6 Best Netflix Original Films To Watch In July In The UK If You Want To Escape The Sun

Liz Minch

Sadly, a season of warm weather is never guaranteed for those of us who reside in the UK, however, one thing we can definitely look forward to in the month on July is an exciting range of brand spanking new Netflix content. Yay. Over the next month, subscribers can expect to enjoy a whole new bunch of Netflix original films, but deciding on what to watch can often times take longer than watching a movie itself. So, I've narrowed down the cream of the crop, and here are the best new films on Netflix UK in July.

In the coming weeks, subscribers have a whole lot to look forward to on the streaming service, including the highly-anticipated third season of Stranger Things, which is also set to debut in July. However, the fresh list of Netflix UK movie releases — which tell the stories of a mysterious apocalypse, a hunter looking to reconnect with his son, a drunken debate between two college graduates, and much more — are sure to get your streaming juices flowing throughout the month of July. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to spend your summer enjoying the very best of what Netflix UK has to offer.