If You're A Taurus, These Are The 6 Best Dog Breeds For You

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If you'd literally be happy to have any dog in your life and truly believe every breed is tied for cutest breeds, you might want to turn to the stars for advice. The best dog breeds for Taurus personalities might not be all that intuitive. You might think that your unwavering stubbornness and bull-like attitude would make the greatest match for a dog of the same disposition. But when it comes to being a dog owner, you're not really looking to raise yourself in a dog. You're looking for compatibility that goes both ways. Really, you and your dog should balance each other out, providing an exchange of traits that you don't innately have.

Here, I've put together a list of dog breeds that are particularly suited for the Taurus personality. Together, you should be able to have a symbiotic relationship that's filled with only a little bit of playful push pull, and not a lifetime of combat or struggle. Just because you might be able to handle a dog that's got a challenging and competitive nature, doesn't necessarily mean that's what's best for either of you. What's more, there are so many other important parts of your personality besides your strong will! Your patience and generosity will make you suited for a wide range of dogs that need a little bit more care and consideration than others.

These are some of the best breeds for a Taurus, just remember that when you're ready to search for the dog of your dreams, do so at the point. Be a responsible pet owner and adopt, don't shop!


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If you have a family or live with multiple people, a Boxer is a great dog to have around. You're similar in that you're both incredibly patient and loyal and you'll appreciate that about each other. What's more, Boxers are very protective of the things their owners love, so you can count on your Boxer to be your right hand man and be kind and loyal to all the people you love, too. Plus, your Boxer will love hanging having other people around which means your lifestyles are well suited for each other.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

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Cavalier King Charles Spaniels are loyal, loving, cuddly pups, but they're not keen on being left alone. You on the other hand are calm and confident and don't often take time to cozy up on the couch. Your Taurus energy will help your pup to relax and be less clingy, and your pup will inspire you to cuddle more, which is a great example of how you might not be an obvious match, but will really help to balance each other out with.

Great Dane

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Great Danes are gentle giants. While they are strong-willed and persistent, they're also couch potatoes. You'll have a lot of fun training your Great Dane, because it won't be easy, but once you two get into the groove of things, it will be the perfect balance of challenging and compatible. Your Great Dane will ensure that your relationship is always growing and interesting.

Australian Shepard

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As a Taurus, you have a great appreciation for beauty, and what dog is more stunning than the blue-eyed Australian Shepard? This dazzling dog is not just nice to look at, it's also one of the smartest breeds and most skilled. The combination of your persistence and guidance and their eagerness to please will great a very strong match and one very well trained dog.

Saint Bernard

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You are incredibly hard working, but you also like to take time off. The Saint Bernard is the same way. They love a grueling work day, but they're also happy to hang with you on the couch while you binge-watch TV on a Sunday. The two of you will have a natural born appreciation for each and will have a lot of respect for your dynamic personalities.

Scottish Terrier

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People don't often think about how their social lives will affect their dogs but it's important. Some dogs get ver stressed out around groups of people and other dogs get very bored when no one's around. Taurus is not a big fan of having a lot of people in your home, you like to keep your personal life small and quiet. The Scottish Terrier is the same way. They don't like to be in chaotic households or surrounded by a lot new people, so you'll appreciate each other's temperament and end up providing each other with just enough socialization as you need.