dreamworks


Find your holiday spirit with this 2004 film featuring Penelope Cruz, Susan Sarandon, and the late Paul Walker, which looks at five New Yorkers looking for the meaning of Christmas.

Image: Redbus Film Distribution

'The Little Prince'

This holiday season, go on a journey through the stars with the Little Prince and all those he met along the way.

Image: Netflix

'Snow Day'

Whether snow falls this holiday season or not, this film will get you in the mood for the white stuff.

Image: Paramount Pictures

'Last Holiday'

Sure, it's not really a holiday movie despite the title, but the lesson Queen Latifah learns seems especially important as we close out the year. Of course, you'll have to watch this one to actually find out what the lesson is.

Image: Paramount Pictures

'Fireplace For Your Home'

Stay warm by the (fake) fire this holiday season.

Image: Netflix

'Are We There Yet?'

Get ready for New Year's Eve with this road trip comedy that has Ice Cube trying to impress his new girlfriend by offering to deliver them to their mom before the ball drops.

Image: Columbia Pictures

'The Legend Of Frosty The Snowman'

Frosty gets an upgrade in this 2004 animated film based on the 1969 classic that has a snowman coming to life in the town of Evergreen.

Image: Studio B Productions

'Saving Santa'

When Santa gets kidnapped, Bernard D. Elf travels back in time to save him.

Image: Gateway Films

'12 Dates of Christmas'

If you always wanted a date with Zack Morris, think of this Christmas take on Groundhog Day as your chance to see what it would have been like. Over and over and over again.

Image: ABC Family

'Mickey’s Magical Christmas: Snowed In At The House of Mouse'

When Mickey and his gang get snowed in for the holiday, they have their own movie marathon that you won't want to miss.

Image: Disney

'Santa Buddies'

If you always wished there was a Christmas sequel to Air Bud, this one's for you.

Image: Disney

'I Am Santa Claus'

For those who were always curious about the Santa at their local mall, this 2014 documentary takes a closer look at those who are pretending to make a list and then check it twice.

Image: Virgil Films

'BoJack Horseman Christmas Special: Sabrina's Christmas Wish'

For those who don't want to just watch the same ol' holiday special, spend some time with BoJack as he drinks too much and gives his very negative view on the holidays.

Image: Netflix

'Just Friends'

Ryan Reynolds wasn't exactly cool in high school, which is why he's heading home for the holidays and looking to change the narrative.

Image: New Line Cinema


The movie that proves the holiday shopping season may actually be way more romantic then we ever thought.

Image: Miramax

'Ernest Saves Christmas'

After Ernest ends up with Santa's bag of toys, he needs to get them back to Ol' St. Nick before it's too late. It's sure to be a very silly adventure.

Image: Buena Vista Pictures

'The Fitzgerald Family Christmas'

When an estranged dad returns for the holidays after 20 years, it causes a shakeup in the lives of his seven adult children. Don't worry though, it doesn't have any effect on Connie Britton's perfect hair.

Image: Tribeca Film

'Trading Places'

At a Christmas party, two wealthy brokers decide that it would be fun to have two men of different socioeconomic backgrounds trading places. Turns out, they were right. Eddie Murphy and Dan Aykroyd are hilarious in this movie that is perfect for the holidays.

Image: Paramount Pictures

'Christmas With The Kranks'

When a couple decides to skip Christmas, their neighbors step in. Oh, the hilarity that ensues.

Image: Columbia Pictures


Wish your Christmas movies had more zombies? Then check out this 2013 horror-comedy, which focuses on a janitor who gets trapped in a woman's bathroom when the zombie apocalypse breaks out at a holiday work party.

Image: Cubicle Hero

'Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind'

Sure, it's not a holiday movie, but it's all about new beginnings, which is a good one to watch before the New Year.

Image: Focus Features

'Mean Girls'

For just that Christmas performance alone, this is worth another viewing this holiday season. It's totally fetch.

Image: Paramount Pictures

'Christmas At Pee-wee's Playhouse'

Add a dose of weird to Christmas cheer with this Pee-wee Herman special that has you ice skating with Little Richard, sleigh riding with Magic Johnson and caroling with k.d. lang.

Image: Binder Entertainment

'Christmas, Again'

Not every Christmas is a merry one, which is clear from this movie that looks at an unhappy tree salesman who's in need of a Christmas miracle.

Image: Factory Twenty Five

'A Christmas Kiss'

A mysterious kiss turns magical in this Cinderella Christmas story.

Image: Ion Television

'Christmas Cracker'

This 2015 documentary looks at those people who wish it was Christmas everyday. Literally.

Image: Netflix

'Christmas Wedding Baby'

You'll get all three in this holiday rom-com, plus a whole lot more. Intriguing, we know.

Image: Cultivated Films

'The Cat In The Hat Knows A Lot About Christmas!'

Spend this holiday with a cat that can teach you all there is to know about being merry.

Image: Random House Children's Entertainment

'Marry Me For Christmas'

To please her parents, Charlene comes up with a fake fiancé, but who's really being tricked here?

Image: Swirl Films

'Abominable Christmas'

This 2012 animated film attempts to show us all how wrong we've been about the abominable snowman. Turns out, he's not that abominable after all.

Image: Kickstart Productions

'Mickey's Once Upon A Christmas'

This Christmas, there is a mouse who will be stirring and sharing tales that will get you ready for the holiday.

Image: Disney

'Tree Man'

This 2015 documentary looks at those men who sell Christmas trees on the streets of New York City and what they mean to their neighborhoods. Spoiler: a whole lot.

Image: Tree Man Film

'Pete's Christmas'

This Christmas, Pete just wants to do everything right, but just can't stop doing everything wrong. Luckily, he's got another day, and then another and then another day to fix it. Oh yes, this is another Groundhog Day-style holiday movie.

Image: Hallmark

'The Christmas Card'

If you're looking to have a good cry this holiday season, you may want to check out this Hallmark Original about a soldier on leave from Afghanistan who finds a special letter.

Image: Larry Levinson Productions

'Journey To The Christmas Star'

This animated movie based on a Norwegian fairytale is about a little girl who is trying to save a princess. But first, she needs to track down the Christmas star.

Image: Vertical Entertainment

'A Russell Peters Christmas'

For a little more ha-ha than ho-ho, check out the comedian's special, which pokes fun at '70s variety shows.

Image: Netflix

'Small Town Santa'

A sheriff who hates Christmas ends up arresting a guy who claims to be Santa.

Image: Be Your Own Hollywood

'Santa Claws'

Make this holiday absolutely purr-fect with these adorable Christmas cats that can't save this movie, but sure are cute.

Image: The Asylum

'Get Santa'

After crashing his sleigh, Santa ends up in jail.

Image: Warner Bros.

'Winnie The Pooh: A Very Merry Pooh Year'

Ring in 2017 with Winnie the Pooh and Tigger, too.

Image: Walt Disney Pictures

'The Magic Snowflake'

A little boy learns that it takes a little bit more than magic to fill Santa Claus' boots.

Image: Gaumont Animation

'Casper's Haunted Christmas'

Get a little spooky this holiday with the friendliest ghost around.

Image: Mainframe Entertainment

'Christmas On Salvation Street'

The holidays are all about second chances and so is this film.

Image: Higher Purpose Entertainment

'Bob's Broken Sleigh'

When Bob the elf tries to improve Santa's sleigh, he ends up breaking it. It's then that he has to find a way to fix the sled before Santa has to take off.

Image: Disney Channel

'Hercules Saves Christmas'

Because every holiday should include at least one talking dog movie.

Signature Entertainment


No, it's not a holiday movie, but this whimsical adventure will get you in a merry mood and excited to be with the ones you love. It also may make you want to buy a lawn gnome.

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